Module 1: Negative Body Talk

During this tapping, we’re going to come out with our true feelings about our body. So if there is extra fat somewhere, we will be acknowledging our feelings around that. It will be emotionally uncomfortable, but tapping alongside will create a healing environment. This kind of tapping is the first step toward acceptance, healing and weight loss.

For this module, it is ideal if you could stand in front of a mirror. Clothes on or off, depending on your comfort level. Seeing your specific body parts that hold the extra weight helps bring up the emotional intensity and makes tapping more effective.

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Tapping points

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Karate chop

Even though I feel ashamed and dejected because of my weight, I accept myself for feeling this way.

Even though I feel defeated every time I look in the mirror, I want to learn how to get past my own judgment of me so I can help my body better.

Even though it breaks my heart to see so much fat everywhere on my body, and it just won’t budge, still, I deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself.

Round 1

Eyebrow    Look at me!

Side of the eye    Look at that fat!

Under the eye    There, I’ve said it, I’m fat.

Under the nose    I don’t like what I see.

Chin    I feel ugly.

Collar bone    I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

Under the arm    I have got so used to being this out of shape person.

Top of the head    It breaks my heart to see myself looking like this.

Round 2

Eyebrow    I try so hard to be confident.

Side of the eye    One look in the mirror shatters my confidence.

Under the eye    Looking at my body fills me with shame.

Under the nose    All I see is cellulite, a lumpy, bumpy skin, and stretch marks.

Chin    This loose skin.

Collar bone    This cellulite.

Under the arm    This bulging fat.

Top of the head    This fat spills out of my clothes.

Round 3

Eyebrow    This is hopeless.

Side of the eye    It is in my genes.

Under the eye    I feel fat.

Under the nose    I am fat.

Chin    I am disgusted by all this fat.

Collar bone    I keep trying to hold it all in.

Under the arm    So much weight.

Top of the head    All this fat I have to lug around day in day out.

Round 4

Eyebrow    My chubby cheeks.

Side of the eye    My double chin.

Under the eye    My thick arms.

Under the nose    My puffy hands.

Chin    My jiggly belly.

Collar bone    These rolls of fat around my torso.

Under the arm    This fat bulges out of my sides.

Top of the head    Love handles? Who am I kidding?

Round 5

Eyebrow    These are rolls of fat.

Side of the eye    These stretch marks.

Under the eye    My ever widening waist.

Under the nose    My huge flabby butt.

Chin    My thunder thighs.

Collar bone    My poor knees.

Under the arm    My chunky calves.

Top of the head    My wide, puffy feet.

Round 6

Eyebrow    I feel fat everywhere.

Side of the eye    I feel trapped in layers of fat.

Under the eye    My body feels like a fat suit sewn on me.

Under the nose    I hate how I look with all this weight.

Chin    I’m always looking at myself through the eyes of a hater.

Collar bone    I wonder how long I should keep beating up on myself.

Under the arm    I am tired of cutting a sorry figure all the time.

Top of the head    I’m tired of insulting my body every time I look in the mirror.

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