EFT for Workplace Stress and Anxiety

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What is workplace anxiety? How do you even know you are experiencing workplace anxiety?

It is just another day at your workplace. And there you are, squirming in your seat, hiding behind your desk, trying to avoid anyone’s gaze. You feel anxious, uneasy, nervous, and apprehensive.

Your head is filled with fears about what your co-workers think of you, did your manager take offence at that last mistake you made, will there be layoffs, what if they shoot down your proposal at the next meeting, will you become a laughing stock?

This feeling begins even before you get to work. Anxiety creeps up on you as you drive to work, as you walk into the building. It even follows you to the cafeteria. It doesn’t get better when you get home. You lie in bed, turning over sleepless nights worrying about your work.

Work anxiety symptoms

You’ve started drinking more, eating unhealthy, snapping at family and avoiding friends. You’ve started dreading Sunday evenings because you have to go to work the next morning. None of this has to do with what work you are supposed to do at your job. You can’t seem to shake off this feeling.

I lived with this feeling for years, so I know what you are going through. This feeling is called workplace anxiety. With deadlines and peer pressure and economic fears looming large, workplace anxiety has become an epidemic. So you are not alone.

How to manage work anxiety

You can be brimming with confidence, you can be the employee who gets the raise, admiration from their co-workers and nods from the boss. You can break out of your shell, shatter the glass ceiling, be heard, get promoted and walk down the office floor like you own it!

The following video is a tap-along for workplace anxiety arising out of fear that your co-workers and manager consider you incompetent. You may be feeling incompetent yourself. All of this self-doubt creates severe stress and anxiety not only while you are at work, but also when you’re away from it.

To relieve the feelings of being considered incompetent, simply follow along the video. This video is a complimentary first module from my program End Workplace Anxiety Today.

We begin by tapping on the karate chop. You can repeat after me, loudly or silently, as we tap along.

Karate chop

Even though I feel so anxious at work that I want to run away from there, I deeply and completely accept myself and these feelings.

Even though I feel so anxious even driving up to my workplace, I deeply and completely accept myself and these feelings.

Even though I am not good enough for the job and everyone knows it, and that makes me nervous and unwanted, I deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself.

Now we go to the tapping points.

Round 1

Eyebrow point Everyday I feel so much pressure, so much fear.

Side of the eye I feel caged within the walls of my workplace.

Under the eye It always feels like a disaster is looming over me.

Under the nose I’m afraid to make mistakes.

Chin I don’t want to make mistakes, ever.

Collarbone What good am I if I keep making mistakes?

Under the arm Mistakes are never forgiven, never forgotten.

Top of the head I’m being watched all the time.

Round 2

Eyebrow point I’m afraid they’ll think of me as a slacker.

Side of the eye My manager doesn’t believe in me.

(full transcript available in the program End Workplace Anxiety Today)

Under the arm I long for warmth, I long for bonhomie.

Top of the head I fear someone else will take credit for my work.

Round 5

Eyebrow point The upcoming review will only being more “can improve” than “did well”.

Side of the eye I feel tongue-tied, unable to speak up in meetings.

Under the eye If I do, someone will question me in front of everyone.

Under the nose I feel very lonely, sometimes I feel cornered.

Chin There’s no one to support me.

Collarbone There’s no one to stand behind me.

Under the arm This place is cold, the people here are cold.

Top of the head I just don’t fit in no matter how hard I try.

End Workplace Anxiety Today

If workplace anxiety is running your life, you will benefit from deeper tapping around this topic. End Workplace Anxiety Today is a comprehensive video program with 5 tap-along modules, each of which targets multiple aspects of workplace stress and anxiety.

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I’m really benefiting from the program, it’s so good and I find the tapping aspects extremely relevant (as with your other tapping videos that I tried), you are truly gifted. – Aga

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  1. X at 7:05 pm #

    Hi Sonal,

    It felt like you were talking to me directly and maybe had a spy camera in my bag ;). I no longer work in an office, but this was great to release all the built up stress in my body and to give me much more confidence for the future.

    By the way, do you have any tapping script for ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) and the self criticism, need for perfection etc that comes along with it?

    Love your tapping script.


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