How to Use EFT to Speak Up for Yourself and Be Assertive

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How to Use EFT to Speak Up for Yourself and Be Assertive

How to Use EFT to Speak Up for Yourself and Be Assertive

If you often find yourself tongue tied when you want to speak up for yourself, it can build up anger and resentment towards yourself and others involved in the matter.

How about tapping away the inhibitions to speaking up for yourself?

  • Do you habitually hold yourself back from speaking your mind?
  • Do you worry that others will feel bad if you present your true opinion?
  • Do you think that speaking up for yourself only backfires for you?
  • Do you feel afraid of getting on someone’s bad side by disagreeing with them?

How long will you keep this cycle of abuse going? Don’t keep feeding this fear day after day. There’s help, right here. With this step-by-step program:

  • Feel confident speaking your truth tactfully and safely
  • Allow yourself and others to be authentic
  • Stop deriving your self-worth from others’ opinion of you
  • Release your fear of bringing out people’s angry side

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Every day you put this off, you are perpetuating self-sabotage. It is high time you released your fear of speaking up for yourself, don’t you think?

What you will get with this program (instant access):

  • My step-by-step video with EFT tap-along program
  • Full, printable transcript of the tapping script
  • EFT FAQ and troubleshooting guide

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2 Responses to How to Use EFT to Speak Up for Yourself and Be Assertive

  1. Aaron at 10:15 pm #

    Hi, hows all:

    I have a concern maybe you can help me with. I do have a fear of speaking/feeling invaluable and not connected to people, due to the fact that as a youth, my dad(who has low self-esteem and grew up with social anxiety) conditioned me through verbal/physical abuse to not talk and whenever I did speak up for myself I would get abused.
    This happened for 15 years until I was about 17,and we physically fought and then he stopped bullying. Now as a consequence, everytime I talk to someone I get nervous and words get stuck in my throat. I feel constant nervousness, due maybe to a damaged amygdala.
    WIl this EFT tapping be able to help me with my “conditioned fear”?



    • Sonal Pandey at 7:01 am #

      Hi Aaron, yes, this is exactly the kind of thing EFT shows great results with. One way to go about it would be to take up such events of abuse, starting with the one that feels worst. Then go over it in your mind, all the while tapping along. This will neutralize the intense emotional charge associated with that event. Once this happens, that past event will no longer be coloring your present interactions with others.

      This process will work best if you take up as many memories as possible and tap on them, neutralizing each in turn. EFT is a powerful tool to calm the Amygdala, and you should see increased confidence and lessened anxiety. Watch this video to get important clues about how to tap on your childhood memories. You may need to get past a quick email registration, but this video will show you how it is totally possible to put the past where it belongs and recover fully from childhood trauma.

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