2014 Tapping World Summit Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

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These are basically notes I took from listening to the presentations (nerd alert) of Tapping World Summit 2014 (Feb 24, 2014 – Mar 6, 2014). See presentation schedule, list of topics and speakers.

I thought they might come in handy for everyone, including you. These notes also serve as reviews of Tapping World Summit 2014 presentations. Check back daily as I will be adding my notes / reviews for all the presentations.

These notes will work best if you listen to the presentations alongside. You can get access to the presentations by upgrading. Each purchase comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, so it is pretty safe to upgrade.

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Day 1: Healing and Releasing Patterns of Guilt and Shame Forever

Speaker: Cheryl Richardson Duration: 54 minutes

  1. Guilt and shame can be used as self-help tools to grow as a person instead of as weapons of self-torture.
  2. The faster you can get under the motivation behind guilt, the quicker it is going to be dissolved.
  3. People often deal with guilt by self-punishment – doing the things they shouldn’t be doing to themselves.
  4. This was followed by 3 powerful rounds of tapping around guilt. The third round was heart-wrenching.
  5. ‘Shame Attack’ and how it makes you feel like dirt. It plays over and over in your mind, traumatizing you.
  6. Shame grows the more we try to keep it a secret.
  7. This was followed by a few rounds on ‘the habit of shame’.

My thoughts: Cheryl shared some very deep insights into our patterns of guilt and shame. It would have been wonderful to do a few more rounds of tapping at a slower pace toward the end, to bring it all together and to get a better idea of what words to use.

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Day 1: The Power of Radical Forgiveness: How to Forgive Everyone for Everything with Tapping

Speaker: Iyanla Vanzant Duration: 51 minutes

  1. New York Times Best Selling Author, a regular on Oprah and the host of the popular reality show Iyanla: Fix My Life spoke about forgiveness and how it prevents us from giving and getting love in other areas of our life.
  2. As you start by forgiving yourself, you begin to develop the compassion and love necessary to begin to forgive others.
  3. The million dollar question ‘if you forgive somebody does it mean that you admit what they did was okay?’ came up and was handled superbly. Until you forgive, you are keeping your own wounds bleeding and continuing to accept into your life what was done to you. Forgiving is about freeing yourself.
  4. Things happen to me versus things happen through me. The former belief makes you a victim, the latter, powerful.
  5. Iyanla recalled many traumatic incidents from her life and how forgiveness helped her see the purpose and learning in each.
  6. You are not attracting the bad stuff, you are learning how to be in the face of that.
  7. Not ready to forgive? Start by tapping on wanting to feel better instead of wanting to forgive.

My thoughts: During the course of her talk, Iyanla shared many brilliant insights into how to use Tapping to tap into the power of forgiveness. A lack of actual tapping rounds with Iyanla was more than made up for by the accompanying bonus Tapping meditation with Jessica Ortner.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 1: Finding Peace in the Past: A Guided Tapping Meditation

Speaker: Jessica Ortner Duration: 14 minutes This is a new feature in the Summit – guided meditations to go along with each day’s presentations. This particular one was a guided tap-along meditation for clearing pain from a past event. It was a gentle, soothing meditation with tapping statements paced slow enough to be relaxing as well as rejuvenating to the mind. It can be used for almost any event from the past that still makes you uneasy.

Day 2: Dramatic Pain Relief with Tapping: The Miraculous Results and How You Too Can Use It Today To Get Relief

Speaker: Nick Ortner Duration: 57 minutes

  1.  Even though we see pain as something arising out of purely physical issues, when you look deeper, there is also a mind connection to it. The same physical issues don’t cause pain in every person.
  2. About one-third of the way into the presentation Nick lead everyone through two powerful tapping rounds – the first one was more about calming the mind and the second about delving deeper into the real cause of pain. This two step approach works better instead of diving straight into the root cause of pain etc.
  3. Our immediate reaction to any physical trauma such as a car accident can affect how pain will manifest in our body. Shock and fear can take root as pain.
  4. Start with what you know to be true about your pain – e.g. it will never go away because the doctor said so. This was followed by rounds of tapping around the diagnosis and what you believe about your pain. This was a powerful set of rounds that I took time to go over twice. I could really feel the shift. The pace, the wording, everything was so perfect that a shift was inevitable.

My thoughts: Even though without a doubt the star of the presentation was Nick’s immaculate delivery, the takeaway was his helpful hints about how to dig deeper into what is causing the pain in the first place. The accompanying tapping rounds were profound.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 2: Healing the Body: A New Approach to Health and Illness

Speaker: Julie Schiffman Duration: 55 minutes

  1. Your body talks to you in symptoms, and if you don’t listen, it will get louder and louder.
  2. Start with tapping on symptoms as they are right now. Even though I’m feeling this symptom, I am open to healing and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  3. If a random thought or memory comes to your mind while tapping on an issue, trust that it is somehow connected and go with the flow. Tap on whatever comes up.
  4. Seeing aches and pains and illness as metaphors can help you root cause faster. E.g. who in your life is a ‘pain in the neck’?
  5. Anger is a major factor behind illness.
  6. The session ended with a few rounds of tapping around arthritis pain.

My thoughts: it was an enlightening session with Julie sharing stories of amazing healings through Tapping. Start tapping about what the state of your health is right now, that is, the symptoms, and then take it deeper and deeper into emotions, events and whatever comes up as you go along.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 3: From Burnout to Balance: How Tapping Can Bring You Peace and Clarity

Speaker: Carol Look Duration: 46 minutes

  1. Burnt out: physical exhaustion and mental exhaustion. It is deeper and worse than overwhelm. Physical symptoms in addition.
  2. Feeling low, depressed is a sign of a burnout. Think back to since when you start feeling ‘cooked’.
  3. We get into a place of chasing instead of allowing so we are constantly going after things, trying to push through things, not feeling inspired anymore.
  4. Target the feelings first.
  5. This was followed by a round of tapping on ‘I’m burned out and exhausted.
  6. This was followed by a round of tapping on ‘I’m not valuable if I’m not busy all the time’.
  7. This was followed by a round of tapping on ‘I feel guilty when I say no’.
  8. Start with about 5 minutes of Tapping every day, don’t try to make it an hour. That will only increase the feeling of being burned out.
  9. This was followed by a round of tapping on ‘I feel powerless but I can choose my reaction to things instead of feeling burned out’.
  10. The session ended with a round of tapping on ‘I feel under pressure to do so much’.

My thoughts: lots and lots of tapping! We were treated with rounds and rounds of targeted tapping throughout the session. I could notice a shift even as I was tapping along. Carol’s talent for breaking everything up into tiny, manageable pieces whether it be information, or tapping, made this presentation wonderfully productive.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 3: The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence: How to Stress Less, Weigh Less and Love More

Speaker: Jessica Ortner Duration: 55 minutes

  1. Jessica shared stories of her personal struggle with weight and how things changed once she decided to use Tapping to achieve not only weight loss but also body confidence.
  2. Tapping lowers cortisol levels which translates to lower stress level and reduced abdominal fat.
  3. Tapping also changes behaviour by modifying the emotion behind the behaviour.
  4. She spoke about 3 main triggers that create panic around our weight.
  5. Tapping rounds for ‘I can’t relax until I lose the weight’.
  6. Cravings disappear when you tap on the pattern of panic.
  7. Tapping on cravings puts the choice back into your own hands whether to eat that food or not.
  8. Tapping rounds on ‘the need to rebel’. This tapping used a beautiful reframe that hit home – I can use my rebellious spirit to take actions that serve me.
  9. Ask yourself – what is the downside of losing weight. See what comes up and tap.
  10. Weight loss is not an isolated topic in itself. For example, your finances affect your food cravings. So tapping on weight loss is actually a lifestyle choice. It is a journey.

My thoughts: Jessica candidly shared her own struggles with weight and charted a step by step plan on how to go about using tapping for not only weight loss but also to bolster positive body image.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 4: From Debt to Wealth: How to Clear the Hurdles Keeping You Stuck

Speaker: Margaret M Lynch Duration: 49 minutes

  1. The shame around debt weighs one down and causes more debt attraction.
  2. Denial is a common behaviour when it comes to debt.
  3. When you are not feeling anxious and stressed about debt, you can see opportunities to get out of it.
  4. Margaret had everyone do a little exercise to bring out hidden self-judgments to the surface. The idea is to tap on these feelings and clear them.
  5. This was followed by a couple rounds of tapping around feeling overwhelmed and inferior because of debt. This was so powerful, I actually tapped to it 11 times – not for debt, but for something else that came up as I started tapping the first time around. With EFT, you never know where your emotions will take you.
  6. Tapping dissolves the negative emotions, but bolsters the positive ones.
  7. Then there were a few more rounds of tapping on ‘saying yes to receiving help’. This, for me, unexpectedly triggered another set of emotions unrelated to debt, but undoubtedly about money. I ran this set a few times over and tapped all the way.
  8. The session ended with a few rounds on ‘I’m an empowered money manager’.

My thoughts: what a session, phew! Margaret’s high octane tapping rounds hit home on more than just debt issues. One minute you were tapping along and thinking, “OK this is about my debt”, the next minute you felt like you were sorting out your whole life with the powerful words that kept coming with each round. This was by far my favourite session of the Summit.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 4: Reconciling Money and Spirituality: How to Be Spiritual and Abundant!

Speaker: Pamela Bruner Duration: 51 minutes

  1. Money is a magnifier.
  2. When you are poor and you do good, it is limited in reach. Money gives you the ability to reach more people and do more good.
  3. Tapping always targets a fear. You need to look at what you are afraid of, money wise.
  4. Simply repeating the reframe (positive twist) will not work until the underlying fear is removed.
  5. Rounds of tapping around ‘money is just a way of world’s appreciation for my gifts’.
  6. Introduce positive reinforcement through ‘I wonder if it’s possible’.
  7. Tap in the moment when you feel anxious and afraid. Do this every time you feel any kind of fear. Over time, fear will diminish.
  8. Just when I was feeling unsure of how to tackle a certain belief because it seemed like it belonged to the people I was trying to help, it was almost as if Pamela heard it. The next thing she shared was how there are two kinds of beliefs – beliefs about ourselves and beliefs about the world. I instantly knew which kind I was having problems with. She’s brilliant.
  9. This was followed by tapping on some of the beliefs about the world. The reframe was that money will only make me more of who I am.
  10. Investing in yourself is an investment that always pays off. Even if real estate or shares may fail you, investment in self will always get good returns.
  11. The session ended with Pamela sharing 6 practical tips on making and managing money. To ease the overwhelm around taking all these steps, Pamela lead us through a few rounds of eye-opening tapping and everything seemed possible.

My thoughts: The biggest discovery for me in this session was that Tapping always targets fear. No matter what the hurdles to making more money look like or feel like, they are part of our beliefs with fear at the root. What will my family think, what will my customers think, what will my colleagues think, I’m afraid to step out into the world with my gifts and so on. Every concept she shared was woven neatly into the tapping that followed.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 5: Releasing Anxiety: Tools to Create an Anxiety Free Life

Speaker: Mary Ayers Duration: 53 minutes

  1. Anxiety can be a learned behaviour.
  2. Tapping introduces small amounts of endorphins into our system and that promotes relaxation and well being.
  3. We jumped right into the tapping, starting with physical symptoms of anxiety and ending it with an intention to let the body relax and be calm.
  4. Two major trigger words for anxiety are what and if – what if. Just saying them can bring up the level of anxiety.
  5. A few rounds of tapping on calming the what-if thoughts followed. Reducing the pace of tapping, actually slowing down the tapping movements, can help slow down thoughts and bring peace.
  6. Some impromptu tapping rounds on ‘I need this anxiety to keep me safe, to keep things from falling apart’ followed.
  7. Some rounds of tapping to relax yourself as you think about a social situation (speaking in front of people). The key is not to strive toward 100% confidence or zero anxiety or a personality change, but to relax yourself enough to be able to do okay. That in itself can make a huge difference. We’re aiming for progress, not perfection.
  8. Some shortcuts for using Tapping in public were covered. One of them was rubbing the inside of the wrist.

My thoughts: Mary shared lots of practical, step by step ways to approach anxiety. Anxiety can feel like a huge blob of worry and fear combined, but using Tapping consistently and persistently can help you become more and more relaxed.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 5: Healing and Releasing Anger: How Truly Letting Go Can Change Your Life

Speaker: Carol Tuttle Duration: 57 minutes

  1. It is appropriate to feel anger, it is not appropriate to base your action on it.
  2. Roots of present anger lie within our teenage inner child years when there is often a lot of repressed anger and rebellion.
  3. If you use anger to propel your words, it will backfire. When you feel anger and tap on it, you are reclaiming your energy back. And then when you speak, you will be heard.
  4. Carol suggested journaling as a way of writing down your feelings and using it as a tapping script. I’m not much of a journal person, but I see how this could work.
  5. This was followed by Tapping on accepting anger as a valid emotion and allowing yourself to feel it. Carol’s words were very deep and meaningful, on so many levels – it was not just about events, it became about everything that you are. The rounds did not target any specific angry event, but the generalized anger that we have learned to keep repressed within ourselves for fear of societal judgement and fear of punishment.

My thoughts: what can I say, I’ve never experienced Tapping at such a deep, spiritual level, while at the same time acknowledging a supposedly ‘mundane’ emotion as anger. Phew! The star of the presentation was the guided meditation-tapping sequence which I went into with an open mind and came out of with an open heart. This is a radical shift – accepting anger as a valid emotion, reclaiming the energy stuck in it and then using it to enrich your life. If you believe living well is the best revenge, this session must not be missed. I played the tapping rounds over and over and came away with greater peace each time. As I’m going through these daily sessions, I’m feeling that I’m changing as a person.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 6:  Intimate Relationships: How to Experience Deeper, More Fulfilling Relationships

Speaker: Dr. Dawson Church Duration: 57 minutes

  1. Huge psychological and biological shifts happen when we meet someone new. Over time, this slows down and we are no longer biologically attracted to that person.
  2. Dawson shared surprising insights into why men go quiet and women talk when they are under stress. It all boils down to biology and evolution. When you see things this way, everything makes sense.
  3. The act of ranting and tapping calms everything down and diffuses the emotional triggers that lead to quarrels.
  4. Dawson talked about various stages of a relationship and how to use Tapping for each of them.
  5. He suggested going back to the first time you had a certain experience and tapping on that.
  6. I loved the alternating phrases Dawson used while tapping – accept myself for things that have gone bad and accept myself for things have gone well.
  7. When you do not look at another person, but turn inward to fill your own needs, it creates a base for a long term relationship which is not driven by demands.
  8. Tapping gives us the gift of presence for our partner. When we have cleared away the baggage of our past and childhood events, we can be in a relationship with our partner instead of with our past.

My thoughts: I was taken by surprise when a childhood belief came up – friendships are a waste of time and friends are a bad influence on me. Whoa, where did that come from? I’m a gregarious Libra and make friends easily, but this did explain a lot of my friendships. As I thought more about it, it all came together. This belief also applies to my handling of relationships. I’ve my work cut out for me. So of course I tapped on it and will continue to do the inner work until this area of my life is problem-free. All in all, an amazing eye-opening session. You never know what skeletons will spill out of the emotional cupboards when you get tapping!

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 6: Tap Into Love – Using Tapping to Find Your Soul Mate

Speaker: Lindsay Kenny Duration: 58 minutes

  1. A matchmaker in another life, Lindsay has a good grip on the how and why of relationships. This was evident right from the start.
  2. We quickly got to an exercise which took about 15 minutes to do. Here’s the kicker, these 15 minutes brought to light over decades of relationship upheavals for me. We were instructed to draw a relationship tree recounting all the failed relationships of the past, what emotions they unveiled and the beliefs they have created.
  3. I used that tree to list all kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones. Suddenly, in that tree, I was looking at my whole life staring back at me. It was surprising that no matter what the nature of a relationship, it was exactly two reasons that had caused the strain. I could see a pattern clearly and instantly knew what to tap on. This was major. A little exercise had brought to light my whole life’s handling of relationships!
  4. Then focus on the future. Write down 5 characteristics that are essential in your partner. Then 5 deal breakers.
  5. This was followed by tapping rounds on releasing the fear and beliefs that keep you from attracting your soul mate.
  6. This was promptly followed by some tapping rounds reaffirming your positive belief about your ability to attract your perfect partner. I used these rounds to attract long lasting, meaningful friendships into my life.

My thoughts: this session was about attracting soul mates and yet it was so much more than that. Relationships are one area that can take a lifetime to master. Tapping can hasten that and make it painless. This was definitely one of the sessions that can bring massive shifts in how you look at the world at large and your relationships at the minutest.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 7: Our Children: How to Tap With Kids to Transform Their Lives and Future

Speaker: Brad Yates Duration: 53 minutes

  1. Before trying to fix your children’s problems, see if it is really something that you need to fix in yourself.
  2. Get down to their level, use language that is comfortable for them.
  3. Even though I’m feeling angry, I’m a great kid. I choose to know I’m smart.
  4. Tapping is great for issues with bullying.
  5. Talking badly about oneself is a safety mechanism. Kids may talk negatively about themselves to keep parents’ expectations low.
  6. Brad walked us through the kind of words to use, how to get kids to bring up details of what’s bothering them and how to slip in positive tapping rounds using their own language and how they would like to see themselves.
  7. The session ended with brad leading us through a few rounds of tapping on releasing the hesitation and fears around using Tapping with kids.

My thoughts: this was a very easy flowing session. Brad touched on a lot of nuances that come up when tapping with kids.  It made me wonder why I don’t use more of Tapping with my 4 year old. It also brought in some guilt about not using the full power of Tapping to help him. The guilt, the hesitation and the fear were all washed away with the tapping rounds that followed.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 7: Aging Gracefully: Wisdom Teachings from a Tapping Elder

Speaker: Dr. Patricia Carrington Duration: 49 minutes

  1. When someone who leads a hectic life and is 89 years old wants to share information on aging well, can you turn it down? No.
  2. More than dying or change in physical appearance, the fear is around growing old itself.
  3. Are we limited by our genes on how we grow old? No. Everything is cast in stone in genetics is not true.
  4. EFT and meditation played a key role in her aging well.
  5. The concept of not being able to learn new things as you grow older has to change radically. EFT can help.
  6. The meat and potatoes was the tapping rounds covering grievance, acceptance and choices around aging. This was marvelous.

My thoughts: I’ve always been aware of it that because my mother and grandmother have Diabetes, I’m doomed to contract it too. Dr. Pat’s mother and grandmother had Diabetes too, but she doesn’t. This may not apply directly to me, it does give me a reason to expect differently and look beyond genetics. The session was refreshing since the topic of growing older isn’t discussed in our society with much interest. This was an empowering session with Dr. Pat’s marvelous insight into aging and the tapping rounds that topped it off.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 8: Your Life Purpose – Finding Inner Clarity and Meaning with Tapping

Speaker: Dr. Paul Scheele Duration: 55 minutes

  1. Paul is an expert in learning how to learn.
  2. Everyone goes to a place between lives.
  3. You come to this life with a purpose.
  4. Forcing a purpose into your life doesn’t work. Look for themes that life is throwing at you.
  5. Your purpose isn’t what you usually set out to do. It comes to you.
  6. Tapping rounds to get aligned with discovering our life’s purpose.

My thoughts: The session was a bit heavy with lots of technical terms here and there, but the essence of it was to help people learn to discover their purpose in life.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 8: When You’re Stuck – Overcoming Frustration and Creating Self-Acceptance

Speaker: Rick Wilkes Duration: 52 minutes

  1. This session surprisingly turned out to be about frustration around pain when the title mentioned nothing of that sort. This was a pleasant surprise however, since Rick started out sharing deep insights into how our primitive brain works. That explains a lot of our behaviour and not just pain.
  2. We need a part of us that responds to immediate threats. So our primitive brain will always be needed.
  3. Tapping helps you own your own emotions and get yourself to a safe place.
  4. Start with being honest about how you feel and tap on that.
  5. We quickly got into tapping for frustration about the state of things, whatever they may be, pain or any other situation in life.
  6. As Rick continued to talk about the primal brain, suddenly it all came to me – my histamine intolerance could be a way for my primal, reactive brain to bring attention to its need for more nurturing and safety. It is a toss up between my logical, rational brain wanting to make headway into the world and my primal brain feeling the need to keep me stuck, where I am, trying to keep me safe and asking for more nurturing. There’s also a limiting belief that people only care for me and make concessions if I am unwell. Your own situation may be different to mine, but this view is worth pondering over if you are facing an auto immune disease or allergies or a mysterious illness that ‘makes no sense’. Of course it makes no sense to your rational brain because that is not where it is coming from. To tackle such a situation, you need to kneel down to a more primal, child-like level and really listen to your body’s need for nurturing and safety.
  7. Acknowledging that it is not an emergency is helpful to the primitive brain.
  8. Some tapping on calming the primitive brain followed. It was short and effective.
  9. Some more short and effective tapping voicing the frustration followed.
  10. Make it about supporting your body instead of fixing it. This can make the biggest shift.
  11. The session ended with some short tapping on supporting your body and working with it instead of ranting against it all the time.

My thoughts: when it comes to pain, there’s none like Rick Wilkes. I mean it in the best way possible. The unique thing about this presentation was that every time Rick shared a concept, he followed it up with some short tapping rounds. So it was like being taken by hand and lead through a healing journey. This session can be used for so much more than frustration around pain. It can be used for any kind of situation that makes you feel helpless such as compulsive behaviour.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 9: Peak Performance – How Our Top Athletes Are Using Tapping and How You Can Too

Speaker: Dr. Erin Shannon Duration: 54 minutes

  1. It boils down to what areas of our life do we want to light up and what areas do we want to calm down in order to be at our peak performance at a given moment.
  2. Dr. Erin recounted instances of athletes benefiting immensely with Tapping and programmed shortcuts they use on the field.
  3. Half way into the session, we tapped on muscular tightness. This was very relaxing. As you know, Tapping is never about just the issue at hand. Mid way through the tapping, my mind wandered into thoughts about my early childhood. I played along, trusting that this was in some way connected to the shoulder tightness I had been experiencing for a week. I replayed the tapping rounds a few times over and in the end, not only did the shoulder stiffness release but also my early childhood tension. Two for the price of one!
  4. Athletics and sports are just a microcosm of our whole life. Being ‘in the zone’ means being fully present in the moment.

My thoughts: I’m not much of a sports person, but then again Tapping is not always about the issue at hand. For me, this session cleared early childhood tension while also releasing my shoulder tension. Athletes and weekend warriors will appreciate this session more, although everyone will find it useful on some level, as I did.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 10: The Power to Truly Transform: Self-Acceptance and Self-Love as Gateways to Healing

Speaker: Gwenn Bonnell Duration: 51 minutes

  1. Psychological Reversal can be behind addictions, difficulty losing weight.
  2. Self-acceptance is being okay with yourself just the way you are right now.
  3. Accepting that there is a problem is the first step to change. That doesn’t mean you are okay with the problem.
  4. I’m not good enough, I’ll never be worthy are indications of weak self-acceptance.
  5. An alternative to saying ‘I accept myself’ is ‘I’m willing for this to change’.
  6. Even though I have this health problem and it restricts me from living fully, I’m willing for this to change.
  7. Example tapping accepting that there is a money problem, releasing the guilt around it and opening up to creative ways to resolve it, slowly but surely.

My thoughts: This presentation brought out a basic problem we all face at some level – difficulty accepting ourselves when it comes to certain areas of our lives, be it money or health or relationships. Gwenn provided clues on how to go about boosting self-acceptance through Tapping.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses

Day 11: Integration Process

Speaker: Jessica Ortner Duration: 22 minutes

This was a whole 20 minutes of gentle Tapping, with soothing music playing in the background. It was a re-run of all that we have learned in this Summit. I felt calm and empowered at the end of it. I also came away with hope about exploring new possibilities in the areas that I’m currently struggling with. All in all, a good round up in this Tapping meditation.

Day 11: Personal Peace Procedure

Speaker: Jessica Ortner Duration: 4 minutes

What you don’t face consciously, you suffer unconsciously. In this short overview, Jessica described Personal Peace Procedure. Jessica also threw a 40 day Tapping challenge where we all tap on our own issues and support each other to keep going.

Download the presentations, 300+ page workbook, transcripts and audio bonuses


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