3 UNUSUAL Signs that Show Tapping is Working! [3 min. video]

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If you’ve tried EFT or tapping, it’s natural to wonder if it is working. Hi, this is Sonal from Tap Easy, and in this video I want to share three unusual symptoms that show that tapping is working. You might have experienced these symptoms and wondered what was going on.

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The first symptom is yawning or feeling sleepy. After a few rounds of tapping, a feeling of sleepiness or feeling like yawning is a sign that stale energy is leaving and you’re making progress. This is common with people who are new to tapping. This feeling of sleepiness goes away after awhile.

The second unusual symptom is feeling bored with the problem. Before you sat down to do the tapping, maybe the problem was all you could think about, you were preoccupied with it. But after a few rounds of tapping, it feels as if it’s difficult to even focus on the problem, it keeps slipping out of your consciousness.

That shows that a cognitive shift has happened and that you are no longer bothered about that problem. This may be accompanied by a feeling of emptiness, which passes after a short while and you go back to feeling normal.

The third unusual symptom is feeling restless. You may feel like taking a short walk, like standing up and walking around. This may be because and energetic shift has happened, and also because now that you’re mind is no longer preoccupied by the problem, you feel more inclined and willing to engage with your surroundings. You feel more grounded and present in the moment.

These are just three of the symptoms, these are not all of the symptoms that show that tapping is working. You don’t have to experience all of these to feel that tapping is working. These are just some of the unusual ones.

What about when tapping isn’t working? You do the tapping but you feel no relief. Any results you get are so-so, lukewarm at best. They are certainly not the mind blowing kind that you keep hearing about.

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Not only that, I’ll also share with you that why in this day and age of instant gratification and one minute miracles, there is such a thing as too soon, and why it matters so much when it comes to tapping. I won’t stop there, I’ll also tell you about a long forgotten, shockingly powerful tapping point that you need to know now.

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