Tapping Yourself out of the “Success Eludes Me” Funk

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Emotional Freedom Technique tapping when you're getting nowhere

Emotional Freedom Technique tapping when you're crestfallen

Maybe you are working to lose weight, searching for your soul mate, managing a difficult job, trying to get a book published, practicing to learn a new skill, trying to carve a niche for yourself, or trying to stick to a resolution.

When you started out, you were all worked up and raring to go. But there are often moments when our spirits fall and it feels like we are getting nowhere with all the work we’re putting in. These are dangerous times, since they can influence us to call it quits, even if success is just round the bend.

The same things that got us all excited and frothing at the leash can start to seem like a burden if we don’t meet success somewhere soonish along the way.

How about we try EFT tapping to see if we can pull ourselves out of such despair?

Tapping through this EFT script takes about 5 and a 1/2 minutes.

EFT tapping set up

Karate Chop

Even though I’m feeling stunted and held back, I wish I could blow away all the obstacles and rise out of this quagmire. I’m disappointed enough to shake up things a bit.

Even though I’m trying to do my best, but obviously my best is not good enough, even so I’m open to learning newer ways of doing things that will attract success.

Even though I should have tasted more success by now, what if I could use this disappointment to whet my appetite for greater success?

Even though a part of me is not comfortable with the idea of success, I wish I could release this hesitation and forge ahead with confidence and enthusiasm.

EFT tapping round 1

Eyebrow    Feeling so stunted.

Side of the eye    I try so hard.

Under the eye    Only to get dismal results!

Under the nose    It’s like all my efforts are

Chin    sinking into a bottomless pit!

Collar bone    Success has become this elusive thing.

Under the arm    Even if it comes easily to others.

Top of the head    I’m doing everything I can.

EFT tapping round 2

Eyebrow    Then what’s missing?

Side of the eye    Maybe I don’t want to know.

Under the eye    Because if I knew what’s missing,

Under the nose    I’d have to come out of my comfort zone,

Chin    and do things differently.

Collar bone    That might create more work to do.

Under the arm    If I knew what I could do to succeed,

Top of the head    it would invalidate

EFT tapping round 3

Eyebrow    what I’ve been doing already.

Side of the eye    I’ll feel like I wasted time,

Under the eye    and that I wasn’t good enough all this while.

Under the nose    I want to succeed with what I’m doing.

Chin    What if inspiration came to me in a way

Collar bone    that actually complemented my approach

Under the arm    instead of being at tangents to it?

Top of the head    I’m open to that kind of inspiration, yes.

EFT tapping round 4

Eyebrow    Maybe a part of me wants to

Side of the eye    keep me here and not let me rise.

Under the eye    This part of me is afraid that

Under the nose    I’ll have to exert myself more,

Chin    I’ll have no excuses to sit and sulk,

Collar bone    if I achieve success.

Under the arm    What if I could take success in my stride?

Top of the head    A part of me thinks it is very tough

EFT tapping round 5

Eyebrow    to succeed in this cold, hard world.

Side of the eye    What if it didn’t have to be this hard?

Under the eye    What if I could make it easier for myself?

Under the nose    But I’m not as good as others.

Chin    Even if I’m not the best,

Collar bone    what if I’m good enough?

Under the arm    What if I can see the good in myself,

Top of the head    easily, and let others see it too?

EFT tapping round 6

Eyebrow    What if I became too successful

Side of the eye    for my own good?

Under the eye    What if success corrupts me,

Under the nose    and I become a bad person?

Chin    This belief was acquired

Collar bone    long ago, but I’m now smart enough

Under the arm    not to misuse success. I’d rather think

Top of the head    of the joy, and pride that comes with it.

EFT tapping round 7

Eyebrow    My fearing success is a poor excuse

Side of the eye    to keep me in my tracks.

Under the eye    What about the crime I’m committing

Under the nose    against myself by keeping me

Chin    where I am, spinning my wheels?

Collar bone    Maybe I can free myself bit by bit.

Under the arm    Success can and is coming to me, safely and easily.

Top of the head    I’m feeling confident, and ready for success!

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