Module 3: Making Choices

EFT tapping points


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EFT set up tapping

Tap on the karate chop repeating, aloud or silently, the following set up statements.

Karate chop

Even though I feel hurt and angry when someone criticizes me, I accept myself for feeling this way. I give myself permission to want to be treated with kindness and respect.

Even though I am not thick-skinned and I’ll probably never be, I give myself permission to be my sensitive, thoughtful self. The world needs such people more than ever.

Even though I dread being criticized, I am understanding that the world would be a chaotic, unlivable place if people didn’t care enough to point out what was wrong with one another.

Now we will go to the tapping points starting with the eyebrow point.

Tapping round 1

Start of the eyebrow    What if it is okay to feel hurt from criticism?

Side of the eye    Maybe it is okay to feel hurt from criticism.

Under the eye    No one likes to be criticized I can tell.

Under the nose    What if it is my ego that makes criticism look worse than it is?

Chin    Sometimes my biggest opportunity comes disguised as my criticism.

Collar bone    When someone points a finger at me,

Under the arm    I can choose to look past their intention and see what’s in it for me.

Top of the head    And if I find nothing of import in the criticism,

Tapping round 2

Start of the eyebrow    I can choose to drop it like hot coal.

Side of the eye    Criticism need not be any more hurtful than road signs.

Under the eye    That tell me which turns to avoid.

Under the nose    And which ones to take so I don’t get lost.

Chin    Sometimes crude delivery of criticism hurts,

Collar bone    when people don’t mind their manners,

Under the arm    but that says more about the criticizer than it does about me.

Top of the head    I am smart enough to look underneath the packaging

Tapping round 3

Start of the eyebrow    And see what’s really in there for me.

Side of the eye    I choose to take charge of my emotions.

Under the eye    I choose to take charge of my reactions.

Under the nose    I choose to allow myself to feel bad about criticism.

Chin    But I also chose to empower myself to rise out of it.

Collar bone    When I allow myself to remain hurt by someone’s remarks,

Under the arm    I say to myself that I’m not worthy of feeling good.

Top of the head    Sometimes people are rude and insensitive in their delivery.

Tapping round 4

Start of the eyebrow    I want to be able to tell apart good intentions from bad.

Side of the eye    I’m not going to throw away a precious delivery package

Under the eye    just because a rude postman knocked on the door

Under the nose    a few times too many.

Chin    I’ll keep the package, thank you very much.

Collar bone    The postman can go and take a hike.

Under the arm    I am not looking to be hurt. I’m looking to be better at my game.

Top of the head    I’m already standing up for myself by choosing to be myself 

Tapping round 5

Start of the eyebrow    no matter what company I am in.

Side of the eye    With this knowledge, I can loosen up a bit.

Under the eye    I can relax my face.

Under the nose    I can release the tightness in my jaw.

Chin    I can release the stiffness in my body.

Collar bone    I can relax my mind too.

Under the arm    Because I don’t need to be ready with an instant repartee.

Top of the head    A part of me knows that no matter how much approval and acceptance

Tapping round 6

Start of the eyebrow    I get from others, or don’t get from others,

Side of the eye    it is only I who can give myself the amount of love and approval

Under the eye    that can ever create a deep satisfaction and feelings of belongingness.

Under the nose    The more I accept myself along with my flaws,

Chin    and the more I like myself for what I am,

Collar bone    the more I fall in love with myself,

Under the arm    and the more I free myself from this vibration

Top of the head    that pulls me toward critical people who are going through life

Tapping round 7

Start of the eyebrow    looking for people to judge and criticize.

Side of the eye    I’m no longer answering their call for guinea pigs.

Under the eye    Even though it is so hard to come to terms with this realization

Under the nose    that no matter what I do, there will always be people

Chin    who will want to pull me down, criticize me, and not in a healthy way,

Collar bone    I am open to accepting this idea more and more.

Under the arm    I choose to release this need for approval from people

Top of the head    who will never really appreciate me.

Tapping round 8

Start of the eyebrow    If there is anything of substance in their criticism,

Side of the eye    if any of their suggestions do align with my highest good and happiness,

Under the eye    I choose to to pick that up, and improve my life.

Under the nose    Every day I become better at telling apart hollow criticism

Chin    from what is an opportunity for improvement.

Collar bone    If there are steps I need to take to improve upon myself,

Under the arm    I choose to do so, without being hard on myself.

Top of the head    I choose to be grateful to my criticizer

Tapping round 9

Start of the eyebrow    for setting me on this path of self-discovery.

Side of the eye    Just as I expect people to be more forgiving,

Under the eye    I choose to be more forgiving myself.

Under the nose    I choose to forgive myself more.

Chin    I choose to forgive others more.

Collar bone    I choose to treat myself with kindness and respect.

Under the arm    I choose to allow myself to make mistakes.

Top of the head    I choose to allow myself to repeat mistakes.

Tapping round 10

Start of the eyebrow    I choose to allow myself to learn from my mistakes.

Side of the eye    I choose to allow myself to grow from my learning.

Under the eye    I choose to give more of myself to the world.

Under the nose    I choose to allow myself to be vulnerable.

Chin    There is strength in vulnerability.

Collar bone    I choose to keep the wisdom and let all the hurt go.

Under the arm    I free myself to be just what I will be.

Top of the head    I choose to be calm and confident.

Take a deep breath and relax. Now think back to the incident. How do you feel? Has the memory softened? Do any sights or sounds stand out? Keep them in mind and tap through a few rounds, until you feel decidedly better. You will not need to use any words because you are already focusing on the memory.

You can come back and tap through this program any number of times you need. Slowly, you will realize that you do not need to use it so much. Your mind is already putting into practice what you’ve learned here. That is when you know you have taken everything you need from this program.

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