Module 1: Addressing the Criticizer

This module is the place to start for any given incident where somebody’s justified or unjustified criticism or feedback hurt your feelings. It can also be used for cases where somebody criticizes you routinely. Now bring to mind such an incident, doesn’t matter how long ago it happened and tap with me.

EFT tapping points


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Tap on the karate chop while repeating, aloud or silently, the following set up statements.

EFT set up tapping

Karate chop

Even though they are so critical of me and I can never be good enough for them, part of me longs for their approval.

Even though they say and do things that make me feel bad about myself, I want to be appreciated and loved for who I am.

Even though I’m stiff with dread and never comfortable around such people, for fear of what they will say next, to upset my balance, I wish I could just be myself around them.

Even though I’m forever fielding their snide remarks, there is a part of me that seems to gravitate toward such people instead of keeping my distance.

Even though a part of me almost expects these people to look down upon me, yet feels disempowered to ask them to back off, I wish I could stand up to them calmly and confidently.

Now we will go to the tapping points starting with the eyebrow point.

Tapping round 1

Start of the eyebrow    I feel hurt.

Side of the eye    I feel exposed.

Under the eye    I feel ashamed.

Under the nose    I feel shocked.

Chin    I feel angry.

Collar bone    I feel sad.

Under the arm    I feel guilty.

Top of the head    I feel broken.

Tapping round 2

Start of the eyebrow    Their words cut through me like a knife.

Side of the eye    How is that supposed to make me want to do better?

Under the eye    By wreaking my confidence to pieces?

Under the nose    People just want to find faults with me.

Chin    They want a reason to put me down.

Collar bone    I try so hard to do my best, but no one sees that.

Under the arm    One mis-step and I get called out.

Top of the head    I wonder what about me sets them off.

Tapping round 3

Start of the eyebrow    Whatever it is, it is not going to be easy to face them again.

Side of the eye    They don’t need to know my shortcomings.

Under the eye    Let alone bring attention to them.

Under the nose    Everyone needs improvement in some area, not just me.

Chin    What if it has got nothing to do with me?

Collar bone    What if by drawing attention to my faults

Under the arm    they are hiding their own insecurities?

Top of the head    Maybe they’re just bitter and find a ready victim in me.

Tapping round 4

Start of the eyebrow    It felt like an attack on me.

Side of the eye    They like to point out people’s flaws.

Under the eye    And feel better about themselves by that.

Under the nose    I don’t like them talking about what I am and what I am not.

Chin    It should be none of their business.

Collar bone    I’m trying to do the best I can.

Under the arm    And all they can do is nitpick on minor problems?

Top of the head    Even if it is something major I need to sort out,

Tapping round 5

Start of the eyebrow    they could have said so tactfully.

Side of the eye    I probably wouldn’t mind that. But this?

Under the eye    They point out all that is broken in my life.

Under the nose    They point out what I already feel insecure about.

Chin    Their disparaging remarks do more harm than good.

Collar bone    They think they need to shame me into doing better.

Under the arm    Why do I have to feel bad into becoming better?

Top of the head    Encouragement works so much better than criticism.

Tapping round 6

Start of the eyebrow    What will these whiners know?

Side of the eye    No wonder I dread facing such people.

Under the eye    They judge me and I can feel it in my bones.

Under the nose    In their eyes, I can never be good enough.

Chin    I can never relax in their company.

Collar bone    I feel so vulnerable around them.

Under the arm    Whatever I do, they find a weak spot to pick on me.

Top of the head    I feel drained, constantly trying to protect myself.

Tapping round 7

Start of the eyebrow    But I am tired of catering to these people.

Side of the eye    I am tired of seeking their approval.

Under the eye    And I am tired of not getting their approval.

Under the nose    But a part of me longs for their approval.

Chin    I will feel like a failure unless I get their approval.

Collar bone    But they are probably not looking to find any good in me anyway.

Under the arm    Maybe they even gossip behind my back.

Top of the head    Pitying me, laughing at me, bad mouthing me.

Tapping round 8

Start of the eyebrow    But what good is it serving them?

Side of the eye    They cannot gossip enough to feel any better about themselves.

Under the eye    They are not solving any of their problems by talking about me.

Under the nose    The time they could be spending chasing their own happiness.

Chin    And I’m not saying this just philosophically,

Collar bone    or because that’s what losers are supposed to tell themselves.

Under the arm    The only approval that should matter to me is mine.

Top of the head    These people just play with my insecurities.

Tapping round 9

Start of the eyebrow    I let myself be exploited by their criticism,

Side of the eye    in the hope that they will someday be pleased enough

Under the eye    to finally see the good in me.

Under the nose    The truth is, I can never become bad enough in their eyes

Chin    for them to feel good about themselves.

Collar bone    How they feel about themselves is their problem.

Under the arm    I wish I could just move away from these people.

Top of the head    And yet I know that there might be more such people coming into my life.

Tapping round 10

Start of the eyebrow    Maybe I cannot avoid that.

Side of the eye    But I can avoid wasting my energy fielding their criticism.

Under the eye    I wish I could be comfortable even if I did have to face such people.

Under the nose    And if there was something in their manner

Chin    that I should be offended by,

Collar bone    something that toed the line too far,

Under the arm    I wish I was smart enough to stand up for myself.

Top of the head    What if I could change things now?

Take a deep breath and relax. If you are ready, let’s go to the next module.

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