Quick Process to Get Out of Depression, Anxiety and Overwhelm Naturally

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quick DIY process to overcome depression, anxiety and overwhelm

how to overcome depression, anxiety and overwhelm fast

This is a quick 3 step process to overcome depression, anxiety, sadness and compulsive worrying. This set of energy exercises will get you feeling nicely grounded and centered.

Then you can focus on things one by one instead of feeling like all the chores are pulling you from different directions.

If meditation fails to bring you enough stillness of mind, try this.

When to use the 3 Step Process

  1. When it feels like everyone is out to get you and you keep snapping at people.
  2. When there’s too much going on around you and you want to slow down.
  3. When your mind is stuck in repetitive thinking.
  4. When you have difficulty falling asleep.
  5. When you are overwhelmed (especially highly sensitive people)
  6. When you feel unsafe .

3 Step Process: possible results

    1. It brings a sense of peace and balance.
    2. It works as a sleep aid by relaxing the body and mind.
    3. If you have been spreading yourself too thin, you will start to feel suitably detached from your surroundings (setting and respecting boundaries)
    4. Worrisome thoughts will just slip away. You will feel like worrisome thoughts are just slipping away because they have no hold over you. You are not providing them any hooks to which they can attach and torture you any more.
    5. You will feel warm and fuzzy.
    6. You will feel confident.
    7. You could feel like breaking into a jig. (from personal experience)
    8. Your voice will sound fuller, it will feel like it is echoing more. You will feel like you are “sounding better”.
    9. Apart from the bit about “sounding better”, it may also have the effect of making yourself “heard better”. Energetically, you may notice that people are listening to you, you are no longer invisible.

All these sound like tall claims, but it all rests on only one fundamental – remove unnecessary worrying and stray thoughts from the mind. So then what do you get – a calm mind that is focused on useful thoughts. And all the happy side-effects listed above will follow.

How to do the 3 Step Process

Time taken: Less than 15 minutes from start to finish.

Step #1: Calm the nerves

Run your fingers behind your ears 3 times on each side. Doing this calms your fight or flight response and you start to feel calmer and safer. If this is enough, stop here, otherwise go to step 2.

triple warmer smoothie - run fingers behind the ears

triple warmer smoothie – smooth behind the ears 3 times on each side

Step #2: Sedate then strengthen spleen meridian

Sedating then strengthening the spleen meridian will correct energy blockages and ensure a smooth energy flow in the meridian. In English, it means that you start to feel less “jumpy” and more “pulled together”.

For the curious soul → Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality.

To sedate the spleen meridian, place the tips of your fingers on the first set of points for about 3 minutes, followed by the second set of points for about 2 minutes.

spleen meridian sedating points - set I and II

spleen meridian sedating points – set I and II

To strengthen the spleen meridian, place your finger tips on the first set of points for about 3 minutes, followed by the second set of points for about 2 minutes.

spleen meridian strengthening points - set I and II

spleen meridian strengthening points – set I and II

If you feel “too calm” after step 2 and it bothers you, go to step 3. If you were going to go to bed after this, you can leave out step 3.

Step #3: Hold the forehead points

This will kick start your rational thinking engines. Doing this will ensure that you return to a logical way of thinking instead of a repetitive compulsive worrying kind of thinking.

The front of the head (frontal cortex) is responsible for our critical thinking and cutting through confusion. When we are stressed out, overwhelmed or confused, bringing blood back to this region of the head gets us thinking rationally again. On the forehead there are two raised areas right above each eye. When you place your fingers over them, you can sense them pulsating. The idea is to bring back more blood flow to this part of the brain.

If this sounds confusing, simply place your whole hand over your forehead for a few minutes.

Holding the neuro-vascular points works, but you have to hold them for 5 minutes or more. What I accidentally discovered is that if you just tap lightly 5-6 times (or more if you like) on these neuro-vascular points, it has an instant effect.

Over the next day or so, you may notice yourself taking deep breaths or sighing for no reason. That is fine and it indicates that energy is shifting.

The next step

Although the 3 Step Process is my own invention, the technique to sedate meridians and activate forehead points is taken from Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality. I highly recommend you get a copy of this book.

If this doesn’t convince you entirely, read about my miraculous recovery from gum swelling & toothache and how I overcame severe body ache and exhaustion by following Donna Eden’s methods.

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