EFT for Stress Relief Program

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Even though I’m so stressed out that I can’t think straight, I choose to deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself.

Even though all this stress is burning me out internally and wrecking my life outside, I choose to open up to new, healthy ways of dealing with it.

Even though my whole life feels like a chain of stressful events, and there’s lots more where this came from, I choose to find a new direction instead of fighting against the odds all the time.

Even though it feels like my head is going to explode from all this stress, I choose to remember that only that which I allow gets into my mind.

Tapping round 1

Eyebrow    I’m so stressed

Side of the eye    I’m totally stressed out

Under the eye    All this stress

Under the nose    My head could burst with all the stress

Chin    Nothing’s going my way

Collarbone    All this stress is killing me

Under the arm    It’s like I can’t move

Top of the head    I can’t get out of this stress

Tapping round 2

Eyebrow    Or move the stress out of me

Side of the eye    I don’t even know anymore how to relax

Under the eye    Let alone feel hopeful or confident

Under the nose    It’s like life’s getting in the way of everything

Chin    No wonder I’m so stressed!

Collarbone    My mind is so full of thoughts and issues

Under the arm    related to other people and outside things

Top of the head    that I’ve forgotten how to listen to me anymore

Tapping round 3

Eyebrow    There’s just so much noise inside my head

Side of the eye    I’m so jumpy, so on the edge all the time

Under the eye    This can’t be good for me

Under the nose    But I don’t know how to get rid of this feeling

Chin    I feel burdened I feel hounded by this stress

Collarbone    I’m constantly stressed

Under the arm    Even little things have started to get on my nerves

Top of the head    I feel like I’m falling apart

Tapping round 4

Eyebrow    Unable to bear the burden of all this stress

Side of the eye    Unable to pull myself together

Under the eye    I feel powerless in this situation

Under the nose    I just don’t know how to handle it

Chin    It is like handling crisis after crisis

Collarbone    I’m wasting my life simply dousing fires

Under the arm    All this stress is burning me out

Top of the head    I can’t handle it anymore

Tapping round 5

Eyebrow    There’s no one I can turn to

Side of the eye    It’s all my responsibility

Under the eye    It’s my job to fix everything whether I like it or not

Under the nose    The more I try to fix things, the worse it gets

Chin    I feel trapped in my problems

Collarbone    Any relief is temporary

Under the arm    Any breakthrough too good to be true

Top of the head    It’s like I’m going in circles chasing my tail

Tapping round 6

Eyebrow    All this just creates more stress

Side of the eye    I’m so stressed with nowhere to run from it

Under the eye    Nothing I do is good enough

Under the nose    Nothing I do helps

Chin    People overcome tragedies and live to tell the tales

Collarbone    Here I am, struggling with life’s little problems

Under the arm    and already on verge of a breakdown

Top of the head    How will I ever get anywhere like this?

Tapping round 7

Eyebrow    What about all those big goals and dreams?

Side of the eye    This stress is taking the joy out of my life

Under the eye    It’s always there, reminding me of its presence

Under the nose    I can’t take joy in life’s little pleasures anymore

Chin    I wish someone could help me

Collarbone    I wish someone could assure me

Under the arm    that things will be alright magically

Top of the head    I wish I could see the silver lining

Tapping round 8

Eyebrow    breaking through the dark clouds

Side of the eye    I wish I could see signs of hope

Under the eye    I wish I could start to see things falling in place, finally

Under the nose    I wish I could feel lighter, knowing things are getting better

Chin    I wish I could see where I need to change tracks

Collarbone    I wish I could see where I need to slow down

Under the arm    I wonder if it was possible to slow down

Top of the head    without the sky falling down on me?

Tapping round 9

Eyebrow    But part of me won’t let me slow down

Side of the eye    Part of me creates worry and fear in my mind

Under the eye    Part of me thinks I need all this stress

Under the nose    in order to feel strong enough to survive

Chin    But stress is not making me stronger

Collarbone    Stress is making me weaker

Under the arm    It is taking the precious life force out of me

Tapping round 10

Top of the head    How can that make me a better survivor?

Eyebrow    It turns me into a weak link ready to snap any moment

Side of the eye    Maybe I cannot avoid stress but I can find ways to deflect it

Under the eye    instead of letting it poison my mind

Under the nose    I’m opening up to new, healthy ways of dealing with stress

Chin    I’m feeling lighter, better, stronger, hopeful

Collarbone    Knowing that I can look at my stress

Under the arm    and see myself through it peacefully

Top of the head    I’m feeling calm and confident

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