Manage Anger Naturally Using EFT Tapping

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Emotional Freedom Technique tapping for anger management

Emotional Freedom Technique tapping when you are angry

Last weekend an opportunity showed up in disguise. It began with my getting very angry about something. It feels awful being angry, since it is a painful emotion.

But when against my wanting, I did start to feel angry, I thought to make better use of it instead of fighting it. That gave me a chance to write this tap-along feeling purely angry.

Whenever you find yourself feeling angry, you can use this EFT tapping script right in the heat of the moment.

This EFT script is also good for when you’ve been holding on to anger from your past. It doesn’t matter how long it has been, or whether you still have any anger left about what happened. Tapping through the script would bring up and clear out feelings that you thought were buried long ago.

I’m not going to argue whether or not anger can lead to serious disease. But releasing pent up anger could just be the best way to deal with it.

Tapping through this EFT script takes about 10 minutes.

We’ll start out by tapping on the side of the hand while saying the statements below. This set up tapping on the side of the hand addresses the psychological reversal or self-sabotage. It addresses that part of your psyche that could be preventing you from letting go of negative feelings, thinking that they are actually useful for you.

Even though I don’t want to let this anger go, I accept myself for wanting to hang on to these angry thoughts and feelings.

Even though it feels like this all-consuming anger is necessary in this situation, part of me is wondering if there are any healthier choices for me.

Even though calming down sounds like I will be taking injustice lying down, what if there was an empowering yet peaceful way out? Nah, peace isn’t going to cut it in this case. What if it does?

Now we come to the tapping points on the face and body. It is okay if you use more or fewer tapping points than listed in this script. Just tap along using the points you normally use.

This is the part where we express our feelings of anger, no-holds-barred. These first rounds are just like as if you were ranting out to a close friend about what happened.

EFT for anger: Ranting (round 1)

Eyebrow    I’m so angry! How can I not be?

Side of the eye    It would be stupid of me to not be angry.

Under the eye    I’m really really angry about what happened.

Under the nose    Did this have to happen?

Chin    I cannot take it lying down!

Collar bone    Enough is enough!

Under the arm    It is so hard to contain this anger.

Top of the head    But I need to be angry.

EFT for anger: Ranting (round 2)

Eyebrow    I’m feeling hurt. I’m feeling sad.

Side of the eye    I’m feeling dejected.

Under the eye    Am I supposed to make peace with it?

Under the nose    How does one get over something like this?

Chin    Why must I be the victim?

Collar bone    Is this all I’m worth?

Under the arm    I want to take some action, I want to fight back!

Top of the head    I will have to set it right, one way or another!

Certain physical symptoms start to rise a few milliseconds before we discover we are angry. Here we address those symptoms of anger. Depending on how much anger you are feeling right now, some of these will touch a nerve more closely. So tune in to your body as you tap along to this round.

EFT for anger: Physical symptoms

Eyebrow    I’m so buzzed with all this anger

Side of the eye    bolting through my body.

Under the eye    My blood is boiling, my pulse is racing.

Under the nose    I’m stiff with anger.

Chin    My breathing is fast and shallow.

Collar bone    This anxious flutter in my chest,

Under the arm    daring me to go and fight it out.

Top of the head    What have I become?

This is the part where you start to understand the psychology behind your anger. You start to understand the downside of feeling angry. You start to realize what this anger has been doing for you. Or to you.

EFT for anger: Psychology (round 1)

Eyebrow    I’m afraid that if I don’t remain angry,

Side of the eye    I’ll take this injustice in my stride.

Under the eye    By being angry I’m showing that I’m on my side.

Under the nose    I’m also holding on to anger from past many many

Chin    incidents when I was wronged.

Collar bone    My anger is feeding onto those past triggers

Under the arm    and making me feel angrier.

Top of the head    My anger has taken control of my senses.

EFT for anger: Psychology (round 2)

Eyebrow    This anger is setting me up for failure, and remorse.

Side of the eye    I have done regrettable things

Under the eye    under the influence of anger.

Under the nose    Anger has ruined precious relationships for me.

Chin    It’s like an enemy within. What a tragedy!

Collar bone    Whatever wrongs may have been done to me,

Under the arm    this anger is amplifying them

Top of the head    to make them look like a mortal threat.

EFT for anger: Psychology (round 3)

Eyebrow    This anger makes me see the world as a hostile place.

Side of the eye    How did I, a peaceful creature, get here?

Under the eye    It is others who disrupt my peace.

Under the nose    It is they who are responsible for my rightful anger.

Chin    I’m holding some anger towards myself too.

Collar bone    But my being angry isn’t doing zilch as the situation stands.

Under the arm    This anger sets me back

Top of the head    to a primitive mode of functioning.

EFT for anger: Psychology (round 4)

Eyebrow    It makes my thoughts incoherent.

Side of the eye    And I sound like a mumbling fool.

Under the eye    If I can’t get my words together,

Under the nose    how the heck will I get any revenge?

Chin    Anger makes me look weak and needy.

Collar bone    The exact opposite of how I want to be.

Under the arm    And it throws my common sense out of the window.

Top of the head    So there goes my chance of one-upping the enemy!

This is the part where, angry feelings addressed to some extent, you get into a questioning mode. You start to look for rational alternatives, even if wishfully.

EFT for anger: Questioning

Eyebrow    What if I could deal with the matter

Side of the eye    without this malicious anger spilling over into my life?

Under the eye    What if I could identify what my anger is telling me?

Under the nose    And trust myself to take constructive action?

Chin    What if I could display anger without making my blood boil?

Collar bone    What if I could sound stern without frothing inside?

Under the arm    So I could respond from an empowered vantage point

Top of the head    instead of reacting foolishly?

Here we make conscious choices for the future.

EFT for anger: Choices (round 1)

Eyebrow    Maybe I don’t need to use anger

Side of the eye    as a loudpeaker for my feelings.

Under the eye    When I am true to my convictions,

Under the nose    everyone can hear me loud and clear.

Chin    From now, I choose for my common sense

Collar bone    to be triggered faster than my retaliatory instincts.

Under the arm    I’m releasing this urge to go and do something

Top of the head    that I might regret later.

EFT for anger: Choices (round 2)

Eyebrow    I’m releasing all this anger, for my sake.

Side of the eye    My angry feelings have served their purpose.

Under the eye    I’m letting any residual anger go.

Under the nose    I have a level head on my shoulders.

Chin    I’m releasing the grudges, they’re just a burden.

Collar bone    I’m feeling lighter. I’ve regained control.

Under the arm    This is already a win for me.

Top of the head    I’m now calm and confident.

With one or more tapping rounds of this script you may notice the symptoms and intensity of anger subsiding. You may also get reminded of various reasons that may be causing your anger. So while running those reasons in your mind, just tap along to those as well. You may also find this script about EFT tapping for disappointment and associated anger and this other one with EFT tapping when you are feeling upset and stressed useful.

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5 Responses to Manage Anger Naturally Using EFT Tapping

  1. Andrea Battles at 10:54 am #

    This approach seems to be effective. Thanks for posting.

  2. wendy at 2:21 am #

    hi sonal, i just love your style, straight to the point. Do you have the audio for this.

    • Sonal at 5:39 am #

      Thanks for your kind words Wendy. There is no audio yet but it’s a good idea to make one. I’ll keep it in mind. :)

  3. Nettie Clarke at 6:06 am #

    I tapped through this once. My housemate is gone so I can do it out loud. I react with anger to her always changing what I say into what she feels is a more positive way of saying. In the beginning of being housemates,it was several times a day. Now it is just now and then but my reaction to her is hurting me and her and I am looking forward to doing this several times a day so by the time she comes home, I will be calm and serene. thanks for putting this out. I don’t know if it only works in the moment, I hope it works to help in the future. N

  4. Shirley at 1:41 am #

    I also do,this one sonal,is, great some of it made me,laugh. As it was so true

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