Release Fearful Gratitude [Tapping Script]

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1The attitude of gratitude has long been seen as a bringer of joy, peace and positive manifestations. No questions about it.

It is said that daily gratitude can increase your long-term well-being by more than 10 percent. That’s the same impact as doubling your income!

But today, I want to draw your attention to where your gratitude might be coming from. Because you see, that can make all the difference between manifesting a life you want, and attracting the opposite. Allow me to explain.

The question you want to ask yourself is – where is my gratitude coming from?

Is it coming from a place of happiness, or fearfulness?
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Many times, we fear that if we don’t appreciate what we have, we are being ungrateful. This kind of gratitude comes from the insecurity that things will worsen if you don’t feel grateful.

Here are a few examples of fearful or false gratitude:

“Thank goodness, at least I have this much.”

“I better feel good about it, you never know when it might be taken away.”

“I ought to appreciate having this person in my life – no one better may come along.”

“So grateful that my aches and pains are under control for now, God forbid they get worse.”

“I’m thankful time is on my side, because once health problems start, it is all downhill from there.”

You’d have already figured that these kind of thoughts sound more like threats of doom than someone appreciating life’s blessings.

False gratitude comes from a place of doubts, shoulds, oughts and musts. I should feel grateful, this must be appreciated etc.

False gratitude comes from one’s disbelief in their deserving of the good that’s coming their way.

How would true gratitude sound like?

Rather than focus on words, you want to tune into that feeling of peace that comes over you when you feel truly grateful.

Gratitude happens in the moment. You are not thinking of the travails of the past or what might happen in the future. You are happy, content and feeling at peace – right now.

“How blessed I feel that I have …..”

“I absolutely love how wonderful I feel being with this person.”

“It’s so nice being here and working toward my purpose.”

“It feels wonderful to breathe in fresh air.”

“It’s awesome what I’m making of my life.”

“I’m grateful everything worked out well.”

“I appreciate what a difference you’ve made to this project.”
So are you being appreciative or apprehensive?

Let’s do some Tapping on releasing any thoughts of insecurity or undeserving that force us to be grateful. That way we can appreciate the good things that are coming our way from a place of calm confidence and happiness.

Karate chop:

Even though I’m guilty of gratitude that stems from insecurity because I fear that if I don’t express gratitude, things will take a turn for the worse, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. I’m open to learning how to feel true gratitude that arises from a place of peace and deserving. (3 times)

Tapping points:

Start of the eyebrow:   I better be grateful
Side of the eye:   That’s the buzz word
Under the eye:   I better appreciate the good stuff
Under the nose:   Or it might be taken away
Under the mouth:   Hey, I’m arm twisting myself into gratitude
Collarbone:   This isn’t the greatest feeling
Under the arm:   I’m supposed to feel happy grateful, not fearful grateful
Top of the head:   What if I could appreciate the good stuff

Start of the eyebrow:   without fearing it might be taken away?
Side of the eye:   What if I could believe in my deserving?
Under the eye:   What if I could trust that there’s tons more
Under the nose:   where this came from?
Under the mouth:   What if I could count my blessings
Collarbone:   without feeling insecure about the future?
Under the arm:   What if I could appreciate the abundance
Top of the head:   without fearing that I might run out of it?

Start of the eyebrow:   All this fear, all this insecurity
Side of the eye:   disguised as gratitude, keeps me feeling doubtful
Under the eye:   I’m releasing this fear as much as possible
Under the nose:   Tuning into peace and contentment
Under the mouth:   Trusting that good things can happen to me
Collarbone:   With no strings attached
Under the arm:   I’m tuning into true gratitude
Top of the head:   And appreciating the good stuff!

You may need to tap through it a few times for full effect. Of course, feel free to switch up the wording that better suits your personal journey.

It may also help to do some tapping on forgiving yourself for any past events where you felt like you behaved ungratefully and that caused things to spiral downward. Such events can set off a chain of false gratitude such that we start being appreciative of things and people out of fear of loss.

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