Module 2: Turning Within

In this module, we will address the psychological pain of being overweight. We’re going to address our thoughts of frustration, shame, inferiority and futility around the extra weight. These debilitating thoughts are always there at the back of our minds.

Oftentimes, we go into denial, thinking that if turn a deaf ear to such thoughts, they will go away. Actually they won’t, because they are serving a purpose by being there.

When we acknowledge that yeah, we’re willing to listen, these thoughts will become redundant and then they’ll float away. With this tapping, we are going to acknowledge such thoughts and heal the pain with simultaneous tapping.

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Tapping points

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Karate chop

Even though I cannot accept my body as it looks now, because that will mean settling for what I have been dealt, I accept myself for feeling this way.

Even though I feel trapped in this body, and I can’t seem to make any headway with weight loss, I appreciate my efforts and my will to help my body.

Even though I’m sick and tired of trying and trying to lose weight, I accept myself for feeling this way. I want to channel this frustration constructively, doing only things that will help me get healthier, leaner.

Round 1

Eyebrow    I’m stuck in the wrong body.

Side of the eye    How did I even get here?

Under the eye    It was not always this bad.

Under the nose    I wish I had received timely help.

Chin    I hate it that I have to settle for this body.

Collar bone    Being overweight is literally a burden

Under the arm    not only on my body but also on my mind.

Top of the head    I have forgotten how not to feel guilty while eating.

Round 2

Eyebrow    It looks like I’m always on a diet. Or should be.

Side of the eye    I’m tired of fussing over what I should eat and what I shouldn’t.

Under the eye    I’m tired of counting calories.

Under the nose    I’m tired of looking like I’m carrying world’s food reserves.

Chin    But I don’t want to starve myself to thinness.

Collar bone    Why should I create fake famine around me

Under the arm    when there’s enough food to go around?

Top of the head    I’m sick of this bullshit about wanting to fill an emotional void with food.

Round 3

Eyebrow    I’m tired of getting “that look” at restaurants.

Side of the eye    I feel guilty that I don’t exercise more.

Under the eye    Exercising is tiring, it feels like a punishment.

Under the nose    I hate the shapeless, baggy clothes I have to settle for.

Chin    I hate how I look sloppy no matter what I wear.

Collar bone    I hate it that I have to pay more for plus sizes.

Under the arm    I want to wear smart, sharp, fitted clothing.

Top of the head    Thoughts about my weight take up so much space in my head.

Round 4

Eyebrow    They take away precious time and attention

Side of the eye    I should be spending taking care of myself.

Under the eye    I cannot call myself happy unless this weight is gone.

Under the nose    How did I let myself get to this point?

Chin    Why didn’t I fix it sooner? Why did I let things slide?

Collar bone    It is not fair that I have been robbed of my beauty and self-esteem.

Under the arm    It’s no use trying to convince myself it is okay to be overweight.

Top of the head    I hate it that people are prejudiced against overweight people.

Round 5

Eyebrow    I can see it in their eyes.

Side of the eye    I can’t move faster because I’m carrying all this weight.

Under the eye    It’s in my genes to be fat, it is my fate to be fat.

Under the nose    It is a punishment I have to go through all my life.

Chin    For being born in a family I didn’t choose.

Collar bone    I’m so self-conscious, so guilty, so ashamed.

Under the arm    Maybe one day I can be like those skinny people

Top of the head    who float about life, with no cares about their weight.

Round 6

Eyebrow    Or what they are going to eat next.

Side of the eye    I’m sick and tired of lugging around masses of weight.

Under the eye    Even if I lose all the weight,

Under the nose    I will be left with loose skin and stretch marks.

Chin    I can’t even see myself as being thin, not in this lifetime.

Collar bone    Well maybe, if I tried real hard, but what’s the point?

Under the arm    It’s not like I’ll be on the cover of a swim suit magazine?

Top of the head    Every time I start to feel good about myself,

Round 7

Eyebrow    something happens to burst my bubble.

Side of the eye    I am forced into this modern day lifestyle,

Under the eye    That leaves me little room to fit in exercise.

Under the nose    That leaves me little room to sneak in healthy food.

Chin    That leaves me little choice but to pick up junk food.

Collar bone    Nothing short of surgery will make it go away.

Under the arm    I feel disconnected from my body because it reminds of all that is wrong with me.

Top of the head    I wonder if I could learn to tune into what is right with me.

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