Crippled by Social Anxiety? Simply Tap Along to the Videos... Works in Minutes!

Powerful Video Program to Relieve Multiple Facets of Social Anxiety

This program is perfect for you if you need to ...

  • Release fear of what others think of you
  • Feel relaxed instead of insecure being amid people
  • Overcome anxiety in social settings (meetings, parties, reunions etc.)
  • Quickly recover after a nerve-wracking social interaction

Price: $27

Video: Program Walk Through and Tips for Maximum Benefit

In this video, I will walk you through the modules of the program and give you tips on how to get the best out of this program. I will also show you how to access the root cause that creates social anxiety in you and how to use homework tapping to free yourself from it.

Video: Fear of What Others Think of You

In this tap-along video, we will tap on the fear of what others think of you. This tapping will enable you to focus on your actions and thoughts during and after your interactions so that you do not worry about what others think of you.

Video: Feeling Insecure in Social Settings

There is something about being amid people that brings out our insecurities and feelings of inferiority. So in this detailed tap-along video we will work through those feelings so you can feel relaxed and confident being amidst people without habitually beating yourself up on how you are lacking in this or that.

Video: Anxiety in Social Settings

This detailed tap-along video will help calm your anxiety around attending a social event. This social event can be anything from a party to an office meeting or just dinner with friends. It addresses many aspects of discomfort that arise when you are in a social setting.

Video: SOS Tap-Along for Quick Relief After a Nerve-Wracking Social Interaction

This is a tap-along SOS tapping that uses strong wording to get you feeling better quickly right after an interaction with someone or some people that left you feeling inferior and uneasy. It will stop the flashbacks and get you in a calm and confident state. This highly effective video can be used as and when needed.

What you are getting in this program ...

  • 5 step-by-step videos to follow along
  • Full, printable transcripts of the tapping scripts
  • EFT FAQ and troubleshooting guide

Price: $27

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