Turn Around Your Stressful Driving Commute With EFT

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Emotional Freedom Technique tapping for road traffic stress

Emotional Freedom Technique tapping for commuter stress

Who doesn’t feel stressed out from their commute? With heightened mental activity required to make instant decisions on the road also comes stress. The stress happens not only because of other drivers but also from within. Whenever you feel vexed at other drivers, stress levels rise. They also rise when you feel stupid for taking a hasty, dangerous decision or engage in road rage.

Being stuck inside a few square feet of metal and being bombarded with stressful thoughts from all sides is hardly conducive to maintaining a peaceful state of mind. Part of the stress is due to the fear response being triggered every time you encounter something unpredictable on the road.

An aggressive driver cut you off suddenly, or if you just missed hitting a truck while changing lanes. This can all lead to a build up of stress.

Even if you are an expert driver, every single day it is a new commute. So all the fears acquired from traffic accident news reports get reloaded into the brains every time you get out on the road.

Surveys and reports have shown that long commutes make people more lonely, stressful and unhappy. We often take the stress of the drive into our next domain, be it home or work. So stress doesn’t end with the commute.

How about we try Emotional Freedom Technique tapping to turn a stressful ride  into something positive?

Here’s a tapping script addressing road rage specifically that you may find useful as well.

Tapping through the EFT script below takes about 8 minutes.

EFT tapping set up

Karate chop

Even though a seemingly normal activity like my driving commute stresses me out, I give myself full marks for acknowledging how I feel about this.

Even though this stressful commute feels forced upon me, I’m open to discovering cool ways to make my commute easy, maybe even pleasant.

Even though I feel stuck inside my vehicle and there’s nothing I can do except wade my way through traffic, I’m wondering if I could find meaning in this mindless commute anyway.

Even though I hate that my commute takes away precious time from my day, and I reach my destination tired and irked, I wish I could make the best out of my driving time and arrive at my destination refreshed and relaxed.

EFT Tapping round 1

Eyebrow    My commute is so stressful.

Side of the eye    By the end of it I’m wiped out.

Under the eye    I dislike it from every fibre of my being.

Under the nose    I’m always hurrying to get it over with.

Chin    This commute wastes so much time.

Collar bone    Time I could be using to do enjoyable things.

Under the arm    I feel like I’m wasting away my life,

Top of the head    inching my way through traffic congestions.

EFT Tapping round 2

Eyebrow    My moods change with the traffic conditions.

Side of the eye    My commute is dull and meaningless.

Under the eye    I feel stiff because of sitting tight all through my drive.

Under the nose    With my hands stuck to the steering wheel.

Chin    I despise my commute, do I need to say?

Collar bone    I just want to lie down, and relax.

Under the arm    At times I’m hungry and thirsty.

Top of the head    I hate feeling imprisoned inside my vehicle.

EFT Tapping round 3

Eyebrow    With the same old boring songs on the radio.

Side of the eye    And forcing my senses to remain alert in order to keep driving safely.

Under the eye    To think that I’m making hundreds of decisions

Under the nose    per minute while driving, that’s crazy!

Chin    Driving takes such a toll on my health too.

Collar bone    I fear I’m setting myself up for so many diseases

Under the arm    because of this physical and mental strain.

Top of the head    When the traffic is still my life is at a standstill.

EFT Tapping round 4

Eyebrow    When it’s moving, it feels like a rat race I’m trying to win.

Side of the eye    I feel so lonely battling it out all on my own.

Under the eye    People on the road have no respect for others.

Under the nose    They overtake carelessly, they tailgate.

Chin    They race, they stare, they blast music.

Collar bone    I hate it when they honk too.

Under the arm    Parking is another hurdle I need to cross.

Top of the head    Changing lanes is such a challenge too.

EFT Tapping round 5

Eyebrow    People won’t budge an inch to allow me to pass.

Side of the eye    Even pedestrians act like fools sometimes.

Under the eye    Jumping right on to the road even with vehicles coming.

Under the nose    It takes all of my mental power to drive on a freeway.

Chin    It’s so frustrating when I miss an exit.

Collar bone    And do the traffic lights always have to be red?

Under the arm    I wonder if they turn red just seeing me approaching.

Top of the head    Sometimes I make hasty decisions

EFT Tapping round 6

Eyebrow    that jeopardize my safety and that of others.

Side of the eye    All the news reports of traffic accidents

Under the eye    make me feel tense, and worried for my safety.

Under the nose    I hate that I have to rush before leaving home.

Chin    And then there’s the rush to get home.

Collar bone    I carry my commute stress over to my home and work.

Under the arm    But does my commute have to be stressful?

Top of the head    What if I could find meaning even in my daily grind?

EFT Tapping round 7

Eyebrow    What if I could enjoy my time with myself?

Side of the eye    What if the commute actually became pleasant?

Under the eye    What if I could float my way through my commute?

Under the nose    Snuggled inside my happy bubble, like a calm buddha,

Chin    so no one, nothing upsets my peace of mind?

Collar bone    What if I could stay alert without being hyper?

Under the arm    Maybe the road is not a war-ground after all.

Top of the head    Maybe I can do things that will ease my commute.

EFT Tapping round 8

Eyebrow    How about I play with my timings so I’m faced with minimal traffic woes?

Side of the eye    How about I make my vehicle my little boudoir?

Under the eye    My favourite drink, check. my favourite music, check.

Under the nose    my favourite snacks, check. I’m all set!

Chin    I choose to find it easy to make my way through traffic,

Collar bone    peacefully and harmoniously.

Under the arm    I choose to aim for relaxed driving.

Top of the head    Above all, I choose to be safe.

To get the best out of this tapping script, tap through it every day for a few days before you start with your daily commute. After that, use this script on days that you feel especially stressed out from your commute.

For added benefits you could also tap through this EFT tapping dealing with road rage.

If you start to feel stressed the day before the commute, you may find this tapping useful: EFT tapping when you’re dreading facing a difficult day.

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