The Money Blockbuster

What if I told you your present money situation is a result of something that you may not even be aware of?

No matter how hard you work, how smart you are or how much education you have, when it comes to money..

You see daily proof around you that these are not the things that necessarily decide how wealthy you are going to be...

You see, there's something underneath all this that runs the show deciding how much money you earn, how financially secure you become and whether you will ever be wealthy in your lifetime..

For no fault of yours you deprive yourself of the absolute financial abundance that could come your way.

Essentially at the energetic level, you've been saying -

No no don't give me money!

I don't deserve it!

I don't want it...

Sure enough, your reality reflects that.. So what is going on? What are you NOT doing?

The answer is not that simple.

The roots of this go deep and way back...

As far back as your childhood you might say...

You see, as children we are quite impressionable. We're still forming our world view, absorbing and learning from everything that's happening around us.

So the beliefs we acquire about money stay with us for the rest of our lives, oftentimes repeating themselves over and over again.

This can feel very limiting, it can feel like you're living life in a very limited way, limited by scarcity at each step.

Even if your income does get to a decent level, it can feel like what you truly deserve is far from your reach.

So as a child if you saw your parents worry about paying bills or not having enough money, you learned that making money is hard.

Or it may be that your childhood was fine, you were provided every thing you needed.

But as you grew older, you noticed the trend everywhere that money doesn't grow on trees and that you have to be especially talented or be born rich to be abundant and secure.

You took this as a fact and saw everything through the lens of this depressing limiting belief about money.

And what happens when we believe something is true? It starts to manifest in our reality.

You started attracting people, circumstances and events that mirrored your limiting belief about money.

So whether it was being skipped over for promotions


the inability to ever feel safe and secure about your financial situation


the freedom to live life on your own terms,

you manifested lack and limitation again and again.

And you know what, when we live in this prison of lack and limitation long enough, it strangely starts to feel like there's nothing wrong with it...

We learn to accept it as a way of life, that this is all there is.

That is so unfortunate, don't you think?

You know in your heart that this is NOT all there is.

Your life can be so much more enriched, fulfilling and joyful when you have solid financial ground beneath your feet.

But why are you not there yet?

You got it, it is the same exact limiting belief acquired from childhood and life experiences that is running the show for you.

It's no surprise, is it?

When you free your mind of these limiting thoughts about money, your outer reality starts to change.

Now this is not a new idea - you probably know that your thoughts become things.

But how does one go about changing these thoughts?

If you've tried thinking thoughts of abundance you know how hard it can be to fight off lifelong conditioning.

What's worse is -

Such thoughts cannot be be changed with sheer will power or endless repetitions of affirmations.

The problem is way too deep-rooted for that.

Go ahead, think about it, don't you believe making money is hard?

And that money doesn't grow on trees?

If you're like the 99% of people who carry this belief, the answer will be easy for you.

You have enough life experience to understand this to be a fact that making money is hard.

You know it, you've seen it happen, you believe it to be true.

It will not take you long to put two and two together and see that if things continue to go the way they have been for years, your financial picture isn't going to look much better than it has in the past...

... unless you decide to do something about it.

Now do you see how urgent and important it is to get rid of this limiting money belief?

Because it looks like if one were to become free of this limiting belief about money, they would get perfectly positioned for unlimited bounty of abundance and wealth...

That's all good to know but how does one go about doing that?

Well, there is a technique that I stumbled upon, and thank goodness I did, that can get rid of limiting beliefs like these often within minutes.

That technique is called Tapping.

Now you might have heard about it, or you maybe even use it occasionally, or you have no idea what I'm talking about...

Hear me out.

Tapping is a revolutionary technique that anyone can use to transform their money mindset.

When it comes to releasing abundance blocking thoughts, Tapping is the silver bullet.

When you use Tapping to dissolve your money blocks, you start to attract people, circumstances and opportunities that bring more and more abundance into your life because you're no longer operating from a limiting set of beliefs about money.

I should put in a note of warning here that just like not everyone who owns a piano can play it masterfully, same is the case with Tapping.

Simply knowing how to tap isn't enough.

I came across Tapping many years ago and since then I've helped hundreds of thousands of people use it to get remarkable results through my easy, tap-along-with-me videos.

Now that you understand what is behind your present financial situation,

... how it's not your fault, after all we're all prone to forming limiting beliefs and how Tapping can get you freedom from these beliefs,

... you've got the blueprint for creating your financial success.

So there you have it.

Now you understand the process, you understand exactly what limiting belief to get rid of and what tool to use to achieve that.

We could stop here...

But I can't just give you all this eye-opening information and simply send you on your way.. leave you hanging, let you struggle it out on your own.

That wouldn't be very nice, would it?

To remedy that, I've bundled 3 of my most powerful tap-along videos in a digital program called the Money Blockbuster.

All you need to do is watch the videos and do the tapping with me, simply following along.

It's that simple.

These videos capture the best of my Tapping skills applied toward helping you get rid of toxic money beliefs fast.

Don't take my word for it.

Look at what someone posted on Facebook:

This was not all. She returned later in the day to post once AGAIN:

The videos she is talking about, are the exact ones you are getting today.

Now I understand that each one of us is unique, we don't all want the same things and so each of our results will be different..

..but the idea remains the same.

Remove what blocks you and you'll be on your way to attracting what you like.

This levels the playing field.

The first video tap-along will help you overcome the most common and I daresay the most dangerous money belief there is -

making money is hard

This belief is etched so deeply into our psyche that simply talking yourself out of it is impossible.

With my targeted tapping, I'll help you be free of it, easily.

The second video is going to help you unlock your money potential, so that you can then attract all the opportunities, synchronicities, people and circumstances that will all take you toward greater and greater financial abundance and wealth.

Wouldn't that be awesome?

This is not all.

I want you to become totally receptive to receiving money, and attracting wealth from all corners of the Universe, quickly.

For this, I've sweetened the pot with another video that is Allow Money.

This is once again a simple tap-along that you will do with me in order to elevate your vibration to one of being a great receiver of money.

Now if you were to put a price on all this and the massive shifts it can bring to your money situation, what would you pay?

Would $100 be a fair price for something that can dramatically shift your financial landscape?

Yes, I think so too.

I know you understand the value of what this financial breakthrough can do for you.

But I'm not going to charge you that much.

Not even $50, even though you might say I'm now shortchanging myself.

Not even $20.


For a single, tiny investment of just 17, you can download the videos right now.

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If you're still here, you're likely wondering is this some kind of a scam, why am I giving away something that's life changing for such a small amount of money?

You see, this is my life's mission.

My transformational videos are my way of giving back for all the wonderful things that I have attracted into my life.

This is what I do and this is what gives me the satisfaction of knowing I'm helping people live their life to the fullest.

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If you're still sitting on the fence wondering if you REALLY need this program, the answer isn't in anything clever I can say.

Look around you and see for yourself what you have manifested because that is the result of your money beliefs and I don't need to tell you that you needed this set of videos 10 years ago.

But now is better than never, so grab your Money Blockbuster before the price goes up or this offer is taken down.

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3 Easy, Tap-Along Videos with Instructions

  • Making Money is Hard (33:48 minutes)
  • Unlock Your Money Potential (26:26 minutes)
  • Allow Money (15:04 minutes)
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