EFT Not Working? Donna Eden’s Energy Exercises for Tapping Troubles

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Once you straighten your energies out, you begin to heal. It works!
~ Donna Eden

Tapping World Summit 2012 Donna Eden Energy Medicine
This is one presentation I have waited for ever since I came to know about the Tapping World Summit 2012 schedule.

This presentation was led by Donna Eden, a master and pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine. One of the main points of the presentation was why tapping doesn’t work sometimes and what to do about it.

It often happens that with tapping you are able to get an issue down to zero intensity, be it an emotional upheaval or a physical problem. But sometimes, after some initial progress, you may get stuck where the intensity refuses to go down. It may feel like tapping is not working.

Donna Eden said that scrambled and homolateral energetic patterns can prevent tapping from working. She shared techniques that can help you literally unscramble your energy field and also get your energies moving in a crossover pattern again.

Donna described some exercises for the listeners, but the presentation was not just about exercises. Among other things, Donna shared her personal story on how she overcame her own severe health issues (Multiple Sclerosis, heart attack, weird food allergy) by the use of her energy medicine techniques and tapping.

These exercises can help you get more leverage with tapping, but more importantly, they can set you on a path to a much healthier body, a much calmer mind and an overall sense of well being. And I’m not saying this just because I’m a big fan of Donna Eden. I share my own experience with Donna’s methods later in this post.

Here I have compiled video demonstrations of the energy exercises Donna Eden talks about in the presentation.

The Wayne Cook posture

When you use this simple technique before you start tapping, it will hook up all of your meridians and energy will move quicker.


Crown pull

This exercise makes space in your head for the blood to flow and the spinal fluid to flow up your spine. It also calms the back of your brain because the back of the brain is what runs the show when you are really really stressed.

The Hook Up

Central and Governing meridians connect up using this technique. It is very important that this energy stay connected because when those two connect, you are more connected on all the meridians. You’re ‘more together’ when you are hooked up.

Connecting Heaven and Earth

It can move stuck energy out of your body. Beyond just moving energy, if you are just starting to get a cold, just starting to get the flu, you’ll usually move it right out of your body. Energy can get stuck in our joints and this exercise frees it.

Donna mentioned stories of people who were starting to get Arthritis and they it turned it around, and who had severe Arthritis and they turned it around using this technique.

Donna Eden’s 5 Minute Energy Routine

This is the 5 minute energy routine Donna talks about in the presentation. It is a simple yet extraordinary set of exercises that are worth incorporating into your daily routine.

Forehead Neurovascular Points

Holding the forehead Neurovascular points brings the blood back into the forebrain. When you are stressed out, as much as 80% of your blood can leave your forebrain, the part that can think its way rationally through a crisis.

Cross Over Energy Exercise

Donna Eden talked about an energy crossover exercise in the presentation. Here is a variation of the exercise.

My experience with Donna Eden’s energy exercises

I came to know about energy medicine during my struggle with a weird allergy – losing weight and eyebrow hairs when I ate or came in contact with certain substances. I had to stop taking many nutritious food items because I couldn’t tolerate them any more. I became very weak. It came to a point where I started to fear if I was going to die (no really). Then I came across Donna’s energy routine.

I started doing Donna’s 5 minute energy routine plus her meridian tracing technique and boy! Within 7 days I started to feel much healthier, I regained my weight, and my energy. The allergy still persists, but I’ve become way healthier overall.

I can also vouch for the power of the Wayne Cook posture and the crossover pattern Donna talks about in this presentation. Because of my allergy, I used to experience brain fog as well. That fogginess cleared up thanks to Mr. Wayne Cook and I am able to do so much more in my day now! It is as if new ideas were stuck just underneath the fog.

I have also noticed that tapping works much faster for me if I do her 5 minute energy routine (that includes Wayne Cook posture) first.

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10 Responses to EFT Not Working? Donna Eden’s Energy Exercises for Tapping Troubles

  1. Amod Joshi at 4:47 am #

    WOW!!! What a great post. I am listening to the presentation now and it is so powerful and now with your video that you ahve posted here, it just makes it ultra-powerful!!

    Great Job!! Sonal… and thanks for sharing this.

    • Sonal Pandey at 8:18 am #

      Glad to help Amod. :) These exercises are really powerful.

  2. Ruthna at 2:32 am #

    Thank you for a great post, Sonal.
    Blessings and abundance to you.

  3. Victoria at 8:09 pm #

    Thank you so much for this amazing tip! I also do EFT. After incorporating the 5 minute energy medicine exercise, everything just flows. Blessings to you!

  4. Bharati at 3:04 am #

    Hi, Grt site been practicing EFT for almost 8 yars wanted to learn abt Donna Eden’s Temporal Tapping.

  5. Trisha at 7:47 pm #

    This is fantastic! The exercises were so enjoyable. I tried tapping many years ago, and it never worked for me. I revisited for headaches and now anxiety, and its actually working. Theres so much to be said about the right practitioner and being IN the emotion. Now i dont have to be afraid that it wont work for me! Thank you!

  6. Gwyn at 12:07 am #

    These videos are really terrific. I appreciate how generously you share your work!

  7. Janet at 3:53 am #

    Donna Eden,, I found your video followed it all way thru.Amazing!!! I took notes Im waiting to see how I did

    I hope it went well.I wish I had your email,then I could send you a emai,staing how it went.. I realize people are having a very hard time accepting this faster eft system,but I don’t think they realize what is really going on..Cause to me,You can pass out,due to the mental state we are all in..Those feelings that we carry,have been held inside for something can happen when released.. I feel sorry for anyone who vomits etc.but it can happen.Nevr know what going happen once these negative feelings are set free.. It does take time to get them to leave also.. I really enjoy getting mine out..Im working on them everyday.Looking for more ways to get them lose..Thank you for helping..

  8. Dawn at 11:55 pm #

    Donna, I have been teaching your routine to some friends and a couple are not feeling a difference after a week. Is this a block they may be having?

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