Missing Old Times / Longing for the Past Program

Especially when going gets tough, we start reflecting back to times in our lives when we didn’t have the current problems. When we were younger, when things were easier, life was carefree.

We often romanticize our past, downplaying the problems we were facing then and thinking that our lives are so much harder now. Life may be harder now, but living in the past is no solution. We want to feel grateful for all the good times we’ve had in the past instead of grieving about them not being in our life anymore.

EFT can help us keep all the good memories whilst releasing all the longing, which is a negative emotion. So now taking full responsibility for yourself, bring to mind the memory of a time that you long for, and tap along with me, repeating what I say.

Set up Tapping

Karate chop

Even though I miss those good old times when everything seemed possible and life was easier, I accept myself for feeling this longing. It is reasonable to feel this way.

Even though my longing for those good old days eats into my present joy and keeps me from being fully present in the moment, a part of me just can’t let go of those memories. It seems like memories are all I have left and I acknowledge my feeling this way.

Even though I can’t get over the fact that those good times are over, I deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself. I want to help myself step out into the unknown to create an even better future.

Tapping round 1

Eyebrow    I miss all those good times

Side of the eye    I long so much for the past

Under the eye    I wish I could turn back the clock

Under the nose    Things were so much easier for me

Chin    So few cares

Collar bone    Everything just flowed

Under the arm    I probably didn’t realise it at that time

Top of the head    But those were some of the best days

Tapping round 2

Eyebrow    I feel so far removed from them now

Side of the eye    long to be back to that time

Under the eye    I’ll never have it that good

Under the nose    That time is gone forever

Chin    Those younger days

Collar bone    When everything seemed possible

Under the arm    Life was simpler

Top of the head    Oh how I long to be back to those times

Tapping round 3

Eyebrow    I didn’t know life was going to get tougher

Side of the eye    No one told me it only gets tougher with time

Under the eye    I just want to retrace my steps and go back

Under the nose    And live my life all over again

Chin    And this time avoid all the mistakes

Collar bone    And misfortunes that got me here

Under the arm    It’s like the noose has tightened with time

Top of the head    Ah those carefree days

Tapping round 4

Eyebrow    I can’t stop thinking now and then

Side of the eye    About how good I had it going

Under the eye    I miss those times

Under the nose    I wish I could go back in time

Chin    And bring back the same cheer

Collar bone    And good luck

Under the arm    That spring in my step

Top of the head    That good health

Tapping round 5

Eyebrow    That youth

Side of the eye    That love

Under the eye    That bliss

Under the nose    And that ignorance too

Chin    And now, life has become a liability

Collar bone    I wonder if my life experiences

Under the arm    are making me a better person

Top of the head    or a bitter person

Tapping round 6

Eyebrow    Whatever it is, I still long for the good old times

Side of the eye    A part of me is still living in those times

Under the eye    A part of me is stuck in the past

Under the nose    Unwilling to let go of the memories

Chin    That have now turned into painful longing

Collar bone    So instead of the good old past

Under the arm    Bringing back happy memories

Top of the head    And making me feel warm and fuzzy

Tapping round 7

Eyebrow    Only makes me feel deprived and stuck

Side of the eye    I am unable to move toward the future

Under the eye    How can I?

Under the nose    I’m busy dragging my past into my present

Chin    I’m busy replaying the flash back

Collar bone    I’m busy trying to recreate my past

Under the arm    to carry it into my future

Top of the head    I can’t let go of that part of me

Tapping round 8

Eyebrow    That had it going so good

Side of the eye    I refuse to let it go

Under the eye    It’s like I’m jealous of my own past

Under the nose    My past has become a cause of pain

Chin    It is like I’m mourning it day and night

Collar bone    Telling the Universe not to send me the good stuff again

Under the arm    because I’d mourn about it once the good times are gone

Top of the head    By mourning about the good times once they are past

Tapping round 9

Eyebrow    I’m just training myself to attract more grief

Side of the eye    Unconsciously shooing away the good stuff

Under the eye    Just so that I can avoid brooding about it in the future

Under the nose    Maybe I can acknowledge the good old times

Chin    for what they were and cheer up to attract more of the same

Collar bone    Instead of recreating the past,

Under the arm    I choose to create the best it can get from right here.

Top of the head    I choose to be grateful

Tapping round 10

Eyebrow    That I got to live those good times

Side of the eye    Even if I did not realise it then,

Under the eye    I choose to know that now

Under the nose    I choose to move forward

Chin    With fond memories of the good old days

Collar bone    But also with a vision

Under the arm    to create something far better than I’ve ever experienced

Top of the head    My best is yet to come

Tapping round 11

Eyebrow    Even if it doesn’t look that way from where I stand

Side of the eye    I choose to focus on things that bring me joy now

Under the eye    Not in the past, not in the future, but now

Under the nose    I choose to live in the present

Chin    And be grateful for my past

Collar bone    And hopeful for my future

Under the arm    I’m calm and confident in the moment

Top of the head    And so it is

Take a deep breath and relax. If you are feeling somewhat better but not decidedly better thinking about that time in the past, go over this tapping once more or as many times as you need for the same or different time in your life. I promise you’re going to feel better and start seeing the difference in your present, day to day life.

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