Module 3: Sticker shock and misunderstood austerity

EFT Tapping Points

How to use the audio tap-alongs

The above picture shows the EFT tapping points we will be using. Click the picture to see a larger version. One round of EFT begins with the eyebrow point and ends at the top of the head. You will hear a gentle bell sound when it is time to move to the next tapping point. For example, after tapping on the eyebrow point, you will hear a bell sound which will be your cue to move to the next point – the side of the eye. It is okay if you miss the bell and happen to tap on two or more statements at the same point.

Downloadable mp3

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Sticker shock is that sinking feeling we get when we see a huge price tag on an item we desire. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all experience sticker shock. To fight it off, we try to cut down on our expenses. After a point, you get into this race to look for lower and lower price tags in order to avoid sticker shock. If you can’t afford something, you can’t afford something. You do not have to suffer an emotional scar every time you come across something out of your budget. This tapping sequence addresses more than just sticker shock. It addresses an error that we sometimes make mistaking scarcity for frugality.

Of course, releasing the dread of price tags does not mean that you will suddenly go crazy with shopping. It will just remove the dread that perpetuates a scarcity mindset so you actually start to make better buying decisions.

During the tapping you may get reminded of specific instances from your life where you desperately felt powerless before a price tag. Was it when you were house hunting? Or looking to buy a new car? Or from your childhood when you wanted something really expensive but your parents couldn’t afford it? Make a note of such memories. When you are done tapping on both the sequences in this module, see if those memories still have any emotional charge. If they do, simply tap on the EFT points while being in that feeling. You will not need to use any words because you will already be in the right frame of mind. So now let’s get started.

Tap on the karate chop while repeating aloud or silently the following set up statements.

Even though I am not comfortable looking at price tags, what’s the point, because more often than not, I disappoint myself, I choose to deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though a price tag feels like a yellow police tape that prevents me from getting my hands on the things I desire, I love, accept and appreciate myself.

Even though I feel powerless looking at a huge price tag, what if I could learn to look at it in a way that actually puts the power back into my hands?

Now we go to the tapping points starting with the eyebrow point.

Round 1

  1. I’m not comfortable looking at price tags.
  2. Price tags make me feel small and ashamed.
  3. Even before I hear a price quote coming,
  4. I get this foreboding feeling of futility and worthlessness.
  5. And there it is, scaring the living daylights out of me.
  6. Sure enough, I can’t afford it.
  7. I saw it coming.
  8. Why did even I bother asking?

Round 2

  1. Unless I resign to live on the streets after my purchase!
  2. My stomach lurches every time I see something out of my budget.
  3. Price tags have become lenses that dim my enjoyment.
  4. Every time I look at a price tag, it only tells me how much I can’t afford something.
  5. Things I so dearly want seem just out of my reach,
  6. because some jerk decided to put a huge price tag on it!
  7. I can’t allow someone to get rich at my cost, no sir!
  8. They are filling their pockets with money.

Round 3

  1. Such people are solely responsible for my hand to mouth existence.
  2. Their greed makes everything just out of my reach.
  3. All the good things in life are free, aren’t they?
  4. Then why does everything that sits on a shelf cost an arm and a leg?
  5. I am not a show-off.
  6. I don’t want to strut around with expensive stuff all the time.
  7. I pride myself on being a person of few needs.
  8. Yet I find it hard to keep up with the prices.

Round 4

  1. Sure enough, some things do make life easy.
  2. But who needs an easy life now,
  3. when the rest of my life I’ll be paying installments?
  4. I’m even afraid to step into stores that seem out of my money’s reach.
  5. Then how am I supposed to “visualize” being rich, huh?
  6. How am I supposed to “visualize” living in a mansion,
  7. when just cruising along a posh neighbourhood
  8. leaves me feeling deprived and depressed?

Round 5

  1. Looking at rich people only reminds me of my lack.
  2. It sucks how little money I have
  3. when so many others can easily get their hands on all the fancy stuff.
  4. Such extravagance, what a waste!
  5. They keep throwing money on stuff they don’t even need.
  6. They could be feeding so many homeless people with that money.
  7. Luxury, opulence, extravagance are only words to me.
  8. I long for things that I hope to afford “some day”.

Round 6

  1. So much of my life has passed hoping for that “some day”.
  2. As I stand, I’ll probably not meet that “some day” anytime soon.
  3. I feel ashamed of my financial status.
  4. None of this shame is because of a crime I have committed.
  5. I’m basically a good person.
  6. Then why do I have to suffer so much shame?
  7. I am the victim here, having so little money.
  8. I need to be consoled, not put to shame!

With this, we have gone through some ranting about price tags. Now this tapping sequence could have got you more worked up about price tags than you were before we started out. That’s perfectly fine. Because now we are going to give it a constructive spin. If you like, rewind the program and tap along to this sequence once again. Or, if you feel you are ready, let’s go to the next tapping sequence in the module.

For the next tapping sequence, we will go directly to the tapping points starting with the eyebrow point.

Round 7

  1. I’m tired of shocking myself with price tags,
  2. tired enough to want to make a change.
  3. What if I could look at price tags nonchalantly?
  4. What if price tags just sounded like a highway number to me?
  5. Or a telephone number?
  6. Will I still be so uncomfortable then?
  7. A highway number just gives me a choice
  8. of whether I want to take that road or not.

Round 8

  1. Likewise, a price tag is actually a choice totally in my hands.
  2. Whether I choose to spend money on an item or not.
  3. A price tag is not a noose to choke myself with.
  4. A price tag is not a club to hold over my head.
  5. Maybe at some point long ago, perhaps as a child,
  6. I learned that exhibiting surprise on a price tag
  7. was a way to show austerity and good intention.
  8. To pick up a toy, see the price tag, and put it back in the shelves.

Round 9

  1. How understanding, how reasonable.
  2. What a good child I was! Making everyone happy!
  3. I saw my parents struggle with prices of everything.
  4. But now I am grown up and I don’t need to prove my worth
  5. by how much I despise expensive things.
  6. I choose to relax around the idea of price tags.
  7. A price tag is just a number!
  8. A price tag is not a measure of my worthiness.

Round 10

  1. A price tag is a tool of empowerment, it gives me a choice.
  2. I’m not competing with the economy or the Joneses.
  3. Different people have different spending set points.
  4. Based on that they attract and spend money.
  5. They live by those rules.
  6. I need to look at what rules I am living by
  7. that make the income and the outgo both painful.
  8. I’m not raging a war against price tags.

Round 11

  1. The world is not out there to fleece me.
  2. Not everything that costs money is bad for me.
  3. Instead of attuning myself to lower and lower price tags,
  4. I choose to attune myself to my highest good and happiness,
  5. so I attract more and more of what benefits me.
  6. With it will come the means to acquire it. I can relax.
  7. It is okay to want more, it is okay to want better.
  8. Knowing that, I choose to feel calm and confident.

So now go out and test your work. If you still wince looking a price tag, you know what to do – come back and tap on this some more. I promise you will benefit by desensitizing yourself to price tags.

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