Addicted to Struggle / Fear that Something Will Go Wrong

Tapping Setup statements

Karate Chop

Even though I am so afraid that something will go wrong and ruin things for me, I honour my doubts, they are reasonable and I deeply and completely love, accept and honour myself.

Even though something always goes wrong just when things are starting to look up for me, and this time will be no different, I choose to be open to the possibility of it all working out fairly well, if not perfectly.

Even though experience has taught me to expect the worst and be ready for disappointment in order to keep me safe from unexpected hurt, I’m tapping now and it is shifting the underlying beliefs that used to sabotage good results. Things are changing as we speak and that’s a good thing.

Round 1

Eyebrow    So much could go wrong

Side of the eye    Something always does

Under the eye    This time will be no different

Under the nose    I’m holding my breath

Chin    fearing something will go wrong

Collarbone    Just like always

Under the arm    My hopes are always shattered

Top of the head    No amount of positive thinking helps

Round 2

Eyebrow    I don’t want to hang on to hope

Side of the eye    Things happen that are out of my control

Under the eye    So my hoping doesn’t help in any way

Under the nose    Something breaks

Chin    People go back on their word

Collarbone    I make a mistake

Under the arm    Or sheer bad luck

Top of the head    Something always happens

Round 3

Eyebrow    to ruin the party for me

Side of the eye    I can’t imagine anything going well

Under the eye    Or staying well for too long

Under the nose    Just when I start to settle down

Chin    Just when I start to breathe easy

Collarbone    Just when I start to get used to the good life

Under the arm    Just when I start to hope for the future

Top of the head    Something happens

Round 4

Eyebrow    Out of the blue comes the news

Side of the eye    And that shocks the heck out of me

Under the eye    So much for positivity and hope

Under the nose    I get disappointed

Chin    I get hurt

Collarbone    That hurt accumulates

Under the arm    Making me more and more distrustful

Top of the head    Life continues to get harder for me

Round 5

Eyebrow    Why doesn’t a good run last?

Side of the eye    It’s all good to know about life’s ups and downs

Under the eye    It’s all good to know about learning life’s lessons

Under the nose    And finding my strength through struggle

Chin    But does something have to go wrong

Collarbone    for me to learn and grow?

Under the arm    This need to struggle

Top of the head    This belief that nothing comes easy

Round 6

Eyebrow    Struggle and setbacks set me apart

Side of the eye    from the ordinary and mediocre

Under the eye    The more I struggle,

Under the nose    the more I stumble over hurdles,

Chin    the tougher I become

Collarbone    And the more glory there is

Under the arm    I’m not comfortable with smooth sailing

Top of the head    A sense of struggle keeps me going

Round 7

Eyebrow    Even if I complain about it

Side of the eye    Part of me considers struggle necessary

Under the eye    And setbacks as launching pads

Under the nose    Then as expected, something goes wrong

Chin    That brings out my inner strength

Collarbone    Then the real me awakens

Under the arm    And feels comfortable always struggling

Top of the head    never reaping the results

Round 8

Eyebrow    I expect to have to fight for my rights

Side of the eye    I expect to have to hustle for what is mine

Under the eye    I expect to have to face challenges

Under the nose    This is not my fault

Chin    I acquired this belief long ago

Collarbone    Seeing someone I regarded highly

Under the arm    And bought into the belief

Top of the head    that struggle was necessary

Round 9

Eyebrow    That running into problems

Side of the eye    was part of the game

Under the eye    That licking my wounds

Under the nose    and expecting the worst

Chin    were necessary for survival

Collarbone    Now I see that there is no glory in struggle

Under the arm    Life does not have to be hard

Top of the head    I do not have to suffer setbacks

Round 10

Eyebrow    There is joy in success

Side of the eye    There is joy in enjoying the fruits of labour

Under the eye    It is okay to have things go well

Under the nose    It is a sign that I’m on the right track

Chin    I’m just tired of struggle

Collarbone    I no longer need it to spoil my efforts

Under the arm    Success not struggle is a sign of my ability

Top of the head    So I choose to pursue success

Round 11

Eyebrow    And rejoice in it

Side of the eye    Rising higher from strength to strength

Under the eye    I am okay

Under the nose    It will be fine

Chin    I trust myself

Collarbone    I am deserving and worthy of lasting peace

Under the arm    Things are clearing up for the better

Top of the head    I expect the best

Round 12

Eyebrow    I expect things to be easy for me

Side of the eye    And while there may be obstacles

Under the eye    They won’t feel like it

Under the nose    Because I am no longer attuned to struggle

Chin    I’m tuned into success

Collarbone    And when I pursue success, things get easier

Under the arm    Easier is smarter

Top of the head    And so it is

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