Social Anxiety Tapping Pack Special Offer

If you are unable to purchase this tapping set at full price, and that is okay no problem, this special offer is for you. I’d really like you to have this program. So I am offering a few copies at a heavily discounted rate of US $10.

The $10 is for the time and whole-hearted effort that has gone into creating this program, recording audios and videos, proofreading, testing and researching.

And the 100% money back guarantee still holds good. So if you feel that the program did nothing for you, by all means, write to me and I shall refund you in full, no questions asked.

In the future, if you feel that this program benefited you, you could come back to pay the rest of the price. It is not binding on you though.

To go over what all is included in this set, click here.

If you feel ready to invest a bit in yourself, go ahead and click the Paypal button below to purchase.

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