The Burning Questions Project

The Burning Questions Project

100+ Questions You Always Wanted to Ask About EFT Tapping, Answered.

Watch the video first, ask questions later, literally.

The Burning Questions Project EFT tappingThe Burning Questions Project is a Tap Easy initiative where we all come together with our questions about EFT tapping.

If you have any questions about your tapping experience that you’ve always wanted answered, simply post them in the comments.

Now what kind of questions are we talking about? Ideally, a question that would be general enough so that more than one person can benefit from it. If you are not sure, post it anyway.

Look at these example questions for clues:
1. How do I get to the root cause of a problem?
2. How do I know for sure that an issue is completely resolved after my tapping?
3. Why do I feel sleepy / tired / weepy after tapping?
4. I tapped on this issue. But the problem has come back. Why?

Click here for the list of burning questions (60+ questions!) added so far.

It is okay to ask questions that others have already asked. It only shows that others have the same problem as you do. Also, no question is insignificant. If you are struggling with any question, even if it sounds silly to you, ask it here.

Remember, you do not need to provide the answers. You only need to provide your questions.

And there are prizes to be won for simply asking questions! (more on this soon)

The answers to the questions come from my experiences and learning. Wherever needed, I do exhaustive research in order to get to the best answer for any question. Sometimes it takes me days working with one single question until I am satisfied with the depth and accuracy of the answer.


Ask your burning questions in the comments below.