How to Access Tapping World Summit 2012 Presentations, Recordings, Transcripts, Workbooks

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If you have been wondering …

  1. Where do I sign up / register for the Tapping World Summit 2012?
  2. Where is the access link to the presentations of the Tapping World Summit 2012?
  3. What do I do if I missed out on a presentation I wanted to hear?

… you have come to the right place. Here is my video explaining how to sign up for and access the Tapping World Summit 2012.

Now, how do you access the presentations you want to listen to again? You can do that by upgrading to one of their packages.

The Tapping World Summit 2012 has ended. But you can still get your hands on all the recordings, transcripts, workbooks and free bonuses when you 

buy the Tapping World Summit 2012 upgrade package here.
They close out this offer forever in just a few days (this is true), so act fast if you are considering buying an upgrade package. 90 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Why upgrade? 2 important reasons.

  1. When you upgrade, you not only get the recordings, but also transcripts, workbooks and bonuses. As you might have noticed, parts of the presentations are explained more deeply in the workbooks.
  2. The recordings, transcripts and the workbooks are not free, but they are totally worth it. Especially if you are new to EFT tapping, you can listen to these recordings a few more times to get a better hold on this tapping process. Besides, these presentations come from top EFT experts, so you are learning directly from them.

To see my findings on whether the presentations resulted in any real tranformations for people, read my post Worth All the Hype? Tapping World Summit 2012: What People Are Saying.

I’m listing the step-by-step process for accessing the Tapping World Summit 2012 presentations here:

1. Go to
2. Click the Tapping World Summit 2012 Registration button at the top left.
3. On the registration page, enter your first name and email address and click Register Here.
4. From then on, you will receive a daily email with your access link to that day’s presentations.
5. Click the link and you will be taken to the presentations page.
6. If you are new to tapping, or would just like to go through the tapping points again, you can watch Jessica Ortner’s video on the presentations page.
7. After that, you can pick either the red room or the green room to listen to first. And then you can go to the other room.
8. These presentations are only available for 24 hours after they are released. You can listen to the presentations any number of times during that 24 hour period.
9. If you missed out on any presentations, you can still get access to them through upgrading. Some of the presentations have been mind blowing (I especially liked Margaret Lynch’s tapping on finances).

Disclaimer: What is shown here is just one way to register for the Tapping World Summit 2012. You may be able to register for the Summit through other online sources as well.


2 Responses to How to Access Tapping World Summit 2012 Presentations, Recordings, Transcripts, Workbooks

  1. Cougar at 5:00 am #

    Thank you for addin’ me to your circle. I am doin’ the world summit and tappin’. I didn’t know about, so I’ve added that to my bookmarks too. I have a 501(c)3 non profit animal sanctuary for special needs and/or elderly animals. The throw away animals that no one wants and are usually euthanized. I don’t adopt out. This is their forever home til they pass the Rainbow Bridge. We take in domestic and exotic animals that have been abused, neglected, abandoned and yes, even tortured. We give them medications, treatments, frequent vet visits and love. Each gets individual attention and treated as a pet. They come with their eyes full of fear, pain, confusion, etc, but after awhile their eyes change to happy, loved, safe. I wanted to get the the workbook, the summit package, but I’m 69, a Nam vet and disabled. My husband works to pay for the animals needs and with little finances, the animals come first. luv, Cougar

    • Sonal Pandey at 8:32 am #

      Hello Cougar! Thank you for sharing your story abut the animal sanctuary. It is heart warming to know what you do. I hope more people come to know about it and offer all the support they can.

      Welcome to the giveaway. Although in this giveaway we’re giving out The Tapping Solution DVD, perhaps we could hold another one where the Tapping World Summit package is the prize. For now, sending you love and good luck. :)

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