[Video] EFT for Pain of Betrayal and Difficulty Trusting Others

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Click here: video tap-alongs for betrayal and difficulty trusting others

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2 Responses to [Video] EFT for Pain of Betrayal and Difficulty Trusting Others

  1. tanya at 9:59 pm #

    hi sonal..

    my question is regarding the rounds for tapping.Do we have to tap in a particular sequence as sometimes I actually find certain spots more effective and useful for a particular emotion or thought iam having.I continue to tap there for a while and it brings me great relief..I guess that method is acceptable too??

    Also is it true that we have tapping points under our breast line too..most useful for fear?

    wud appreciate a reply

  2. Alexander at 6:34 pm #

    Is there a transcript? I would love to read what you say.

    I have this difficulty trusting anyone. When I was 13 or 14, I visits a nice girl I met at a nightclub, I took my brother along with me. He would interpret for me, but it didn’t work out that way. He talked to her and they left me behind and at the bus stop he did something to her, I won’t say here, and I saw it and I was most unhappy. After that I never TRUSTED my own brother ever again with women. I also don’t trust women too after that.

    Then there was my exgf who betrayed me behind my back a few times, and I didn’t know until late. I stayed with her for her health, trying to help her get well and everything. Nothing worked. She threw me out after I asks if I can support her and she can figure out what works for her, as I don’t know any more how to help her.

    I never trusted a woman again after that. Been ten years since I last hug a woman, much less trust one.

    I want to heal and move on and find true love, and trust her, and such.


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