The Tapping Slim Down: Introduction


According to American Psychological Association, gaining self-control over behaviors and emotions is key when it comes to weight loss. It is not so much about diet and exercise as it is about being able to address the emotional roller coaster that causes us to behave impulsively when it comes to eating, binging, diet-cheating, skipping workouts and dealing with everyday stress.

For successful weight loss, you need a system in place that helps you identify and address negative thoughts and emotions that can lead to unhealthy behaviors. The technique I will teach you in this course will enable you to do exactly that. This technique is called Tapping.


If you are new to Tapping, you may find that it is like nothing you've tried before.

If you feel skeptical about this whole Tapping thing and whether it will work for you, I hear you. I am a computer scientist by education (go Cyclones!) and I'm not one to believe baseless claims. I support you in your skepticism.

More and more research is being done on the effects of Tapping on health. A study conducted by Dr. Dawson Church showed that Tapping was able to bring down the levels of cortisol (a hormone that plays a role in stress and obesity) in a statistically significant way over control methods.

My Weight Loss Story

First, I want to tell you that I understand how you feel right now. I used to feel the same way.

Every time I heard of a new weight loss method, my ears would perk up. A new hope would rise in my heart, only to be dashed by years of factual experience.

I was right in being pessimistic you know, because I had tried "everything once" to lose weight. Just like the needle on my weighing scales, my life was on hold. I would in the same day go through feelings of panic, shame, hope, despair, anger and powerlessness, sometimes all within an hour of binging on a pack of cookies. I blamed it on my inherent sweet tooth.

But food was not the only problem. I was good for many weeks at a time, yet nothing would change. Exercise tired me out quickly and felt like a punishment. I felt ashamed for hating exercise.

One day, I got so frustrated that I actually wrote down the emotions my weight was creating in me:

  1. Urgency - I want to lose weight, fast.
  2. Desperation - Will I ever get to my ideal weight?
  3. Hopelessness - Nothing works.
  4. Frustration - I'm fed up of trying.
  5. Confusion - Don't know what to do.
  6. Unhappiness - I can only be happy when I am at my ideal weight.
  7. Self-loathing and disgust - Looking at myself in the mirror brought out major insecurities.
  8. Self-consciousness - Being in groups made me self-conscious about my weight.
  9. Roller coaster - Happy / Sad - Losing weight one week, then gaining it back quickly.
  10. Losing battle - The only thing I'm not losing is the weight!
  11. Binge - I cannot control my eating.
  12. Feeling like a failure - You think?

Enter Tapping

One of my earliest successes with Tapping was a whopping weight loss of 15 pounds (about 7 Kilos) within 2 months. For a person of 5'3", this meant a total slimdown.

This was when I wasn't even trying. I was not tapping on losing weight. I had just come across "this tapping thing" and I went crazy tapping on all kinds of emotional hurt I had accumulated from my past.

Without realizing, my stubborn weight started to come off quickly. I was so oblivious of this transformation (duh right?) that it wasn't until a month later that I sat up and took note. So did the others. ;-)

It didn't stop there. I continued to lose weight until I reached my body's healthy set point, which turned out to be a way slimmer person than I had seen in years.

Encouraged, I started to use Tapping in a more focused way, directed at my cravings, binging, frustration, emotional eating, body image and what not. The results were dramatic!

I have been at that weight for over 8 years now. That's saying something because I continued to eat my regular foods and had a baby in between. All my pregnancy weight came off easily, and again, it came back to my body's slim and healthy set point.

I don't think about my weight anymore because it is not a problem anymore. It is not something I go to bed worrying over and wake up dreading. Not anymore.

Nothing I had tried before gave me such drastic and long-lasting results.

What Tapping Isn't

Now Tapping is not something that you will have to do for the rest of your life, every single day to keep the weight off. It is not like exercise.

Tapping is not something that you will have to do in so and so amount and anything less will have zero effect. It is not like a diet.

Tapping is transformational. Pardon me for being cryptic, but this is the best way I can describe it. As we go along, you will see what I mean.


I want to welcome you on this journey that we are starting today. We will be shedding pounds as well as tears (of joy and sadness) because losing weight is as much an inside job (feeling good) as it is an outside job (dress size).

In our next lesson, we will get tapping on all the dread, overwhelm, frustration and despair you may be feeling in your present situation.