The Tapping Slim Down: Cravings

We start this lesson by tapping on unhealthy food cravings. Bring over or bring to mind a food that you particularly crave.

Now close your eyes and feel this food with all your sensations, answering these questions to yourself:

1. What is the shape and color of this food? (imagine yourself holding it in your hands)
2. How does it smell? (smell it or recall its smell)
3. How is its texture? (smooth candy or crunchy chips or bubbly soda)
4. When you take a bite of it, does it make a sound? (guzzling the soda, sucking on candy)
5. How does it taste? (take a bite or recall the taste)

OK, so now we have primed ourselves for the session. Holding on to these sensations, tap along with me:

Setup tapping

Even though I cannot resist eating this food no matter how hard I try, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. (3 times)

Tapping Rounds

  1. I need to eat it.
  2. All my senses are asking for it.
  3. I cannot resist this food.
  4. It is delicious.
  5. It smells good.
  6. I'm hungry for it.
  7. I cannot stop myself.
  8. I have to have it.
  9. Or I'll keep thinking about it.
  10. Until I eat it.
  11. I know I shouldn't eat it.
  12. But I can't control the craving.
  13. This overpowering craving.
  14. My resolve is out of the window.
  15. I know I will eat this food.
  16. Only to feel guilty later on.
  17. I'm not thinking of later.
  18. I need it now.
  19. Why should I deprive myself?
  20. There is nothing else to eat.
  21. And I'm hungry.
  22. But it is not a good choice for me.
  23. What do I do?
  24. I'm in a fix.
  25. I need this food.
  26. It is my fix.
  27. Wait, fix for what?
  28. What am I trying to fix?
  29. Hunger?
  30. Hunger for what?
  31. I'm rebelling!
  32. Rebelling against what?
  33. I need comfort.
  34. Comfort from what?
  35. That's some food for thought.
  36. I need to take a step back.
  37. This is not the road for me.
  38. I'm slowing down.
  39. Taking a deep breath.
  40. Thinking clearly.
  41. The fog is clearing.
  42. I'm okay.
  43. With or without this food.
  44. I love myself.
  45. I forgive myself.
  46. I choose a different road.
  47. Just for today.
  48. Just for now.

The tapping statements above are meant to rake up emotions so we can clear them with tapping. Use the script above and tap along to it (a few times if needed) until you start to feel calmer and satisfied. Feel free to add in your own wording as you go.

Do not be hard on yourself if you still find yourself reaching for the food in question. The more you do the tapping, the more the craving will calm down and you will find yourself reaching for it less and less until you are down to eating it moderately / infrequently.

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