Tapping Too Negative? Here’s a Fix [Video]

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You keep hearing that with Tapping, you should focus on negative emotions, what feels bad, what isn’t right, and things like that. But sometimes, you just can’t get around to using negative wording, you just don’t feel like it.

It may be that you’ve trained yourself to be a positive thinker for years, and any acknowledgement of negative emotions or how bad things are, doesn’t feel natural to you. Or it may be that you were brought up with a belief that any acknowledgement of negative emotions may be whining – so, no whining!

Whatever it is, sometimes it just doesn’t feel right to use negative wording. In this video, I’m going to show you how to get around that while still reaping all the benefits of Tapping.

But first, let me assure you that it is 100% safe to focus on negative thoughts, negative feelings, while you are tapping because Tapping is a cleansing technique. When you acknowledge these negative thoughts of what hurts while using Tapping alongside, it clears them out, and makes space for positive thoughts – wise thoughts, clarity, wisdom.

With that said, we want to focus on today’s approach. In this approach, instead of verbalizing what you don’t want, you ask for what is needed in the situation. Whether it be love, healing, peace, clarity, wisdom, courage, relief, whatever it is that will help make the situation better.

It could go something like this, “I invite love, healing, and peace. I invite love, healing, and peace. I invite love, healing, and peace.” You don’t even have to use very spiritual wording. You could use something like, “I invite relaxation. I invite a break. I invite a breakthrough. I invite a breather.” Whatever it is that you feel will help the situation, that is what you ask for.

You’re not exactly taking away anything from the situation, you are only adding to it something that you believe will be helpful. What about setup tapping? Since our intention is to focus on the positive, we could use something like, “I invite love, healing and peace as I deeply and completely accept myself.

I’ll be providing you a list of such positive words that you can choose from whenever you feel like using this approach so that it will make it easier for you. Such words could be – happiness, love, healing, peace, relief, courage etc. There will be a link below this video and you can use that to download your free cheat sheet.

Download your free cheat sheet of 50 positive words to use with Tapping

There are a few considerations. When we bypass our feelings, bypass how we truly feel, such as in this case, we are not exactly feeling good because that’s why we sat down to do the tapping. We are bypassing those feelings and instead choosing to focus on the positive.

In this situation, the mind may not be very receptive to the positive suggestions. So if you say, “I invite peace. I invite peace,” your mind may object, it may raise an objection that, “Peace is not possible in this situation.” In that case, what do you do, if negative thoughts keep arising even though your intention is to focus on the positive?

What you could do is acknowledge that – “I acknowledge these feelings and I invite love, healing and peace.” What you’re doing is still acknowledging those thoughts but you are also open to inviting love, healing, peace, or whatever is needed for the situation.

You are basically acknowledging how you feel while still retaining a positive focus. Or you could still just say, “I invite love, healing and peace,” and let those thoughts be there. They might be there, they might rise to the surface of your consciousness. Let them be there while you’re still tap on the positive.

The best way would be to acknowledge these feelings – “It doesn’t feel good.” Do a few of these negative Tapping rounds and what you will notice is that after doing some tapping, positive thoughts will start to arise spontaneously.

As negativity is cleared out, positive thoughts may start to arise spontaneously. Your mind will clear up and you may start to get positive thoughts automatically. But you don’t have to do it. In this approach, you keep focusing on the positive, focusing on what is needed in this situation.

Throughout, you will be focusing on the positive, keeping on the positive track. This is one way for the eternal optimist and the eternal positive thinker to use Tapping without focusing on the negative.

I hope you will find this video useful, and don’t forget to download your free cheat sheet at the bottom. Download your free cheat sheet of 50 positive words to use with Tapping

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