EFT Tapping Script to Release Regret over How You Behaved that Day

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Emotional Freedom Technique tapping for regret over behaviour

How to use EFT tapping to clear regret over your behaviour

We’ve all had days which when we look back, make us regretful of our behaviour. Maybe you got into a fight or impulsively did something you shouldn’t have. Such events keep haunting us, they keep nagging us about how we should have behaved instead.

There could have been things you said or didn’t say that still bother you. It makes you feel ashamed, guilty and angry that you didn’t behave more suitably. We keep telling ourselves that such incidents teach us lessons for life, but then how long do you keep revising those lessons?

You’ve already got the message from that day. How long should you keep beating yourself up on it? Isn’t it time you moved on? Let’s try tapping to relieve this mental agony.

This script takes about 8 minutes to tap through.

EFT tapping setup

Karate Chop

Even though I said and did something I shouldn’t have, that day, and it keeps coming back to me, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.

Even though I should have behaved in a manner more suitable for the occasion, and I regret not doing so, I am open to learning from it and moving on.

Even though I wish I could turn back time and set things right so I won’t feel bad about that day anymore, I also want to stop beating myself up on it and move on.

EFT tapping Round 1

 Eyebrow    I should have behaved better that day.

Side of the eye    I could have used better words.

Under the eye    Or just have kept quiet at points.

Under the nose    Maybe I shouldn’t have used the words that I did.

Chin    God, how must I have appeared to those people?

Collar bone    I feel angry that I didn’t behave better.

Under the arm    I feel guilty that I behaved the way I did.

Top of the head    I feel ashamed about my behaviour that day.

EFT tapping Round 2

Eyebrow    My response was not a thought out one.

Side of the eye    How the heck could I lose control like that?

Under the eye    I definitely could have handled the situation better.

Under the nose    If I were calm, I could have been clearer in my head.

Chin     Maybe I was just taken aback.

Collar bone     Words just didn’t come out right.

Under the arm     And I turned out to be the bad person.

Top of the head    Not to mention the repercussions of my behaviour.

EFT tapping Round 3

Eyebrow     It is no solace that others didn’t show their best side either.

Side of the eye     Such behaviour only makes life harder for me.

Under the eye     I wish I could put that day behind me.

Under the nose     But those images don’t leave me alone.

Chin     What if I would stop beating myself up on it?

Collar bone     What if some good really did come out

Under the arm     of my behaviour that day?

Top of the head    What if I could instead use that day

EFT tapping Round 4

Eyebrow    as a guide to learn and grow?

Side of the eye     Even if it sounds unimaginable, I want to move on.

Under the eye     I am getting it that hanging on to that day,

Under the nose     and beating myself up isn’t helping me at all.

Chin     If there are steps I can take

Collar bone     to make things a bit better,

Under the arm     I choose to take those steps, and then move on.

Top of the head     If there were others whose behaviour from that day

EFT tapping Round 5

Eyebrow    bothers me, I choose not to work myself up

Side of the eye     about that anymore.

Under the eye     If there are lessons to learn from that day,

Under the nose     that will help me grow,

Chin     I choose to know them, and then move on.

Collar bone     I choose to forgive myself and then move on.

Under the arm     I choose to forgive those other people as well, and move on.

Top of the head     I want to clear the slate and move on.

EFT tapping Round 6

Eyebrow     I choose to know that I have learnt

Side of the eye     what I needed to learn from that day.

Under the eye     So I don’t need to keep blaming myself.

Under the nose     Releasing this need to hold on to that day.

Chin     Releasing this need to feel guilty, ashamed and hurt.

Collar bone     I choose to feel content knowing

Under the arm     that I have got something positive out of it.

Top of the head     I feel calm and confident now.

Repeat tapping through the script if you feel the need to do so. If related memories come up during this tapping, make note of them and tap on them after you are done with this script.

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  1. S Rhodes at 11:26 pm #

    Thank you so much for this beautiful and helpful EFT. Tears rolling down my face as I tap.

    • Sonal Pandey at 11:43 pm #

      Thank you, I’m glad you are finding these scripts useful.

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