EFT for Sadness / Feeling Sad

In this video, I’m going to lead you through a tap-along for sadness. Your feelings of sadness may be from a past event or something that is happening right now. It doesn’t matter. If you are willing to take full responsibility for yourself, tap along with me.

Karate chop

Even though I’m feeling sad, I deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself.

Even though things have happened to make me sad, I deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself.

Even though I’m feeling this immense sadness and nothing can shake it off, I deeply and completely accept myself and my feelings.

Even though it feels like I will never rise out of this sadness, I’m committing to help myself out of it, slowly but surely.

EFT round 1

Eyebrow    I am feeling sad.

Side of the eye    All this sadness.

Under the eye    This sinking feeling.

Under the nose    All this sadness.

Chin    This immense sadness.

Collarbone    I’m so sad.

Under the arm    I feel so low.

Top of the head    I feel terrible.

EFT round 2

Eyebrow    This despair.

Side of the eye    Like all is lost.

Under the eye    It’ll never be the same again.

Under the nose    This sadness is weighing me down.

Chin    My heart is heavy.

Collarbone    This sadness is a swamp.

Under the arm    Pulling me down and down.

Top of the head    This sadness is a dark cloud.

EFT round 3

Eyebrow    Weighing me down.

Side of the eye    I can’t think clearly.

Under the eye    My mind feels foggy.

Under the nose    I feel helpless.

Chin    And sad.

Collarbone    I can’t move.

Under the arm    I feel trapped.

Top of the head    Things have happened.

EFT round 4

Eyebrow    That left me with all this sadness.

Side of the eye    This shouldn’t have happened.

Under the eye    It feels so bad to be in this state.

Under the nose    This sadness is keeping me hostage.

Chin    I don’t see a way out of this sadness.

Collarbone    I feel like things were done to me.

Under the arm    Things I had no control over.

Top of the head    And I have no control now.

EFT round 5

Eyebrow    I’m powerless as it stands.

Side of the eye    I feel like a victim.

Under the eye    Now all I have is sadness.

Under the nose    It shouldn’t be this way.

Chin    This sadness is making me sick.

Collarbone    I don’t want to feel sad.

Under the arm    I want to feel better.

Top of the head    But I don’t know how.

EFT round 6

Eyebrow    I want to get out of this state.

Side of the eye    Part of me wants to stay in this feeling.

Under the eye    Part of me feels it is necessary.

Under the nose    Part of me feels this is the right response.

Chin    Considering what happened

Collarbone    I should be feeling sad.

Under the arm    Any normal person would.

Top of the head    So should I.

EFT round 7

Eyebrow    My sadness is justified.

Side of the eye    Staying sad isn’t.

Under the eye    I can’t let it take room forever.

Under the nose    It has overstayed its welcome.

Chin    It is time to clear the decks.

Collarbone    To get up and dust myself off.

Under the arm    Yes I have fallen into sadness.

Top of the head    There is no reason to stay fallen.

EFT round 8

Eyebrow    But I have no control over how I feel.

Side of the eye    Maybe what I mean is

Under the eye    I have no control over what happened.

Under the nose    I do have control over how I feel.

Chin    Easier said than done.

Collarbone    I can’t shake off this sadness.

Under the arm    But I’m tapping right now.

Top of the head    This shows I want to feel better.

EFT round 9

Eyebrow    Before I know it, I will feel better.

Side of the eye    I’m already feeling a bit lighter.

Under the eye    The cloud is lifting, bit by bit.

Under the nose    I honour my sadness.

Chin    I also honour my right to let it go.

Collarbone    Letting this sadness go.

Under the arm    Allowing my heart to feel lighter.

Top of the head    Taking the burden off my shoulders.

EFT round 10

Eyebrow    I acknowledge why it was needed.

Side of the eye    Now I’m releasing it.

Under the eye    Releasing sadness from my body, mind and life.

Under the nose    My body feels at peace.

Chin    My mind feels at peace.

Collarbone    Peace is surrounding me like a warm, soft blanket.

Under the arm    I feel safe, I feel calm.

Top of the head    I feel at peace.

Take a deep breath and relax. You can go over this video for the same issue or any other as many times as you like.

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