How to Get Rid of Workplace Anxiety and Work Related Stress

Watch the video and I’ll show you …
an easy technique to release workplace anxiety and stress

I’m really benefiting from the program, it’s so good and I find the tapping aspects extremely relevant (as with your other tapping videos that I tried), you are truely gifted. – Aga

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Orientation video

EFT for work related anxiety and depression

How to use the program, when to use and for how long

In this video, I will walk you through the modules of the program and give you tips on how to get the best out of this program. I will also show you how to access the root cause that creates workplace anxiety in you and how to use this program to free yourself from it.

Module 1

How to reduce workplace anxiety and job stress

Tap-along for fear of being considered incompetent

In this detailed tap-along video we will tap on the fear of what your manager, co-workers and subordinates think of you. It will help you dissolve that feeling of always being watched and judged, so you can be at greater ease. This tapping will enable you to focus on your actions and thoughts so you naturally come across as confident and competent.

Module 2

How to deal with workplace anxiety and job stress

Tap-along for peer pressure and fear of being ridiculed

There is something about being challenged at work that brings out our insecurities and feelings of inferiority. This module will help you address the fear of being shamed before your co-workers for your mistakes. In this detailed tap-along video we will work through those feelings so you can feel relaxed and confident no matter how smart your co-workers might be.

Module 3

EFT tapping for workplace stress and anxiety

Tap-along for work pressure and feeling unappreciated

This detailed tap-along video will help calm feelings of being rushed by deadlines. It will also help you address your feelings of being unappreciated for your efforts. You will gain the right frame of mind through which you will be able to put things in perspective without feeling pressured or ignored. This will free you up to work better than ever before, and results will follow.

Module 4

EFT tapping for workplace stress and anxiety

Tap-along for building up workplace confidence

By the time we reach this module, we have addressed many of the workplace anxiety triggers, so the mind is in a more positive, hopeful state. We grab this chance and start with reassuring, empowering tapping rounds to seal the deal. This highly effective video can be used as and when needed.

Module 5

Tapping for work related anxiety and stress

Tap-along for taking power in your own hands

This is where it all comes together. You realize that no matter what happens at work, no matter who holds what position at your workplace, you are in-charge of your own destiny. Things start to look clearer and you forge ahead with confident choices for your future. This highly effective video can be used as a quick pick-me-up too.

Bonus 1

Q & A guide with additional usage tips

EFT troubleshooting guide to help you overcome any challenges you may be facing in your use of EFT. It also has additional tips on how to take full advantage of the program.

Bonus 2

EFT tapping transcripts

Full, printable transcripts

This program comes with full, neatly formatted, printable transcripts along with the videos.

Get your End Workplace Anxiety Today program (instant access) at US $17

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