EFT for Unfairness / What They Did Was Wrong

In this video, we are going to tap on the issue of unfairness. If someone did something that was unfair to you, such as firing you from your job, stealing credit for your work, cheating you, breaking off a relationship, accusing you falsely or suing you unfairly, the first thoughts that go through your mind are of anger and wanting revenge.

When you use EFT to address these feelings, you are able to deal with the situation from a powerful vantage point instead of simply feeling sorry for yourself.

Karate chop

Even though it is not fair (this situation), I deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself.

Even though it was totally unfair what they did, I deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself.

Even though I cannot accept this unfairness, I deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself.

Even though this is so unfair to me, I deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself.

Tapping round 1

Eyebrow    This is not fair.

Side of the eye    This is not how it is supposed to be.

Under the eye    How can anyone do this?

Under the nose    It is so unfair.

Chin    I cannot accept it.

Collarbone    I am so angry.

Under the arm    I am so mad at this unfairness.

Top of the head    I want revenge.

Tapping round 2

Eyebrow    I want them punished.

Side of the eye    Because this is not fair.

Under the eye    I want them to feel sorry.

Under the nose    What they did was not right.

Chin    It was beyond acceptable.

Collarbone    I cannot take it lying down.

Under the arm    I want to take action.

Top of the head    They need to be taught a lesson.

Tapping round 3

Eyebrow    I feel shortchanged.

Side of the eye    I feel cheated.

Under the eye    This is NOT fair.

Under the nose    It is so unfair, it is shocking.

Chin    They can’t do this.

Collarbone    They shouldn’t be doing this.

Under the arm    Didn’t anyone tell them?

Top of the head    It’s not like they don’t know.

Tapping round 4

Eyebrow    It is common knowledge.

Side of the eye    How can they not know?

Under the eye    Maybe they know, and do it anyway.

Under the nose    They do it because they know they can get away.

Chin    But it is so unfair.

Collarbone    It is making me mad.

Under the arm    It is my right to get justice.

Top of the head    It is my right to set things straight.

Tapping round 5

Eyebrow    I can’t let them get away.

Side of the eye    But I’m kind of helpless.

Under the eye    It feels like such a battle.

Under the nose    I’m not sure I have it in me to fight this battle.

Chin    What can I do?

Collarbone    I want justice.

Under the arm    I want an end to this unfairness.

Top of the head    I want them to repent of their actions.

Tapping round 6

Eyebrow    I want their peace taken away.

Side of the eye    I want to see them scared.

Under the eye    I want to see them shamed.

Under the nose    I want to see them punished.

Chin    I want them to suffer.

Collarbone    As much as I want to see them this way or that,

Under the arm    I also want to see myself peaceful.

Top of the head    This unfairness has taken away my peace.

Tapping round 7

Eyebrow    I want peace for myself.

Side of the eye    I wish I could keep my peace.

Under the eye    Yes, it is unfair but what is also unfair

Under the nose    is the way I’m treating myself.

Chin    Look at me, my blood is boiling, I’m raging mad.

Collarbone    This can’t be good for me.

Under the arm    I choose to calm down.

Top of the head    I choose to deal with it calmly.

Tapping round 8

Eyebrow    I’m stronger when I’m calmer.

Side of the eye    I choose to clear my head.

Under the eye    If there are actions to take

Under the nose    I choose to take them.

Chin    Even if nothing comes out of my action

Collarbone    I will be at peace knowing I did the right thing

Under the arm    It may not make them a better person,

Top of the head    but that is not my problem.

Tapping round 9

Eyebrow    No matter what happened I’m going to be fine.

Side of the eye    No one other than me can decide my fate.

Under the eye    I choose to do what I can in this situation.

Under the nose    I choose to treat it as a chance

Chin    to explore better conditions for myself.

Collarbone    I know I deserve better than losing my peace

Under the arm    over this unfair business.

Top of the head    I choose to channel my anger

Tapping round 10

Eyebrow    toward that which will bring balance and peace.

Side of the eye    I choose to find that place

Under the eye    of peace and patience within me.

Under the nose    That will keep me going, stronger than ever.

Chin    Free from fear and expectation.

Collarbone    I’m calming down now.

Under the arm    My mind is clearing up.

Top of the head    I’m feeling calm and confident.

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