Resist Cravings, Keep Resolutions, Promises with Tapping

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Emotional Freedom Technique tapping for cravings, resolutions

Resist cravings, keep resolutions, promises with EFT tapping

You’re all charged up. You decide wholeheartedly that you will do something this year.

You sign up at the gym, you make promises, you buy all the DVDs, you chalk out a plan, and you’re all set. No one can stop you now.

But when the time comes to deliver on those promises, your resolve often gives way to temptation, or pure habit.

I’m not talking just the new year resolutions. I’m talking about every decision that we make and yet go back on, every now and then.

See how many of these you identify with:

  1. Not able to resist cravings – eat cake or not, just one cigarette or not.
  2. Not able to persist with exercise – let’s skip today.
  3. Not able to break off a relationship – keep going back to the same person knowing they are bad for you.
  4. Not able to keep yourself from shopping – despite being on a budget.
  5. Not able to resist getting cheated – you still buy from a brand you dislike, you pick up unhealthy snacks, you let yourself be talked into buying stuff you don’t need.
  6. Not able to resist mindless browsing – how many times do you need to check your email, reload your browser?

Apart from this tapping script, check out this video showing a stealth energy technique to curb cravings when you are out and about in public.

Tapping through this script takes about 8 minutes.

The goal of this tapping script is to unearth enough willpower so you can stick to your resolution by choice. Not by guilt, not by fear, but by choice.

This tapping will also encourage in you a more compassionate attitude towards yourself when you have a temporary relapse into your old habits. So instead of beating yourself up on your weak resolve, you just get up and get back on track.

When used for cravings, I’ve found that it helps greatly in the moments of weakness. It helps enough so that you slowly start to “get it” that you are strong enough to resist whatever you are trying to quit.

Not limited to cravings, this tapping can be applied to many many daily situations that test our resolve.

Which decision or promise do you keep going back on? Focus on that as you tap along.

EFT tapping round 1

Eyebrow    I just keep going back on my promise.

Side of the eye    I make up my mind so often

Under the eye    but then I keep wavering on my resolve.

Under the nose    I let myself down constantly.

Chin    I just can’t stick to my decision.

Collar bone    It takes up so much of my brain power

Under the arm    just oscillating back and forth.

Top of the head    The day I’m leaning towards the pros of something,

EFT tapping round 2

Eyebrow    I choose to go with option A.

Side of the eye    On days that I’m leaning towards the cons,

Under the eye    I go with option B.

Under the nose    I just want to be consistent, for God’s sake!

Chin    If I decide something, I want to stick to it.

Collar bone    But I have no willpower to keep my resolve strong.

Under the arm    Maybe I feel like I’m missing something important each way,

Top of the head    so I need to keep switching between my options.

EFT tapping round 3

Eyebrow    I keep changing my choice

Side of the eye    based on whims, temptations, advertisements,

Under the eye    and maybe even which way the wind is blowing today!

Under the nose    But this free style of choosing isn’t helping me one bit.

Chin    Worse, it makes me feel bad about myself

Collar bone    that I can’t stick to what I decide today.

Under the arm    Tomorrow I may relapse into my old ways.

Top of the head    The truth is, I feel lost and without direction.

EFT tapping round 4

Eyebrow    And in my confusion, I choose mindlessly.

Side of the eye    Sometimes I do what is right, sometimes I slide.

Under the eye    I know some things are harmful for me.

Under the nose    I know some people are bad for me.

Chin    And yet, I float downstream straight into them.

Collar bone    I’m so weak!

Under the arm    I’m chicken!

Top of the head    I can only talk, talk, talk.

EFT tapping round 5

Eyebrow    But I can’t walk the walk.

Side of the eye    I don’t listen to myself.

Under the eye    When the time comes, I become a different person

Under the nose    whose main job is to knock off my resolve,

Chin    and then make me feel stupid and regretful.

Collar bone    Why do I do this to myself?

Under the arm    Why can’t I get a backbone?

Top of the head    Because of this back and forth,

EFT tapping round 6

Eyebrow    I’m never sure what I really want.

Side of the eye    And in accordance with the law of attraction,

Under the eye    I just attract more indecision, more delay

Under the nose    because I keep changing my desire randomly.

Chin    What if I could develop a laser focus

Collar bone    right at the time when it matters most?

Under the arm    What if I could see the big picture

Top of the head    instead of what is just in front of me?

EFT tapping round 7

Eyebrow    What if I could step back and remember my resolve

Side of the eye    when I’m feeling weak?

Under the eye    What if I could remind myself that real comfort

Under the nose    lies in embracing what is good for me?

Chin    What if I could be a little more forgiving

Collar bone    towards my temporary lapses of judgment?

Under the arm    And pick myself up once again, lovingly?

Top of the head    Like I would a fallen child,

EFT tapping round 8

Eyebrow    and remind him to take better care of himself next time please?

Side of the eye    I choose to be a better friend to myself.

Under the eye    I choose to align with the vibration of all that is good for me.

Under the nose    And to be so in tune with it

Chin    that I wouldn’t care for what’s bad for me

Collar bone    even if was served on a plate right before me!

Under the arm    I choose to choose the right.

Top of the head    I call the shots, finally.

Tap through the script before or after you feel tempted to go back on your resolution. Tap through it on a few different occasions until you are consistently able to ward off temptation.

Additionally, here’s some tapping to overcome resistance to doing something (procrastination). For example, choosing healthier options, going to the gym, finishing off dull work …

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