Module 5: Hoarding and fear of losing what you have

EFT Tapping Points

How to use the audio tap-alongs

The above picture shows the EFT tapping points we will be using. Click the picture to see a larger version. One round of EFT begins with the eyebrow point and ends at the top of the head. You will hear a gentle bell sound when it is time to move to the next tapping point. For example, after tapping on the eyebrow point, you will hear a bell sound which will be your cue to move to the next point – the side of the eye. It is okay if you miss the bell and happen to tap on two or more statements at the same point.

Downloadable mp3

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A scarcity mindset is about the fear of not having enough. It is also about the fear of losing what you have. What are you afraid to lose? Your job, financial security, a beautiful relationship, good health, youthful looks, that diamond ring, what is it?

A strong concern for people, situations and things you love is a good thing. But if you have regular thoughts about you how terrible your life would be if you lost any of that, it takes the joy out of your present as well. These kind of thoughts rise up when there is news of impending lay offs or when the economy isn’t doing so well.

In non-money matters, such fears come up when you’ve just got into a beautiful relationship and you’re afraid it might fizzle out. Or in terms of health, say you got a great test report giving you a clean bill of health. And then you start to worry what will happen when you don’t have perfect health. Any kind of hope is always accompanied by fearful thoughts. That is a scarcity mindset.

As soon as you have something you wanted, fears and worries crop up about how bad not having it anymore will be. None of this is useful if you want to attract more good things to you. When you relax around the idea of what you already have and feel grateful and suitably detached, that is when you’ve removed desperation out of your thinking. That’s the goal of this tapping sequence. This sequence is not limited to money matters. It can be applied to many many situations and is a great fear buster.

For now, focus on your job or your savings or your house or anything that feeds your money worry. We are going to use the words “this good thing” to mean whatever it is we are afraid to lose. So let’s go.

We will start with the set up tapping on the karate chop.

Even though I’m afraid this good thing will not last, and I’ll be left sulking, I love, accept and appreciate myself.Even though these fearful thoughts about losing this good thing dampen my present joy, I’d rather focus on its goodness than be reminded constantly of how awful my life will be without it.

Even though I doubt anything better than this will come along in my life, what if I could learn to appreciate this good thing for its uniqueness, and shed the worry about it being so unique that it cannot be replaced?

Even though I’m afraid something bad will happen or someone will do something stupid or malicious and I will lose this good thing, just like that, I acknowledge my fears and this feeling of having no control over external circumstances. It is reasonable to have this fear and I accept myself for that.

Even though the precariousness of it all keeps me up at night and at the edge of my seat in the day, I want to ease into a calm confidence about what I cannot control. I want to feel secure and stable no matter what changes around me.

Now we will tap on the EFT points starting with the eyebrow point.

Round 1

  1. This thing is so good, it’s scary.
  2. So convenient, so comforting, so gratifying.
  3. Alas, it won’t last. Nothing good ever lasts.
  4. What would I do without it?
  5. What if it is gone, just like that?
  6. And things are never the same again?
  7. It will be so hard to go back to living without it.
  8. My life will never be the same again.

Round 2

  1. I doubt anything better will come along.
  2. And it’s not always about replacement.
  3. Not everything in life can be replaced.
  4. I’m surprised this good thing has even came to me.
  5. Yes, it took some blood, sweat and tears, but I have it now.
  6. I can’t believe I have received it! Of all people, me!
  7. I refuse to believe that I’m the chosen one.
  8. Sometimes it feels like my survival depends on it.

Round 3

  1. I fear something will change suddenly for no fault of mine.
  2. And I’ll be standing by the roadside watching it fly out of my hands.
  3. You know what they say, easy come, easy go.
  4. Things have been taken away from me in the past for no good reason.
  5. I don’t want to hang my hopes here.
  6. I don’t want to get used to the good life.
  7. So much depends on everything working right.
  8. So much depends on chance and balance.

Round 4

  1. So much depends on my looking good in the eyes of people who matter.
  2. It drains me to even hold this set up together.
  3. Just the thought of not having it any longer
  4. makes my stomach lurch and my heart sink.
  5. This foreboding feeling, this gloom as if I am already grieving.
  6. My relationship with this thing is of fear
  7. and not so much gratitude or fulfillment.
  8. No wonder I feel afraid.

The tapping so far was to bring up some of your emotions around this thing. If you like, go over the sequence once again, otherwise let’s go to the next sequence. For the next tapping sequence, we will go directly to the tapping points starting with the eyebrow point.

Round 5

  1. Part of me thinks if I fear losing this thing, I’ll guard it better.
  2. But my trying to hold it tighter
  3. isn’t making it more “mine” than it already is.
  4. This fear of losing it is only making it harder to hold on to it even now.
  5. It prevents me from being truly grateful about having this thing.
  6. What if I could focus on how good this thing is,
  7. instead of focusing on how bad it will be to lose it?
  8. Maybe part of me doesn’t believe I deserve it.

Round 6

  1. What if I could be more confident about the fact
  2. that since this good thing IS present in my life,
  3. I have rightfully attracted it through my thoughts and actions?
  4. Even if some things do have an expiry date,
  5. I choose to trust myself enough to take all changes in my stride,
  6. and do what I need to do.
  7. With every change, I evolve and grow.
  8. My thoughts and opinions change with time.

Round 7

  1. I can never tell what my thoughts will be in the future.
  2. So why am I worrying about the future?
  3. Maybe I can release these thoughts of lack,
  4. and having to do without.
  5. Maybe I can release this need to try to freeze the moments.
  6. And choose instead to enjoy every moment.
  7. This is not to say I’m writing this good thing off my life,
  8. or preparing for its demise.

Round 8

  1. I’m just detaching myself enough
  2. to be able to appreciate all its goodness.
  3. Like how one needs to stand a little farther away from a painting
  4. to fully appreciate it.
  5. I’m releasing the fear that this thing could one day be taken away.
  6. I’m choosing instead to be grateful
  7. for it being in my life right here, right now.
  8. And last but not the least, thanking myself

Round 9

  1. for attracting it into my life.
  2. I deserve this good thing. Yes I do.
  3. And even though not everything in life can be replaced,
  4. I choose to be open to better versions, why not?
  5. This or better.
  6. Or this but better. Works for me!
  7. And even though the unexpected can happen anytime,
  8. and it can throw me out of my comfort zone,

Round 10

  1. I am understanding that when I step out of my comfort zone,
  2. I surprise myself with opportunities and rich experiences.
  3. I’m mighty good at handling surprises even if I don’t know it.
  4. I can deal with whatever happens. I really can.
  5. No matter what happens, I will be okay.
  6. I choose to be okay.
  7. Actually better than okay.
  8. I choose to be calm, confident and grateful.

If your feelings of fear are pretty intense, you might need to go over this module a few times over. You don’t have to do all of that today. You can come back and run these sequences whenever you feel like.

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