Overcome Overwhelm Quickly with Tapping Techniques

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Emotional Freedom Technique tapping for overwhelm stress

Emotional freedom from feelings of overwhelm and stress

“There cannot be a stressful crisis next week. My schedule is already full” ~ Henry Kissinger

Do you often feel like you have too much on your plate? Are your Mondays chock-full of pending work items? Does the morning rush overwhelm you? Do you feel afraid of retribution if you don’t finish all your work by a deadline?

This tapping program will help you release the anxiety around mental overwhelm so you can slow down and tackle each task at your own pace.

Tap through this EFT script anytime you feel overwhelmed by the number of things you need to do. This is also a good script for gaining clarity and focus especially if you have more than one thing to work on simultaneously.

Tapping through this EFT script takes about 7 minutes.

EFT tapping set up statements (addressing psychological reversal)

(say these phrases while tapping on the side of the your hand, the karate chop)

Even though my mind is buzzing with the number of things I have to do and keep track of, I want to find clarity and calm, bit by bit.

Even though it will be horrible if I don’t get all this done as soon as possible, this unnecessary adrenaline rush is making me feel overwhelmed, and I want to find my peace right now.

Even though this mental pressure to finish all the chores is killing me, I’m open to allowing myself to slow down enough to be able to think clearly.

Even though I have too much on my plate right now, what if I could be more mindful from now on, about what I commit to and what I delegate?

(say the following phrases as you tap along to the tapping points shown before each phrase)

EFT Round 1: Expressing the overwhelm

Eyebrow    So many things to do!

Side of the eye    I’m feeling so overwhelmed!

Under the eye    How the heck am I supposed to do all this?

Under the nose    All this rush to do things that “must” be done.

Chin    All the pending things feel like a big cloud.

Collar bone    Looming over me, fogging my mind.

Under the arm    Causing me to feel an urgency without any clarity.

Top of the head    I can do so much better when I have clarity.

EFT Round 2: Understanding the overwhelm

Eyebrow    I can think better when I’m not feeling rushed.

Side of the eye    My life feels like an emergency room.

Under the eye    But I’m not in danger, then why this urgency?

Under the nose    This is not a fight or flight situation.

Chin    Some things need to be done now.

Collar bone    Some things can be done later.

Under the arm    Some things need to be done later.

Top of the head    So by putting all these things in a “do now” basket,

EFT Round 3: Exploring the possibilities

Eyebrow    I’m only bogging myself down.

Side of the eye    Wouldn’t it be nice if everything fell into place?

Under the eye    Like the pieces of a puzzle?

Under the nose    Without me having to cut a sorry figure?

Chin    Maybe I could space out my tasks.

Collar bone    So they fit well in the larger scheme of things.

Under the arm    So I can handle them well and responsibly.

Top of the head    And be proud of having done an awesome job.

EFT Round 4: Addressing doubts

Eyebrow    But if I don’t feel this urgency in my bones

Side of the eye    I’ll probably slacken off.

Under the eye    I won’t push myself enough.

Under the nose    Shouldn’t I stretch myself to do more and more?

Chin    Am I not holding myself back by relaxing even just a little bit?

Collar bone    What if I could do the things that I could manage?

Under the arm    Without over stretching myself?

Top of the head    Without creating all this stress?

EFT Round 5: Relaxing a little

Eyebrow    Even if I’m only doing the things that I can manage,

Side of the eye    I don’t need to feel overwhelmed.

Under the eye    All this pressure to pull off everything,

Under the nose    is only pushing me back into the pavilion.

Chin    Instead of driving me towards my goal.

Collar bone    I’m smart enough to prioritize things.

Under the arm    I choose to slow down enough to prioritize and schedule things.

Top of the head    To maybe make a real list .

EFT Round 6: Becoming hopeful

Eyebrow    Instead of carrying around mental notes.

Side of the eye    No matter how much I work myself up into a fury

Under the eye    to get everything done right now, things take time to get done.

Under the nose    Even if there are things I won’t be able to pull off

Chin    during the time limit set for me, that’s okay.

Collar bone    I know that I’m trying to do the best I can at all times.

Under the arm    And who knows, everything may fall into place.

Top of the head    Now that would be nice.

EFT Round 7: Slowing down

Eyebrow    What if I could live a full life without missing a beat?

Side of the eye    And without feeling this need to rush through things?

Under the eye    Where am I living it if I’m only rushing through life?

Under the nose    I choose to slow down and step back.

Chin    I’ll figure it all out. In good time.

Collar bone    All this adrenaline rush, I don’t need it to keep me motivated.

Under the arm    I feel so much more in control when I’m relaxed.

Top of the head    When I’m calm, I feel like I’m in charge.

EFT Round 8: Choosing peace and calm

Eyebrow    I choose to release this nervous energy.

Side of the eye    I choose to do the things that I can do now.

Under the eye    And release all this stress about the things I can do in the future.

Under the nose    I choose to trust myself to do what is necessary.

Chin    I choose to clear my mind.

Collar bone    I choose to relax a little and take a deep breath.

Under the arm    I choose to feel good knowing that I am smart and responsible.

Top of the head    I choose to feel calm and confident.

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5 Responses to Overcome Overwhelm Quickly with Tapping Techniques

  1. Jill at 12:06 am #

    Thank you for posting. Your wording hit home for me. I started using eft a few years ago & somehow “fell off the wagon” by forgetting. I now am all over it and love it. I’m a sponge for this now and spreading the word to everyone I know!

    • Sonal at 9:04 pm #

      Hi Jill,

      So happy to meet you! Yes, I think EFT is amazing and I’m glad you’re giving it a second chance.

      And I think this is perfect timing for both of us. I’m currently putting together an EFT “home-use self-sufficiency” course which I will be teaching online in October. That will cover all aspects of EFT that you might need to brush up on. As the name says, it will be about preparing the participants so that they know enough to be able to use EFT without feeling the need to rush to an EFT practitioner for everything.

      If you think you might be interested, I invite you to sign up for my newsletter (form on the right) so that I’ll let you know when the classes begin. In any case, feel free to write to me if you have any questions about EFT. I’ll be happy to help you out.

  2. Joleen at 3:36 am #

    Hi. I to used to tap frequently and fell off the wagon until today. I have hit a depression and unsure how to bring myself up again. I’m not sure what phrases to use to help me, but I need motivation to get things done that need to be done. I have always been a procrastinator and have tapped, even wasted money on tapping phrases just to help me, which did not. I feel empty inside because I just can’t see the light to anything anymore. I don’t want to push myself to get things done but I have to for the sake of my 6 young children (boys). Can you help me try and figure out what’s going on with me?

  3. mark shaw at 4:55 pm #

    Thanks for the script. I was actually looking for an article about dealing with overwhelm when starting EFT. I often find that as soon as I start tapping I feeling overwhelmed and confused, and often can’t continue, so I’ll give this a go.

  4. Danielle at 12:33 am #

    It would help me immensely if you could answer JoLeen’s questions.
    Thank you kindly!

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