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How do I use these resources? +

The #1 tip is to focus on how you feel. For example, if you are on the day that addresses overwhelm, tune into your own thoughts of overwhelm. Even if you are not feeling overwhelmed right now, think back to a time when you did feel that way and tap along.

The video and script have been carefully worded to hit all the right emotional spots and resonate with how you may be feeling in any given situation. Still, it is possible that not 100% of the wording will fit everyone all the time. Feel free to modify the wording to better suit your particular circumstances - simply switch up the wording in your mind and focus on that instead of what's being said in the video / script.

Keep a note of any related memories that arise as a result of the tapping because they could be clues to deeper issues that you need to work on. If at any time you feel that you can't handle the emotional charge that's coming up or feel physical discomfort, stop tapping and take a break. Please take full responsibility for your own well being while using these resources. Full disclaimer here: tap-easy.com/disclaimer

Do I use the video or the script? +

You can access each day's tapping in 2 formats: a concise Tapping script for when you are short on time and want quick relief (under 5 minutes) and a longer, video version for when you want to go deeper and create lasting change (about 20 minutes). The video addresses a topic from many different angles and creates deeper shifts. The tapping script, on the other hand, is short and snappy, uncovering emotions to shift things quickly.

You may need to use the video / script a few times over for full relief. If you feel somewhat better after a run through a video / script, go over it again and you may feel even greater relief. Keep tuning into your emotions throughout to keep track of where you are and how you feel. These tapping resources can be used over and over. For example, overwhelm can arise from a number of different triggers and every one of those times, you can come back and reuse the "overwhelm" tapping video and script.

Why are we using negative language? +

Do not be alarmed by the use of negative language that merely acknowledges the present state of things - such as "I'm feeling overwhelmed" etc. Tapping is a cleansing technique - you acknowledge what doesn't feel good and clear it out using simultaneous tapping. Such thoughts are already going on in your mind. Tapping only helps you to safely verbalize and clear them out. Once negative emotional charge clears, it spontaneously makes space for positive thoughts and creative insight to arise.

How can I learn Tapping? +

While you may be able to find a number of free resources on the Internet that can teach you Tapping, we recommend getting your hands on The Tapping Jumpstarter. It is a quick start Ebook + Video + Chart combo that will arm you with all the important concepts in Tapping and teach you many insider tips and procedures that you will find indispensable. You can get instant access to the 100+ page PDF, a video walk-through of tapping points and a printable tapping points chart by getting a discounted digital copy here: Get The Tapping Jumpstarter

What happens after 24 hours? +

24 hours after you arrive at this page, it will expire. It means the contents of this page will no longer be accessible. This gives you one whole day to access the day's challenge 100% free of charge no matter what time zone of the world you are in. Having a 24-hour deadline keeps our challengers on their toes and ensures that they keep up with the challenge. If you would like instant, permanent access to all 21 days of tapping challenge videos and scripts, you will find the option to upgrade further along this page.

Day 14: Release Guilt

Tap-along Video

This is the longer, video tap-along version of today's challenge. It can be used when you have around 20 minutes of time on hand and want to go deeper to create lasting change.

Tapping Script

This is the mini tapping script version of today's challenge. It can be used when you don't have too much time on your hands and want to get the benefits of Tapping nonetheless. Feel free to tap through the script a number of times until you achieve desired relief.

Karate Chop:

Even though I feel guilty because I shouldn't have done what I did, and it keeps making me feel bad about myself, I am willing to learn from my experience and allow the guilt to go as I deeply and completely accept myself for all that I am and have been. (3 times)

Tapping rounds :

Top of the head:   I can't excuse myself for what I did
Start of the eyebrow:   I should have behaved differently
Side of the eye:   I should have known better
Under the eye:   This guilt weighs me down
Under the nose:   Callous, careless, what should I call myself?
Under the mouth:    I keep feeling bad
Collarbone:   I'm punishing myself
Under the arm:   Guilt keeps me in line

Top of the head:   Guilt keeps me honest
Start of the eyebrow:   But it also prevents me from believing in myself
Side of the eye:  It drags me down emotionally
Under the eye:   I know what I did was wrong
Under the nose:   At the time, I didn't know any better
Under the mouth:   I did what I thought was best.. or passable
Collarbone:   It was obviously a mistake
Under the arm:   What if lifelong guilt is not the solution?

Top of the head:   I wonder if there's a lesson in there..
Start of the eyebrow:   And if I embrace the lesson
Side of the eye:   the guilt will melt away..
Under the eye:   Guilt is nothing but a call from my conscience
Under the nose:   To take the lessons and do better next time
Under the mouth:   Guilt is just a signal
Collarbone:   It doesn't mean I have to loathe myself forever
Under the arm:   Knowing this, I can let the guilt go now

Top of the head:   I'm choosing to forgive myself at last!

21 Days of the Tapping Challenge: At a Glance

  • Day 1: Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

    Get more done by releasing emotional causes that make you feel overwhelmed
  • Day 2: Let Go of the Past

    Release the pain and burden of what happened in the past and move on
  • Day 3: Step into Self-Acceptance

    Step into unconditional self acceptance despite your flaws and shortcomings
  • Day 4: Get Organized

    Say bye to the chaos around and get organized by decluttering your mind
  • Day 5: Stop Self-Sabotage

    Calm self doubt and negative self talk that makes you get in your own way
  • Day 6: Stop Negative Thinking

    Break the habit of constant negative thinking and tune into the positive
  • Day 7: Relief from Worrying

    Calm worrisome thoughts about things in general or something in particular
  • Day 8: Overcome Procrastination

    Break the habit of postponing things habitually by releasing inner resistance
  • Day 9: Shatter Upper Limit to Income

    Break through abundance blocks caused by an upper ceiling to income
  • Day 10: Boost Low Self-Esteem

    Boost a low esteem by releasing thoughts of unworthiness
  • Day 11: Banish a Craving

    Squash cravings for a certain food you know you shouldn't be eating
  • Day 12: Allow Better Health

    Let go of the discomfort of ill-health and allow yourself to receive healing
  • Dy 13: Forgive and Move On

    Forgive someone for their actions and free yourself to move on
  • Day 14: Release Guilt

    Release the guilt you've been carrying and forgive yourself once and for all
  • Day 15: Acquire Self Discipline

    Acquire self discipline so you can stick to your plans no matter what
  • Day 16: Feeling Frustrated

    Transform frustration arising from an unsatisfactory situation into hope
  • Day 17: Overcome Fear of Failure

    Release the fear of failure that stops you from going after what you want
  • Day 18: Get Unstuck

    Get past the limiting subconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  • Day 19: Anger Toward Someone

    Reclaim your peace by releasing anger toward someone who hurt you
  • Day 20: Frustrating Money Situation

    Release frustration around money situation and tune into abundance
  • Day 21: Believe in Yourself

    Start believing in yourself and find your own voice and self-confidence

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