Module 4: Making Amends

In this module, you will talk to your body as if you were talking to a neglected child. This would be like talking to your inner child. You will give that child love, care and a voice, making the child feel safe and cared for. This analogy will work because the seeds of lifelong problems are often sown during our childhood.

It will also work if you look at the body-mind connection as a child-parent relation. We use our minds to make decisions what about what to feed our body, how to take care of it, how much exercise to give it and pretty much everything else. Mind being the parent and body being the child here.

Through this tapping we are going to acknowledge the body as an equal and having a voice. We will end the tapping with gratitude and promises.

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Tapping points

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Karate chop

Even though I have felt disconnected from my body, I now choose to start bonding with my body and getting to know it better.

Even though I despise my body because I’m not happy with the way it looks, and it’s not all my fault, I now choose to listen to my body and be of help to it.

Even though I often treat my body poorly, I now choose to make amends and take good care of my body.

Round 1

Eyebrow    As your weight has grown,

Side of the eye    I have cared for you less and less.

Under the eye    I abandoned you to fend for yourself.

Under the nose    I insulted you with my disgust.

Chin    I abused you with unhealthy choices.

Collar bone    I am your guardian but I have treated you worse than an orphan.

Under the arm    I have become so used to beating up on you

Top of the head    that I have forgotten how to speak to you kindly anymore.

Round 2

Eyebrow    I have forgotten how to feel grateful for what you do for me.

Side of the eye    Even though I have tried to muffle your cries for help

Under the eye    by stuffing unhealthy food and skipping exercise,

Under the nose    and just buying bigger clothes,

Chin    I now promise to listen to you first.

Collar bone    Instead of offloading my guilt on super-sized servings

Under the arm    and a hectic lifestyle,

Top of the head    I now choose to step back,

Round 3

Eyebrow    and take a hard look at what I can do to help you.

Side of the eye    Even though I said some hurtful things to you in the past

Under the eye    and I keep belittling you every now and then,

Under the nose    I now choose to make amends.

Chin    Today, I choose to open my eyes

Collar bone    to see your true power.

Under the arm    Today, I choose to open my heart

Top of the head    to feel your true beauty.

Round 4

Eyebrow    I am grateful to you, my arms, my legs, my belly.

Side of the eye    I am grateful to you, my face, my thighs, my feet.

Under the eye    Flab, double chin, stretch marks and all.

Under the nose    I have had a hard time saying “no” to unhealthy choices.

Chin    It is time to say “yes” to me now.

Collar bone    I am grateful for being alive and breathing.

Under the arm    This gratitude is washing over me.

Top of the head    It is gushing through every single cell,

Round 5

Eyebrow    healing all hurt, clearing all blocks

Side of the eye    filling up every cell with love and care.

Under the eye    I promise to cherish all my days with you, through thick and thin.

Under the nose    I promise to treat you with kindness and respect.

Chin    I love you.

Collar bone    I am sorry.

Under the arm    Please forgive me.

Top of the head    Thank you.

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