The Tapping Slim Down: Emotional Eating

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Even though I'm feeling this compulsive desire to eat - likely because I need help processing my emotions right now, and not because I'm actually hungry, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. (3 times)

Tapping Rounds

  1. I have to eat something!
  2. I'm feeling this way
  3. This means I need food
  4. This may not be the time
  5. This may not be hunger
  6. But I'm feeling compelled to eat
  7. It's beyond my control
  8. I've done this forever
  9. That makes it even harder to say no
  10. I need to eat!
  11. Part of me says I need comfort
  12. Part of me says I get it through food
  13. What do I need comforting from?
  14. What is it that's overwhelming me?
  15. What is it that I need running away from?
  16. When did I learn to tackle life's problems this way?
  17. Who taught me that this was okay?
  18. Why do I feel so vulnerable?
  19. I'm a reasonable person
  20. Then why do I behave like this?
  21. No point shaming myself
  22. It's coming from deep inside
  23. From a part of me that doesn't know good from bad
  24. It only means well
  25. It's trying to keep me safe
  26. I acknowledge its good intentions
  27. and ask it to calm down now - I got this
  28. Show me the real issue
  29. The perceived threat - that's compelling me to eat
  30. When I look at life's problems as they are
  31. and not as something I need escaping from
  32. I make better choices
  33. Food is not the answer for my sadness,
  34. overwhelm, stress or anxious thoughts
  35. Taking a deep breath
  36. Pulling myself together
  37. Calming down, feeling more at peace
  38. Releasing any compulsive need to turn to food
  39. Recognizing my power in the moment
  40. Making the right choice - for me

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