EFT Tapping Script to Stop Being Timid in Front of People

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EFT tapping script for timidity

EFT tapping when you feel timid dealing with certain people

I have received regular requests for a tapping script to overcome timidity. Before we go to a script, I want to share my thoughts about what is timidity, and what we need to address in order to overcome it.

Timidity is a feeling that we experience when we face a ‘certain’ kind of people or situations. Normally, our friends or family do not bring out timidity in us. We are comfortable being around these people.

When we are forced out of our comfort zone, we can feel fearful and hesitant.

When you are being timid, you readily (although secretly grudgingly) agree to unreasonable suggestions, go back on your decisions, and hesitate to take a clear stand.

Timidity or the urge to be fearfully submissive arises when we feel afraid. The root cause of timidity is fear.

You may say, “I’m not afraid of my boss. I just don’t want to step on his toes, even mistakenly, so I am extra careful talking to him. But it looks like I’m coming across as timid.” or “I’m not afraid of my father-in-law. I just respect him so much that I feel the need to be submissive while talking to him. I just want to be really really nice to him.”.

The thing is, you can be really really nice to someone without being timid. You can take a stand confidently, free from an unreasonable fear of repercussions.

When you lose the fears that create timidity, you can be at ease in front of these authority figures. When your behaviour is not driven by fear, you come across as coherent and responsible.

So the fears we want to address in order to overcome timidity when faced with powerful people are:

  1. Fear of hurting their feelings – you respect this person, and want to show it by way of timidity.
  2. Fear of them thinking poorly of you if you don’t defer to their authorithy / experience / education / stature.
  3. Fear of you missing out big opportunities if you don’t agree to everything they say.
  4. Fear of consequences because they may actually harm you.

I have posted an EFT tapping script to overcome timidity. Don’t let the title of the post and the picture of the policemen give you an impression that it is to be used only for dealing with policemen or some such authority figures. In reality, it is a tapping script for dealing with people who bring out timidity in you. The tapping script also addresses the fear that people can harm you if you are not timid.

So check it out and see how it resonates with you – EFT tapping script for timidity.

Apart from certain people, fearful situations can bring out timidity as well. Say you turn down an offer for whitewater rafting. And in your mind, or in someone else’s opinion, you come across as timid. This kind of timidity arises from extra caution learned from life experiences. Tapping directly on the fear can help you overcome this kind of timidity. You can use these setup phrases:

“Even though I’m scared $#!& of this whitewater rafting thing, but I don’t want to come across as a coward, I accept myself for feeling cautious and fearful. Whitewater rafting is dangerous and it is okay that I feel this way.”

And then tap on the EFT tapping points using “all this fear” as a reminder phrase, while feeling the fear.


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6 Responses to EFT Tapping Script to Stop Being Timid in Front of People

  1. Hello,
    please is there anyone who can help me overcome nervousness and timidity?
    I have just gained a good job opportunity working away from home and in the midst of well expreinced people who have been on the job for serveral years. I get panic and almost shaking when I work alongside this experinced people.I feel they may pass bad comment about my performance and susequently take me out of this good opportunity.the unfortunate aspect of this event is that, I am the only one from my continent to have had such an opportunity on the job. I feel different and almost give up when I am around other Nationals because everyone seam to be speaking in group and I stand alone.The most unfortunate aspect of it all is that I always feel people are talking about me when they talk lookingat me.I have the fear of rejection and seam to get lost in everything I do. please can someone help me to overcome this unfortunate adiction? I don’t want to lose this lifetime opportunity.

  2. Sonal at 2:26 pm #

    Munkaila, thanks for stopping by! EFT can definitely help you with panic and anxiety. I have sent you more details over email.

  3. EnergyUser at 5:41 am #

    Hi Sonal,

    I have been reading your website since quite some time. It is really good to see someone into EFT on such a large scale in India. (I’m from India too.) I know you as the second person in India on the topic of EFT, but after going through the tap-easy website, the videos, the scripts – it makes you the first person :)
    Your tapping scripts are really good. They are exactly about what the other person feels. Your communications skills are excellent. The topics covered on the website are “actually” what is in need by the people in the real world. Great going!

    • Sonal at 6:04 am #

      Hi EnergyUser, thanks for your kind words. I’m glad to meet a fellow Indian who also uses this powerful technique. See you around!

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