Are There Any Physical Signs That Show EFT Tapping is Working?

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This question is part of The Burning Questions Project. For answers to 100+ questions on EFT tapping and to ask your own questions, check out The Burning Questions Project.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping projectYes! We all need to know when something is working, and the more physical evidence of it, the better. Luckily, there are some physical signs that indicate that your tapping efforts are bearing fruit and energy is shifting.

Mind you, not all these signs are necessary for effectiveness of tapping and not all signs will show up in one single tapping session. It may be that you will experience some of these signs quite often and others infrequently, or never.

Also, you may very well experience other physical sensations that are specific to your energetic constitution. Learning to identify these sensations will help you become more confident about your application of tapping.

One of the signs that I notice in my own tapping is that once I have tapped enough, I get the urge to get up and walk around my room a little bit, maybe have a sip of water. And then I veer back to where I was sitting and get tapping again. It seems to me that this readjusts my energy in some way and I feel more balanced after a little sauntering. Similarly, you may identify patterns that are specific to you.

Here are 12 of the more common signs showing that tapping is repairing energy disruptions in your body.

1. Gasping (a exhale of surprise)
2. sighing (an inhale of relief or boredom)
3. Yawning (energy is shifting!)
4. Tears or watery eyes (can happen from yawning)
5. Coughing
6. Lump in the throat clearing
7. Knot in the chest clearing
8. A buzzing feeling through the body (as if more oxygen is flowing all over)
9. Shoulders dropping
10. Sleepiness
11. Tiredness
12. Pain relief in a body part when you were not even targeting that pain through tapping.

This question is part of The Burning Questions Project. For answers to 100+ questions on EFT tapping and to ask your own questions, check out The Burning Questions Project.

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15 Responses to Are There Any Physical Signs That Show EFT Tapping is Working?

  1. RebeccaJ at 9:29 pm #

    What about sadness? Or is that an indication that more tapping is needed?

    • Sonal at 8:58 am #

      Hi Rebecca, IMHO sadness is an emotional sign, not so much a physical one. Sadness may manifest itself physically in the form of a heavy load on the chest, for example. :)

      I do believe that sadness indicates we’re getting somewhere with our tapping. EFT is all about unearthing emotions and if we have managed to unearth sadness, voila! Then we can tap on the sadness and dissipate it using EFT. Just like tilling the ground is necessary to sow new seeds, sadness is a result of tilling we’ve done with some initial tapping. Tapping on the sadness and planting new, empowering emotions will ensure the matter is tackled at the root.

      I appreciate your comments and questions very much Rebecca. You always provide fresh insights into things. :)

  2. KK Akuoku at 5:13 am #

    Does a vibration in the gut count?

    • Sonal at 12:57 pm #

      If that’s what signal an energy shift for you, then yes.

  3. Ruth at 6:49 am #

    This is embarrassing, but do people ever burp during tapping? Its happened to me.

    • Sonal at 10:36 am #

      Yes, it’s fine. Happens to me too. :-)

  4. sam at 9:25 am #

    Hi i have has a weird slight cough and throat irritation ,,,,can this be energy moving as came on day after 2 sessions of tapping, I am a healer and meditate and have quite strong energy move through me,

    • Sonal Pandey at 7:02 pm #

      Hi Sam, symptoms of energy moving from Tapping are often transient, they pass. If the cough and throat irritation persists, I’d get it checked out.

  5. diana at 12:39 am #

    I feel more aniexty now is that normal or should I stop I tap a lot during the day and I mean a lot is that okay

    • Sonal Pandey at 2:12 am #

      Diana, some increase in anxiety is common, because you’re bringing up pent up emotions and raking up not-so-happy memories to clear using Tapping. If you continue to tap on all that still feels bad (anxiety-inducing), emotions calm down and you feel better. If, however, you feel that anxiety is getting out of hand, then there might be something else going on as well. Perhaps give Tapping a break in that case until you start to feel better.

  6. RJ at 5:37 pm #

    During tapping I yawn a lot and sometimes even my eyes water and my nose runs too. It’s great as I know the energy is shifting. My question is, how long does it take too see the changes in my life from this shifting energy?

  7. Dana at 6:27 pm #

    Hello.. I started tapping a few days ago and I have a lot of deep issues and my income has been blocked for 7 years..the effects were amazing on how I feel..I got excited and started tapping a lot relationship and money issues..however, I noticed severe headaches…and one day I had a complete melt severe tension headache again..should I slow down? I also yawn a lot during tapping session and feels difficult to breathe

    What do you recommend that I do? I need EFT badly and I cant find or afford professional practioners. What can you advise?

    • Sonal Pandey at 10:32 pm #

      Yawning is a common and normal reaction to Tapping. This shows the body is relaxing and your thought process is shifting to a calmer state as well. Not sure about the headaches as they might not be related to Tapping. But if they are, it’s likely that they are bringing up unresolved issues from the past. Think back to times when you any headaches or someone who could have been a ‘headache’ for you (relationship?) and treat this as symbolic of something emotional that needs healing. At the same time, it wouldn’t be wise to ignore something such as this and not seek medical attention, since it’s clearly bothering you. I’d advise pursuing both tracks.

  8. George at 6:34 pm #

    Been in fight or flight mode for entire year cause car accident. Tried tapping for 3 days and everyday i keep crying, eyes get watery and then the need to cry rises up, sure i guess that works, but everytime i do it i feel the need to cry, aint it gonna stop? How many times i need to cry in order to get free from the fight or fight mode response, just now i heard a word that reminds me of the car accident that was crash and i felt watery eyes, when i got home i started crying yet again

    • Anindya S Nag at 11:16 pm #

      Focus on any emotional incident that preceded this car accident. The unresolved part of you is trying to seek some resolution. After accidents, the consciousness leaves the body, so try to bring it back after resolving the emotional partof you. After crying it out, ask few questions like age, date of emotion, specifics about the place the personality was at. This way you can find more about the issue.

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