Tapping World Summit 2013 Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

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2013 Tapping World Summit reviews

2013 World Tapping Summit reviews

These are basically notes I took from listening to the presentations (nerd alert) of Tapping World Summit 2013 (Feb 4, 2013 – Feb 14, 2013).

I thought they might come in handy for everyone, including you.

These notes also serve as reviews of Tapping World Summit 2013 presentations.

Check back daily as I will be adding my notes / reviews for all the presentations. These notes will work best if you listen to the presentations alongside.

You can get access to the presentations by upgrading. Each purchase comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, so it is pretty safe to upgrade.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 1: How to Create an Abundant and Fulfilling Financial Future Through Tapping

Speaker: Nick Ortner

  1. American Psychological Association found that 73% Americans think their biggest stress is money.
  2. Nick and Jessica shared their experience of extreme financial stress (a million dollars of debt).
  3. Guided tap-along for present anxiety around money.
  4. How to do tapping yourself around financial worry (recognize the feeling, then tap).
  5. Do the current tapping first, quiet the noise first.
  6. Guided tap-along on “money isn’t spiritual”.
  7. Guided tap-along for not wanting to be a rich person.
  8. Guided tap-along for the conflict you can be loved and rich and successful at the same time.
  9. In the workbook 105 limiting beliefs about money and success and 105 empowering beliefs about money and success.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 1: Ending the Self-Sabotaging Behaviors that Block Success

Speaker: Carol Look

    1. Identify ways we sabotage our success

Procrastination (being lazy about what you think will benefit you)
Playing small (not wanting to rise up to your full potential)
Blowing opportunities (not showing up for an interview)
Not rocking the boat (fear of change, keep patterns same)
Overdoing (overspending resulting in debt, over-drinking, overeating, workaholism) these “over” behaviours keep us from feeling our feelings.

    1. How to become aware of these self-sabotaging patterns

Why are you not doing what you are supposed to be doing? (completing your website etc.)
What is the downside of success?
What is the upside of staying where you are?

  1. If you picture yourself as being successful, and feel anxious or afraid, tap on that.
  2. Guided tap-along on “afraid to fail”
  3. Trying to change behaviour without changing the underlying emotions will not work. It is like using will power instead of inspiration. Tapping can help change underlying emotions.
  4. How long before I see results with Tapping? (depends on aspects)
  5. Guided tap-along on “afraid of success” / “fear of shining”
  6. Guided tap-along on “afraid to rock the boat”
  7. Bottom line: the reason for self-sabotage is – fear, fear, fear.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 2: The Key to Weight Loss & Body Confidence: Why Nothing Has Worked Before and What You Can Do Now

Speaker: Jessica Ortner

  1. The key to weight loss is identifying why we behave in self-sabotaging ways when it comes to our weight.
  2. Jessica talked of her struggle as a teenager and people’s rude comments about her weight.
  3. Stress creates over-production of a hormone (Cortisol) that causes you to gain weight especially around the belly.
  4. Tapping can help greatly in ending emotional eating. We need to look at why we are overeating. Carbohydrates (sugar, fries) bring us a sense of calm and pleasure.
  5. Guided tap-along on frustration and self-loathing of being overweight.
  6. Tap on the anxiety, the pressure to lose weight, then when ready, switch to positive.
  7. Guided tap-along on “impulse and overwhelm” that cause you to overeat.
  8. Jessica talked about how to get clear on what is holding you back.
    What is the downside of losing weight?
    When in my life did I feel deprived (childhood poverty, lack of food etc.)
    Is there a reason why being thin would feel unsafe? (too much attention from the opposite sex)
    When did my weight gain begin?
    What would I have to face if I lost the weight? (get on stage, get dream job)
    What feelings am I trying to escape when I overeat?
  9. The need for safety is one of the most important reasons to keep the extra weight.
  10. Guided tap-along on “need for safety of the weight”.
  11. Guided tap-along on “can’t be happy/confident/valuable unless I lose the weight”.
  12. Bottom line: when the shape of your body no longer matches the shape of your beliefs, the weight disappears.

More of this Tapping is included in the workbook.
Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 2: Tap Your Way to Easy and Empowering Weight Loss

Speaker: Paul Scheele

  1. Paul recounted people’s biggest struggle with weight loss – food.
  2. Unlike Americans, the French prepare small portions of food and focus on flavour. (Paul’s words)
  3. Focus on flavour and the loving, nourishing feeling of food fully. You’ll feel satisfied sooner.
  4. Never go to a grocery store hungry. You’ll salivate at everything you see. Eat from the periphery of a grocery store. More tips in the workbook.
  5. Guided tap-along for forming a healthy relationship with food. This was really good.
  6. Well over 60% of digestion of food happens in the mouth. Chew each bite 30 times or more.
  7. Guided tap-along to remember to eat for nourishment, not for emotional reasons.
  8. Paul shared the story of a woman client who gained 9 pounds on no food and lost 90 pounds after releasing emotional baggage through Tapping and Paul’s techniques.
  9. Guided tap-along for a positive body image.
  10. Bottom line: fresh perspectives and mind-blowing tap-alongs.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 3: Tapping Into Self-Care: Finding the Power to Say No to Others and Yes to Yourself

speaker: Cheryl Richardson

  1. Lack of self care is a feeling of quiet desperation, you’re going about life wondering if there’s more to it.
  2. Major blocks to self care:
    Conflict aversion – saying yes when you mean no
    Guilt – being a good little helper to everyone (over giving)
  3. Self care begins with boundaries.
  4. Guided tap-along on “afraid to set boundaries”.
  5. Guided tap-along for “I’m feeling a little off”.
  6. Guided tap-along for “I don’t even know how to take self care”.
  7. High quality life has more to do with what you remove from it than what you add to it.
  8. Guided tap-along on “afraid to create time and space for self”. (this was very good)
  9. Bottom line: I’m masterful at setting boundaries.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 3: The Spiritual Power of Being Sexy!

Speaker: Margaret M Lynch

  1. If we don’t use the energy of the lower chakras, we will lack charisma & passion no matter what intelligent things we do.
  2. Sexy doesn’t have to mean sexual.
  3. There are 2 levels of owning that sexual power:
    The first one is judgment of one’s body (what I see in the mirror doesn’t look sexy)
    The second one is fear of what might happen (unwanted attention, vulnerability)
  4. You need the energy of the lower chakras to live your life purpose.
  5. Guided tap-along on “I don’t feel sexy in my body”.
  6. Guided tap-along to ease into acceptance of your inner beauty.
  7. Guided tap-along on fear of feeling vulnerable when you feel sexy.
  8. Guided tap-along on “I’m feeling fabulous and sexy”.
  9. Bottom line: when you have a vow to never be vulnerable, it means you are only going to live from your guarded, smart, upper mindspace. You’re never going to be open to receive, because if you are guarded, you’re guarded. So you are just spending your life looking for dangerous people and playing small.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 4: The Simple Way to Tap Away Those Constant Headaches

Speaker: Gwenn Bonnell

  1. Study showed analgesics like aspirin may provide relief in the short term but can trigger more headaches in the future (studied 50,000 people over 3 years – 50% of these people developed more headaches than ones who didn’t take aspirin).
  2. More than 2 dozen studies showed acupuncture (Tapping is a needle-free form) works for chronic headaches, backaches and arthritis.
  3. You can tap in the middle of a headache or if you feel one coming on.
  4. Guided tap-along for relief from a headache (included in the workbook).
  5. Use Touch and Breathe (TAB) method when you don’t want to tap. Just touch the Tapping point and take a full breath in and out.
  6. Guided tap-along for “dreading a future headache”.
  7. Asking what purpose is the headache serving you helps. (headache = more attention from loved ones or migraine = shut off from the world and rest)
  8. Guided tap-along for “releasing the need to have a headache” and tuning into “healthier ways to derive the same positive results but without the pain”.
  9. Bottom line: There’s always deeper levels to go, higher vibrations to achieve – headache or not. So keep tapping.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 4: Put an End to Your Pains with EFT

Speaker: Rick Wilkes

  1. Pain is a signal that always gets our attention, it is a signal to do something, acknowledge something.
  2. When we are in pain, the body has decided that we are threatened, urgency acts as a magnifier.
  3. Negative emotions are an integral part of injuries and if you don’t take care of them, they will continue to fester.
  4. Rick asked everyone to note down:
    Tune into your pain
    How does this pain make me feel? (what emotion)
    Who is in the pain?
    What do you believe about this pain?
    Gauge the pain level (0-10)
  5. Even though I have this ___ pain in _____ (part of body) and it makes me feel ____ I deeply and completely accept myself.
  6. Sometimes pain sticks around for safety reasons – look at what you are getting out of pain.
  7. Guided tap-along for the belief “my pain will never get better”.
  8. Bottom line: When you listen to your body’s whispers, it will not have to scream at you as often.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 5: Overcoming the Fear Of Change With Tapping

Speaker: Mary Ayers

  1. What to say during a quick “bathroom tapping”. (rant and tap)
  2. 3 common reactions to change.
    People want to help you but don’t know how to support you
    People who are uncomfortable with / undermine our change (sabotage, taunt)
    Out and out naysayers
  3. Guided tap-along for “asking for support from people”.
  4. Guided tap-along for “people who are uncomfortable with your change”.
  5. Guided tap-along for “fear of ending it with the naysayers”.
  6. Bottom line: Tapping can help us clear our stuff so we can ask for the help we need to make our change.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 5: Tapping Through Your Money Myths For Heart-Centered Business Growth

Speaker: Pamela Bruner

    1. Money myth #1: These are my gifts, so I should give them away.
    2. Guided tap-along for “fear of looking greedy if I charge more”.
    3. Money myth #2: Cheaper is better.
    4. Guided tap-along for the belief that cheaper is better.
    5. Money myth #3: No one will pay if I increase my rates.
    6. Guided tap-along for fear of increasing rates.
    7. You cannot help everyone with your individual time (home study programs).
    8. Guided tap-along to release inhibitions around giving your best and getting paid well for it.

Bottom line: As you begin tapping, you become more and more aware of your emotional underpinnings, you have power over your own emotions and thoughts in a way that 99% of the population doesn’t.

All tap-alongs are included in the workbook. Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 6: How Your Children Can Conquer Anxiety With Tapping

Speaker: Steve Wells

  1. First use Tapping about your reactions to your kids’ problems because kids pick up the states of the adults around them.
  2. You’ve got to match your language with your kids’ words.
  3. Tap when it is clearly needed; don’t insist tapping on everything (over dependence on tapping)
  4. Negative emotions are only bad when they are stuck. Tapping allows you to move through them.
  5. For temper tantrums, tap on yourself because it is very difficult to tap on kids when they are in the middle of a temper tantrum.
  6. Kids can get deeply affected by what they see on T.V.
  7. Bottom line: You don’t need to get into the how and why of Tapping, just teach it to kids as something they can use to feel calm and settled.

All tap-alongs are included in the workbook. Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 6: The Incredible Power of Choice-Based Tapping

Speaker: Patricia Carrington

    1. Choices method came out as as modification to the standard EFT set up statement.
    2. “I choose to deeply and completely love and accept myself” may work better.
    3. Choices statement such as “I choose to be okay” is more effective than saying “I’m okay”.
    4. Choices method especially useful during positive Tapping.
    5. You don’t have to wait for all negativity to clear before using positive choices statements.

My thoughts: I’m not sure how well we can make “I choose” positive statements if we have not tapped on the negative at least a little bit. That’s because we don’t have access to the intelligent insights hidden under the negative fog yet. Before we start tapping, we are still in the same mindset that created the problem. So any positives we try to conjure from that mindset will be weak and short-sighted. That said, the choices method is powerful especially if you use it during rounds of positive tapping.

  1. Guided tap-along using the choices method for “I don’t have enough money to pay my mortgage”.
  2. Choices trio: 1 negative round, 1 positive round, 1 linking round (to link positive with negative)
  3. Using power memories with choices method can be very effective (covered in the workbook)
  4. Pat explained the Touch and Breathe technique as an alternative to Tapping.
  5. Bottom line: new slants on EFT and encouragement to invent your own ways to use Tapping.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 7: How to Improve Your Eyesight With EFT

Speaker: Eleanore Duyndam

  1. No matter what the symptoms, the question to answer is – why are my eyes stressed?
  2. Eleanore shared her story of restoring her vision from -3.5 eye glasses or so to the perfect vision of 20/20.
  3. Your eyes are really fluid and ever changing – some days you see better. You see differently from hour to hour even. What this means is, eye sight can be affected through Tapping.
  4. People with multiple personality disorder have been noted to exhibit different eye acuity when they are living in different personalities. So that’s a big sign that the mind can “decide” how clearly you see.
  5. Eleanore shared a process to discover the reason behind your poor eyesight. (all your thoughts about your eyesight)
  6. What have others told you about your eyesight or eyesight problems in general?
    When did your vision problems begin?
    What was happening in your life just prior to your vision problems beginning?
    More journalling prompts included in the workbook.
  7. To find your personal reason: what memory or conflict are your eyes reacting to? What am I holding in my eyes? For me, what came up was: I don’t want to see what I don’t like to see.
  8. Common emotional themes:
    Anger and resentment (includes bitterness, frustration, irritability)
    Fear and worry
    Shame and embarrassment
    Critical eye (looking for imperfections in the world)
    Sharing physical symptoms with a family member (connection)
  9. Guided tap-along on eye problem symptoms (irritation, burning, tension, pressure, itching)
  10. Guided tap-along addressing the doubts that Tapping is going to work for your eyesight.
  11. Guided tap-along to feel comfortable being who you are without your eye glasses.
  12. Guided tap-along for “I can see clearly and have healthy eyes”.
  13. Bottom line: An eye-opening session about becoming more aware of our eyes and releasing trapped emotions for a better eyesight.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 7: Get Rid Of the Clutter In Your Home and Heart!

Speaker: Lindsay Kenny

  1. Clutter is about loss of control.
  2. 3 categories of clutter: messy (stuff lying around), messy environment (car, appearance, office), element of filth(pathological)
  3. You have to remove the cause of clutter – when did it start?
  4. Cause almost always is a traumatic event – divorce, death or any other kind of loss. So people start holding on to things. Failures too.
  5. First tap on shame, guilt and embarrassment around present clutter.
  6. Lindsay uses additional tapping points – under the breasts on the right side (liver point), 3 points on the crease of the wrist (takes care of all the finger points covering anger, stress, anxiety and grief, top of the head actually the crown of the head not exactly top of the head (2 inches behind top of the head)
  7. Guided tap-along about the guilt and shame of clutter (included in the workbook).
  8. Lindsay shared an exercise to find out what is creating your clutter problem (write inside a circle all reasons you think might be contributing).
  9. Guided tap-along to put all the trauma together and tap on it altogether. Also giving yourself permission to let go of all the trauma from your past.
  10. After tapping on contributing factors, focus on what you do want. I choose to have a clean, stylish and safe home and proudly have people over again.
  11. Guided tap-along to tune into this vision of having a clean, stylish, safe home.
  12. Bottom line: Tap on how your clutter makes you feel, what might be causing it and the clutter will take care of itself. You will feel naturally driven to clear up the clutter.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 8: Reboot Your Relationship With Energy Work

Speaker: Donna Eden

  1. Energy work starts evolving that part of our brain that deals with stress.
  2. With energy work, you get happier as you grow older, so the body doesn’t start breaking down.
  3. 4 sensory stress modes –
    Visual (you “see” what your partner is doing wrong, you feel disappointed that they are letting you down, you don’t see yourself as judging, your partner can see you judging, you get nit-picky, visual people have a vision, people want to follow you, “You are wrong”)Digital (more computer like, can get cut off from their body and detached from their partner, calm cool and collected, often no clue that there is a problem, no desire to argue, they simply tune out the other person, they cannot be reached with feelings, they are so kind when not in this digital space and want to understand your feelings, amazing listeners, “I am right”)

    Kinesthetic (overly compassionate, compulsive enablers, suggestible, don’t want to confront because you are feeling other person’s feelings, don’t want the other person to feel wrong, live in the moment, can’t plan very well, “you are right”)

    Tonals (hear between the lines, they can hear music well, can be exasperated if not feeling heard, can begin to analyze and judge, they can withdraw feeling rejected, focus on people’s tone of voice, “I hear you”)

  4. You go into your sensory stress mode when in an argument. You are relying on a single sensory mode. We are distorted.
    Blow out the stress.
    Tap with 4 fingers on your cheek bones.
    Tap K27 point right under your collar bone (energies revered during stress, this sets it right)
    Tap on the thymus gland (right on the chest, get healthier avoid)
    Tap on the spleen points (diagram included in the workbook)
    Wayne Cook posture (included in the workbook)
  5. Digital – do not expect a feeling response in an emotional issue. They are going to apply reason and logic. Don’t raise your voice in frustration. Passion is a turn off.Visual – look at them in the eye. Do not allow yourself to be bullied by a visual otherwise it will just confirm for them that they were right. Stand your ground. Don’t expect a change of perspective during stress unless you pull them out of their primary state.

    Kinesthetic – can’t think clearly when accused or rushed. Under stress, they’ll say yes to anything. Give them plenty of time to resolve the issue. They need to metabolize.

    Tonal – listen to what they are saying. Demonstrate to them that you have been listening. They feel unheard. Lack of acknowledgment. Under stress they may hear things never said, distorted, misunderstanding.

  6. We usually get attracted to people opposite to us or very different to us.
  7. Stop. Do energy exercises. Make an appreciation sandwich. (outlined in the workbook)
  8. Bottom line: As long as there is an original bond, not only can you survive but thrive as a couple.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 8: Enriching your Relationships Through EFT

Speaker: Dawson Church

  1. The attachment bonds you develop as a child affect your relationships in adulthood.
  2. 3 attachment styles – secure attachment, ambivalent, avoidance.
  3. Neuroplasticity – our brains are forming new connections all the time.
  4. Tapping can help you form new synoptic connections (positive shifts) quickly.
  5. To start: look at adult events that bother you disproportionately, big responses to small events. Where in my body do I feel it? What is my earliest memory of this kind of feeling? (explained in the workbook)
  6. Your anxiety didn’t begin as anxiety, it began as a series of events. Look for the worst or the first.
  7. Guided tap-along for a small issue to which you routinely respond disproportionately (rude drivers, misplacing keys etc.)
  8. It doesn’t matter how big a trauma is. Some people are very resilient and come out just fine through big traumas and difficult childhoods.
  9. Bottom line: Make a list of all traumatic or painful events in your life. Tap on each one. Clean up your past.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 9: Create and Crystallize Your Most Powerful Vision with EFT

Speaker: Brad Yates

  1. The fear of being disappointed is huge as you go about setting a clear vision and goals.
  2. If I don’t get my hopes up, I’m not going into achieve very much.
  3. Guided tap-along to release resistance to creating a vision and clearing fear of disappointed. ((this was quite detailed, included in the workbook)
  4. If your vision hasn’t shown up already, you are not fully congruent with it.
  5. Michelangelo – The statues were already there inside the marble. All he had to do was to chip away what didn’t belong.
  6. Guided tap-along to clear doubts about achieving your vision. (this was quite detailed, included in the workbook)
  7. Guided tap-along to clear doubts about your ability to become healthier.
  8. Guided tap-along to unleash the super-hero inside, create and manifest your vision. (super hero tapping)
  9. Bottom line: Tapping is an incredible way to clear away everything that makes your vision murky. Then we become the person who naturally does things that make the vision possible.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 9: Deeper Faith: Let Tapping Lead You to a More Profound Spirituality

Speaker: Carol Tuttle

  1. When you are in purpose, you’re on your path.
  2. Carol explained how inner work and Tapping fit in with people’s religious beliefs.
  3. Carol talked about the difference between “self esteem” and “soul esteem”.
  4. Guided tap-along on “fear of going too far with this stuff”.
  5. Guided tap-along for “living my spiritual truth”.
  6. Bottom line: Carol addressed many of the doubts and dilemmas faced by people who find themselves conflicted between doing inner work using Tapping and their religious beliefs. Some profound Tapping rounds too.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 10: Integration Process

Speaker: Jessica Ortner

  1. This was easily one of the best presentations of the Summit. 20 minutes of straight up Tapping, covering money to relationships to goals to self-confidence, it was just wow. I can see myself using it as my daily tap-along. (included in the workbook)

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 10: Personal Peace Procedure

Speaker: Jessica Ortner

  1. In this quick presentation (5 minutes), Jessica explained the Personal Peace Procedure and invited all listeners to a 40 day tapping challenge. Each day you tap on a single issue and do that for 40 days.

Click here to download the presentations, 200+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

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