Uncover Emotional Woes with EFT Tapping

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Many of us go through life tuned out from our inner world of emotions, hopping from one chore to another, often mindlessly or in a trance…

Never stopping long enough to tune in and listen to our emotions. Who has the time, eh?

The thing is, where there is emotional pain, life will feel like wading through mud. Nothing brings one down like the weight of painful emotions.

Here’s a quick tap-along to help you uncover your emotional woes. Once you know what’s bothering you, you can take steps to clear it out. Tapping is your friend.

Karate chop:

Even though I avoid going there, down the trenches of my emotional woes, where I’ve stowed away pain and suffering that I still carry with me 24/7, I love and accept myself.

Start of eyebrow: I wonder what’s up with how I’m feeling.

Side of the eye: I wonder what’s been brewing under the surface.

Under the eye: What am I not feeling?

Under the nose: What am I trying to fight off?

Under the mouth: Am I afraid of facing my emotional woes?

Collarbone: Maybe I can do this.

Under the arm: Clear them out. Set myself free.

Top of the head: I’ve avoided going there, but it’s time to let it out and give myself more breathing room.

Do a few rounds of this tapping and check which emotions try to make themselves known to you.

As emotions surface to your consciousness, you can acknowledge them and use Tapping to clear them out. This can be very cathartic and liberating.

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