Tapping Tips for Best Results

  1. Before beginning the tapping, tune into your present level of emotional discomfort regarding the situation. As well, see if you are feeling it somewhere in the body. Doing this before each new run of the tap-along is a good idea because with every run, the intensity of your discomfort will reduce or at least shift somewhat and you can gauge it before starting a new run.

  2. See if you can gauge your emotional or physical discomfort on a scale of 0 to 10. This will give you an objective measure of your progress with each run of the tap-along. Zero implies you're not bothered by the problem, you feel fine, and 10 means the problem is unbearable, you're suffering terribly. Doing this before and after each run of the tap-along is a good idea because with every run, this number will have reduced somewhat and you can gauge it before starting a new run.

  3. In certain cases you may feel a little worse after doing a run of the tap-along. Suppressed emotions get uncovered and they may temporarily cause you to feel worse than when you started. Continue to do the tapping, running the tap-along again until the intensity comes down and you start to feel better. Alternately, you can also stop the tap-along, focus on the emotions that have come up and simply tap on your points. You do not need any special wording for this because you are already feeling the emotional charge. Then resume the tap-along audio from where you left off.

  4. Remember that it is okay to acknowledge the existing state of things. Do not be alarmed by the use of negative language that merely acknowledges the present state of things - such as "I'm feeling overwhelmed" etc. Tapping is a cleansing technique - you acknowledge what doesn't feel good and clear it out using simultaneous tapping. Such thoughts are already going on in your mind. Tapping only helps you to safely verbalize and clear them out. Once negative emotional charge clears, it spontaneously makes space for positive thoughts and creative insight to arise.

  5. This tapping script has been carefully worded to hit all the right emotional spots and resonate with how you may be feeling in this situation. Still, it is possible that not 100% of the wording will fit everyone all the time. Feel free to modify the wording to better suit your particular circumstances. When you hear wording that doesn’t correspond exactly to what’s going on in your life, you can silently switch it up in your mind. Or if you are repeating the words aloud, say out the wording that better suits your circumstances.

  6. Any related or even unrelated memories that arise during the tapping could be clues to deeper issues that you may need to address. Make a note of them and come back to them later on to tap on them. Tapping on them will involve running through them in your mind while simultaneously tapping along.

  7. Yawning, thirst, tearing up, coughing, tightening in the throat or chest may be felt and this can indicate that energy is shifting and healing is taking place. Stop if you feel extremely overwhelmed or if you feel that you can’t handle all the emotional charge at the moment.

  8. Please know that by using the material on this website, you acknowledge and agree to take full responsibility for your own well being. Read full disclaimer here.

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Releasing Worry

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Let’s begin by taking a deep relaxing breath. Now you can repeat after me or stay silent as you tap along with me, while focusing on what specifically is causing your feelings of worry.

Side of the Hand    Even though this worry is occupying my mind and stealing every bit of peace I have left, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.

Side of the Hand    Even though things really are bad and could take a turn for the worse, I deeply and completely love and accept myself nonetheless.

Side of the Hand    Whether the worst happens or whether everything sorts out nicely, I deeply and completely love and accept myself regardless.

  1. Start of the Eyebrow    I’m worried
  2. Side of the Eye    What will happen?
  3. Under the Eye    Nothing that I will like, I’m afraid
  4. Under the Nose    This worry gnaws at me
  5. Under the Mouth    What do I do?
  6. Collarbone    How do I deal with this?
  7. Under the Arm    I need to do something
  8. Top of the Head    I just don’t know what
  9. Start of the Eyebrow    Something bad is going to happen
  10. Side of the Eye    I can’t stand and watch
  11. Under the Eye    I won’t be able to bear it
  12. Under the Nose    It will be too late
  13. Under the Mouth    Unless I do something now
  14. Collarbone    But one wrong step can cause trouble
  15. Under the Arm    And mess things up even more
  16. Top of the Head    It’s like walking on eggshells
  17. Start of the Eyebrow    I’m not very good with this type of situations
  18. Side of the Eye    They make me anxious
  19. Under the Eye    They fill me with fear
  20. Under the Nose    They make me want to run away
  21. Under the Mouth    I feel helpless
  22. Collarbone    I wish someone would take the reins
  23. Under the Arm    For a little while
  24. Top of the Head    Fix everything
  25. Start of the Eyebrow    then give me the control back
  26. Side of the Eye    When everything is sorted out nicely
  27. Under the Eye    That would be wonderful!
  28. Under the Nose    Then I could be assured of a perfect outcome
  29. Under the Mouth    I wonder who I can trust
  30. Collarbone    I wonder if there’s anyone out there
  31. Under the Arm    Who’s the capable one?
  32. Top of the Head    What if it’s no one out there
  33. Start of the Eyebrow    But in here?
  34. Side of the Eye    What if I AM that person
  35. Under the Eye    What if I have it in me to deal?
  36. Under the Nose    What if I don’t need to be made of steel?
  37. Under the Mouth    I’ve dealt with things in the past
  38. Collarbone    In the best way I knew how
  39. Under the Arm    And I came out alright
  40. Top of the Head    Battle scars and all, but still alright
  41. Start of the Eyebrow    Tougher, even
  42. Side of the Eye    What if I don’t have to force a perfect outcome?
  43. Under the Eye    What if I could trust
  44. Under the Nose    That everything will fall into place nicely
  45. Under the Mouth    As I allow myself to relax
  46. Collarbone    Yes, in this very situation, relax
  47. Under the Arm    And let in all the guidance and wisdom I need
  48. Top of the Head    To deal with the core of this worry
  49. Start of the Eyebrow    See everything clearly
  50. Side of the Eye    The big picture
  51. Under the Eye    The nuances
  52. Under the Nose    And realize that the worst only exists
  53. Under the Mouth    As one possibility among the infinite
  54. Collarbone    It’s doesn’t have to end in the worst
  55. Under the Arm    It seldom does
  56. Top of the Head    I’ve come out of worse situations
  57. Start of the Eyebrow    Only to realize that the worst never happened
  58. Side of the Eye    Not even remotely
  59. Under the Eye    Phew!
  60. Under the Nose    That means I can relax
  61. Under the Mouth    Actually relax
  62. Collarbone    It’s all working out
  63. Under the Arm    And I’m doing what I can
  64. Top of the Head    I’m in control, after all and so it is

Take a deep breath and relax. Check in and see how you feel now. If there is any lingering emotional charge, or if something upsetting has surfaced, do some Tapping on your own, giving a voice to what specifically is bothering you. You may also repeat tapping through the script while focusing on the specifics of what’s still lingering.

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