The Burning Questions Project: 100+ Questions You Always Wanted to Ask About EFT Tapping, Answered.

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The Burning Questions Project EFT tappingThe Burning Questions Project is a Tap Easy initiative where people like you and me come together with our questions about EFT tapping.

Since the launch of this project, new questions have been added every week. And every week, I’m adding new answers. Pretty soon, 100+ questions about EFT tapping will have been answered.

If you have a tapping related question you want answered, post it in the comments section below this post.

    Reader contributed questions

  1. EFT tapping seems so easy so HOW does it work?
  2. When you tap on a memory but you don’t feel the emotions you just remember them. Does the tapping clear out the emotional charge?
  3. Why do I feel dull/flat after tapping? I can’t seem to tap this feeling away!
  4. I tapped on something and had an emotional breakthrough and issue had been resolved. My behavior was different for two days, but then I seemed to return to my old behaviors. What do I do in that instance?
  5. Do you have to tap every day and can you tap a few different scripts one after another?
  6. Ask your tapping question by posting it in the comments section of this page.
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     Tricky questions

  7. How do I know an issue is getting cleared or completely cleared with EFT tapping?
  8. Why do we need to tap on the first childhood memory of a certain emotion? Or the first time we noticed a certain reaction?
  9. What is a root cause in connection with EFT tapping?
  10. How do I get a handle on the root cause of a problem?
  11. How do I recall the first time I felt a certain way in order to address the root cause through EFT tapping?
  12. How do I find out what emotion is associated with my problem?
  13. How do I use EFT tapping if I am unable to come up with the name of a feeling or an emotion about an event?
  14. How do I tap on physical problems that don’t seem to have any emotional component? Such as a broken car?
  15. How do I tap on issues that seem totally matter-of-fact and beyond my control such as a traffic jam or an incurable illness?
  16. What is the point of collapsing past incidents when I don’t even have that much emotional charge? I can live with that much anguish. Why do I need to clear it?
  17. What do I do if I don’t remember all the details of a traumatic event? What if I don’t remember anything at all? I just feel strange about it without remembering the details.
  18. Are there any physical signs that show EFT is working?
  19. How do I find the root cause of something that doesn’t seem to be a very deep-seated issue?
  20. Flashes from what I tapped about keep coming to my mind as I go about my life. What does this mean?
  21. Are there any physical signs that show EFT tapping is working? Or is it all in the mind?
  22. I tapped on my symptoms and I found relief. But the problem keeps coming back. What do I do?
  23. What are some of the EFT traps to watch out for?
  24. EFT tapping and if-buts

  25. Why is there so much focus on negativity in EFT tapping?
  26. I come from the Law of Attraction line of thinking. I am finding it hard to say negative statements. But I’m also finding that EFT is not working for me. Do you have to say anything about this?
  27. Is EFT tapping going to change my memory of events? Is is going to create illusions in my mind about what happened?
  28. If all I am doing with EFT tapping is clearing out all the negative emotional baggage around issues, where I am learning precious life lessons?
  29. Are there some things for which I should not use tapping?
  30. I am feeling worse after tapping. Why?
  31. Do I have to believe in the “power of tapping” in order to benefit from it?
  32. EFT tapping usage questions

  33. How hard should you tap? Can you be injured from tapping?
  34. What statements do I say during tapping? I struggle to find the right words to say during tapping.
  35. When do I Bring in Positive Statements (Reframes) While Tapping? How do I Come Up with Reframes?
  36. What is the step-by-step protocol for addressing a problem through EFT tapping?
  37. What kind of language should be used while tapping?
  38. Why do we say the set up phrases and tap on the karate chop during EFT tapping?
  39. When should I switch to tapping positive statements during tapping?
  40. I’m confused about what positive reframes will be the best for any given situation?
  41. Do I always need to say the setup phrases?
  42. My mind keeps hopping from one aspect of the problem to another. I fear I will miss out on that aspect so I jump to it. Pretty soon, my thoughts are all over the place and I’m feeling overwhelmed with the process of tapping. Help!
  43. How to help someone get started with EFT tapping if there is not enough time to explain about EFT?
  44. Do you need to tap on both sides of the body or just one?
  45. Can EFT tapping make you feel drowsy? Is it normal to feel sleepy after tapping?
  46. Why do I feel thirsty after EFT tapping? Is it normal to want to drink water during tapping?
  47. Why do I feel hungry after EFT tapping?
  48. Why do I keep yawning during tapping?
  49. When is it okay to tap on my issues myself and when do I seek professional help from an EFT practitioner?
  50. EFT tapping terminology

  51. What is a meridian? What do meridians have to do with EFT tapping?
  52. Which energy meridian does each EFT tapping point correspond to?
  53. Which physical organ does each EFT tapping point correspond to?
  54. Which emotion does each EFT tapping point correspond to?
  55. What is a reframe in EFT tapping?
  56. What is the 9-gamut procedure in EFT tapping?
  57. What is the Personal Peace Procedure in EFT tapping?
  58. What is the mind movie technique in EFT tapping?
  59. What is the Apex effect in EFT tapping?
  60. What is an ‘aspect’ of a problem that I so often come across in EFT tapping articles?
  61. What is the deal with Tell the Story Technique? How do I use this technique?
  62. What is War soldiers / veterans PTSD?
  63. What is Matrix Reimprinting?
  64. What is mental tapping?
  65. EFT tapping on specific issues

  66. How do I address a childhood memory with EFT tapping?
  67. How does tapping help in the case of an injury from burns or cuts?
  68. What if asking questions about emotional root of pain doesn’t help? I’m still clueless.
  69. I have been tapping on pain and it reduces a bit, but I’m not making much progress. What do I do?
  70. How do I begin tapping for an allergy?
  71. How do I begin tapping for weight loss?
  72. What questions can I ask to find the root cause?
  73. What if I have no clue what has been contributing to a chronic problem?
  74. What is a limiting belief?
  75. How do I clear a limiting belief with EFT tapping?
  76. I have extreme anger against another person. How do I start out with tapping on this issue?
  77. I have been tapping on my child for this problem. But we’re not making any progress. What gives?
  78. How do I start out with tapping on sexual trauma / rape / incest / molestation?
  79. What feelings need to be cleared out with EFT tapping in the case of rape / sexual trauma?
  80. I have a long-standing problem with a person. There are many many incidents from which I am holding resentment. Do I tap on every single incident (that could take a lifetime!)? If not, where do I even begin?
  81. What if I don’t want to release anger?

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20 Responses to The Burning Questions Project: 100+ Questions You Always Wanted to Ask About EFT Tapping, Answered.

  1. Carmel at 8:46 pm #

    I have severe social anxiety can you help me also do you have to tap every day and can you tap a few different scripts one after another

    • Sonal Pandey at 8:51 pm #

      Thanks for your question Carmel. For the social anxiety aspect, I will reply to you over email. The more general part of your question, about needing to tap daily, I will include in the Burning Questions list.

  2. Carmel at 11:59 pm #

    Thank you for your reply to my earlier query re social anxiety
    would really appreciate if you could also help me with always worrying about something most of it which never happens

    Kindest regards


  3. miriam.leiman at 7:12 pm #

    Hi Sonal,

    When are we going to see the answers to the 100 burning questions , after you get all the questions posted? Can we see some the answers now?

    • Sonal at 7:58 am #

      Hi Miriam! The questions that are showing in blue are actually clickable links into pages where they have been answered. Every week I’m posting at least one answer. It will take time till we reach 100+ answers, but we’ll get there. :)

  4. Kunal at 12:38 pm #

    Hi Sonal mam,
    I have two questions,
    1)How to find the exact root cause of problem when we have lots of past events with same problem.. Because whenever I worked with one event then ultimately, another event comes up in my mind then I feel that may be it could be the root cause.. and in this way confusion creates for same problem.
    2) What to do when we don’t remember or we know he past traumatic event or don’t know the root cause current issue but still have the acute problem is we are facing.For example:
    I am getting obstacles in each and every work or stuff. Whether it be a job or anything else,But whenever I want to do, the automatically obstacles may creates surprisingly and I got only n only failure..For this I have checked the all past memories but I didn’t found the exact root cause.
    This and there are some problems I am facing which don’t have any root cause.

    I heard that if don’t find the root cause then we have concentrate our body parts..Our body part may hold the sensations about the current issue..Can you please help me….

    • Sonal at 7:49 pm #

      1. My suggestion would be to just go with what comes up next. Follow the chain of thoughts that pop up in your head and keep tapping patiently. Getting to the root cause and tapping it out may not come easily in every situation. I think what you are doing is perfectly fine – just don’t try to rush to the next thought too soon. I mean whatever you are tapping on, just stick with it, root it out and then move to the next thought. Tapping extensively on a single feeling or thought will ensure that you make solid progress – root cause or not.

      2. It’s fine if you can’t remember too much about past events. One question to ask yourself would be – what does this current situation remind me of? If that doesn’t ring a bell, just remain with what you are feeling now about your present situation or current upset and keep tapping. As you tap on, the fog will uncover and you may get reminded of past events that might have led to the present situation. This is not to say that you necessarily need to go to the past and tap on it, even tapping on the present failures / situations will make sure that you feel better.

      3. If you find it difficult to tune into a specific body part, don’t bother about it too much. It’s good if you can tune in, but if you can’t then you can’t – Tapping will still work.

  5. Neeraj at 5:54 pm #

    Hi Sonal,
    I have a question for you. I am following the personal peace procedure and So I made the list of specific traumas of my past life, As guided by Jescica Ortner in Tapping world summit.
    Now question is How many events or traumas from that list we can take for the tap out in one single day? Because I have 145 content.. Can I take 3 events per day?

    • Sonal at 7:43 pm #

      This question can best be answered by you – how much Tapping do you need to neutralize the negative feelings from a given event/ trauma? The number of events on the Personal Peace Procedure list can be intimidating but only if you try to resolve all your life problems in a single day. My suggestion would be to take one event at a time and tap on all the negative emotions around it patiently. Because if you try to rush through the list, then every event will remain somewhat high in intensity and Tapping will not be very effective. With Personal Peace Procedure think in terms of a year or more, not days. It took all these years to create the events and traumas, give yourself a full chance and time to recover from them.

  6. Marcus at 5:08 am #

    Hello Sonal, I have a question too!

    Ive been into EFT for a while, and Ive been trying to get rid of a lot of root issues(awesome childhood!).

    As example, when I was younger, I lent a game to a friend, and I was really hoping for him to become my friend due to that, but later on for some reason, he started being mean to me and said the game I gave him was bad while he was with other friends(he actually said something more insulting) even tho I know that wasnt true. That is the earliest memory I have of getting betrayed like that.

    Now, if emotions come up when I am being betrayed, or when it seems like it, I feel it very(!!) strongly, but if I try to tap on the root issue, I dont feel any emotions at all when I remember or tap on it, therefore I cant use SUD’s and am unable to see if the tapping Im doing is actually working at all.

    How can I fix that?

    • Sonal at 6:16 pm #

      Hi Marcus, I kind of understand what you mean. It has happened with me too. What’s happening here is that you think that you “should be” feeling bad about that childhood incident when you probably don’t. This is the reason why as soon as you sit down to tap on this incident, no emotional charge lights up. To light the EFT fire, you need some emotional charge.

      For any present incidents of betrayal, you experience genuine hurt and tapping on that could work better. So, instead of tapping from the root cause incident up to the present, you tap from the present down to the root cause. What I mean is, if you start tapping on whatever feels most hurtful now (instead of what you think should feel most hurtful), you may be able to make faster progress. You have a good grip on what the problem is, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before you see a difference. Good luck!

  7. Sam at 1:33 am #

    Hi Sonal
    I have a question – I have been using EFT for a long time (years) and although I’ve had some success with a physical pain issue I seem to actually be putting on weight rather than being able to lose any!!!
    Where am I going wrong??

  8. Claire at 7:13 pm #

    What if there are no emotions involved or if the emotions around the problem are not relevant to the solution? For example, I feel frustrated about my financial issues, but my frustration does not seem to yield any practical solutions.

    • Sonal Pandey at 5:04 am #

      Hi Claire, EFT works best when you can tap on an issue with razor sharp focus. The way to get to that point is by asking yourself – how do I know I have financial issues? What has to transpire in my day to make me realize that this problem exists? This will bring to mind specific situations, such as when you are at a grocery store or when you check your back account or when you sit down to balance your check book etc. Such small, specific incidents are the best place to start. Then, as you continue to tap on these issues one by one and bring down the emotional intensity, you will notice that your mind spontaneously brings up memories that lie behind the issue. You continue to tap on that, like peeling the layers of an onion. Eventually, you will notice your perspective shifting to an empowering one where you can start to see where you need to take action to get the maximum leverage. This will help you move forward in a way that taking action won’t feel like a drudgery but an inspired action. Claire, I hope this helps. I’d love to hear of your progress with EFT.

  9. CliffordII at 4:33 pm #

    This is related to the 3-part tapping script. In the first part, we bring up negative emotions in order to clear them. Well, once one gets to the positive part of the script, does it probably produce more helpful results to spend a few more seconds/minutes on the positive script than you did on the earlier negative parts of the script
    so that the mind will have more POSITIVE content to internalize and hold on to ?

    • Sonal Pandey at 10:33 pm #

      Hi Clifford, thanks for your question, it’s a great one. Whenever you feel ready to move on to the positive part of tapping, do so. And yes, it is best to continue to tap in the positive as much as you feel necessary. But any longer than necessary and it probably won’t help much. It’s like once the perspective around a problem has already shifted, any tapping you do after that is like preaching to the choir. :)

  10. Tatiana at 12:15 am #

    My feet hurt and I talked but it doesn’t seem to work so I try to remember when I first started hurting and I vaguely remember so it’s kind of hard to tap on that. Actually I don’t really remember if that’s when they started hurting. My soles burn.

  11. maria at 1:05 am #

    Hi everyone! I start to do EFT tapping couple of days ago. I feel calmer after this. Im suffering from general anxiety and I’m scare from all the sounds I hear. I want to ask how can I eliminate the cause if I can’t do it? I mean my big problem now is my neighbors who slimming the doors very hard. I ask them nicely to don’t do it but they don’t understand. So, this sound it give me big anxiety , I jump when I hear it and it scared me. It makes me feel very bad. So, it is exist the possibility to eliminate that fear with EFT tapping? If yes, how to do it? How to ignore the sound? Thank you!

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