Module 4: Building Up Confidence

For this module and the next, we will jump directly to the tapping points and skip the karate chop tapping. This is because by this time, we are already aligned with finding a solution instead of wanting to live with the problem.

Round 1

Eyebrow point I want appreciation.

Side of the eye I want recognition.

Under the eye I want understanding if I make mistakes.

Under the nose I wonder if I can change all of this.

Chin The corporate system is just too big for me to change any of it.

Collarbone What if I could for a moment let go of this fear?

Under the arm And breathe deeply and let it go?

Top of the head Let it go? Are you crazy?

Round 2

Eyebrow point My livelihood depends on this job.

Side of the eye My family, my house depends on paycheck after paycheck.

Under the eye What if I could loosen up just a bit?

Under the nose I don’t have to pretend to be happy if I’m not.

Chin But I sure can try to be at ease.

Collarbone Every time I feel that wave of anxiety washing over me,

Under the arm I’m going to pull myself together.

Top of the head And remind myself that it is okay, it really is.

Round 3

Eyebrow point As I relax into my new confidence and become at ease,

Side of the eye people around me start to relax as well.

Under the eye I am getting all the space I need,

Under the nose I’m getting all the help I need to achieve my goals.

Chin I’m helping others reach their goals in turn.

Collarbone People who need to know of my accomplishments are hearing about them without fail.

Under the arm New doors are opening for me.

Top of the head As I walk in through the doors of the building,

Round 4

Eyebrow point each step I take toward my desk becomes lighter and lighter.

Side of the eye I get a spring in my step I never noticed before.

Under the eye I’m excited, I’ raring to go.

Under the nose I have all this talent to unleash and I’m done stopping myself.

Chin No one can stop me now.

Collarbone People don’t decide my fate, I do.

Under the arm I’m done sweating the small things.

Top of the head I’m now keeping my eyes on the prize.

Round 5

Eyebrow point Whatever that is, a promotion, a better position, a project.

Side of the eye No matter what, I’m going to walk with my head held high.

Under the eye I have nothing to be ashamed of.

Under the nose I’m mighty good, I just didn’t see it myself until now.

Chin I’m putting in the work where it is needed.

Collarbone I’m able to work smart, and the results follow.

Under the arm I love exploring my passions.

Top of the head People are coming up to me asking for my opinion.

Round 6

Eyebrow point I feel included, I feel unique and appreciated.

Side of the eye It is okay if some people will not warm up to me.

Under the eye They are not the ones controlling my destiny.

Under the nose Not in the larger scheme of things.

Chin Even it seems like they have the upper hand always,

Collarbone even if it seems like they have the last say in my career,

Under the arm it is not really true.

Top of the head In the bigger scheme of things, they are just pawns.

Round 7

Eyebrow point Let me not make them seem bigger in my mind than they really are.

Side of the eye They are just people, they are a product of their conditioning.

Under the eye I’m not here to straighten everyone out.

Under the nose I’m here to do my work and do it as well as I can.

Chin I’m here to do a fair exchange of work for money,

Collarbone not disburse justice or punish others.

Under the arm I cannot get ahead through manipulation.

Top of the head I don’t have to force myself to like what I obviously don’t.

Round 8

Eyebrow point But I promise to give myself an honest chance

Side of the eye to not only survive, but thrive at what I do.

Under the eye I promise to cherish every small victory,

Under the nose and pat myself on the back, even when no one else will.

Chin I’m still here because they need me as much as I need them.

Collarbone With my new confidence, others will see me shining.

Under the arm And who knows they may be pleasantly surprised.

Top of the head to see the new, improved, confident me.

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