The Tapping Slim Down: The Frustration

The tapping statements of this lesson are meant to rake up emotions so we can clear them with tapping. Use the script below and tap along to it (a few times if needed) until you start to feel hopeful and positive. Feel free to add in your own wording as you go.

Setup Tapping

Even though I'm fed up of trying to lose weight because it feels like I'll never reach my goal weight, let alone stay there, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. (3 times)

Tapping Rounds

  1. I'm so frustrated!
  2. I feel fat.
  3. I'm tired of trying to lose weight.
  4. There's no hope for me.
  5. It is like fighting a losing battle.
  6. Except the only thing I'm not losing is weight.
  7. It creeps back up.
  8. Life is hard.
  9. I have to carry this burden all day.
  10. I have to bring it with me everywhere I go.
  11. I feel ashamed.
  12. I feel hurt.
  13. I feel jealous of skinny women.
  14. I feel inferior.
  15. I've tried bizarre things.
  16. Things I wouldn't in my right mind.
  17. Like this "tapping thing".
  18. What if it is just another fad?
  19. I don't even know if it'll work.
  20. Nothing's worked.
  21. Nothing will.
  22. I'm sure.
  23. Or am I?
  24. Maybe I'm not ready to give up on myself yet.
  25. That'd make me a loser.
  26. I'm not a loser.
  27. I'm a fighter.
  28. The road ahead looks dark.
  29. But I'm willing to place faith in myself.
  30. I will find the way.
  31. Step by step.
  32. I'll take the first step.
  33. The path will clear up just in time.
  34. I've suffered enough.
  35. I need a break.
  36. I have nothing to lose.
  37. But weight.
  38. I'm curious.
  39. I'm in.
  40. I'm ready for a slim down!

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