EFT Tapping Script for Worry and Sadness About Not Having Enough Money

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EFT tapping script for financial worry

EFT tapping script for financial worry

This tap-along is a free preview of my Money Worry and Scarcity Mindset Tapping Program. To learn more, click here Money Worry and Scarcity Mindset Tapping Program.

The picture below shows the EFT tapping points we will be using. Click the picture to see a larger version. One round of EFT begins with the eyebrow point and ends at the top of the head.

You will hear a gentle bell sound when it is time to move to the next tapping point. For example, after tapping on the eyebrow point, you will hear a bell sound which will be your cue to move to the next point – the side of the eye. It is okay if you miss the bell and happen to tap on two or more statements at the same point.

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This module has 2 tapping sequences. We will first tap on our present emotions around lack of money. Even if you feel like you have a good enough income, don’t skip this segment. Oftentimes, we try to stay positive despite lack of money and ignore all the dejection simmering underneath. That dejection is like friction working against our money making efforts. It’s always better to let it out and tap it away. So let’s get started.

Tap on the karate chop while repeating aloud or simply listening to the following set up statements.

Even though it hurts to not have enough money for all that I want and need, I deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself.

Even though my life feels so restricted because of not having enough money, I deeply and completely love, accept and appreciate myself.

Even though I’m afraid it is very difficult to pull in money, I am open to learning how to release this fear around money and invite more of it into my life.

Now we will go to the tapping points starting with the eyebrow point. You could repeat the statements aloud or simply listen and focus on them as you tap along.

Round 1

  1. Life feels so restricted.
  2. I just never have enough money.
  3. I’m always worried too.
  4. It worries to think I may not have enough for the future.
  5. This worry is always there in the back of my mind.
  6. Reminding me to curb my spending at every step.
  7. The economy isn’t helping either.
  8. There are some things I dearly want.

Round 2

  1. There are some things I dearly need.
  2. All out of my reach because of not having enough money.
  3. I feel like I’m choking. I need more breathing room.
  4. I feel like a failure for not bringing in enough money.
  5. I feel ashamed that I am not good enough to bring in enough money.
  6. I feel angry for not having enough money.
  7. I feel so dejected that nothing I do brings in enough money.
  8. I feel like it is futile to expect that I can have enough money.

Round 3

  1. Life has become this struggle to make enough money just to survive.
  2. I am undercutting my existence by living in such a restricted way.
  3. Just because of not having enough money.
  4. I could use more breathing room when it comes to money.
  5. I feel weighed down by the financial demands of my life.
  6. It feels like I was given this priceless human life
  7. only to be bound at every step by my lack of money.
  8. I try really hard to make sure my loved ones have everything they need.


Round 11

  1. Money needs me as much as I need it.
  2. I am the source, the conduit and the receiver of money.
  3. Money flows through me easily and effortlessly.
  4. I help my money grow.
  5. My money helps me grow.
  6. It’s a win win!
  7. I’m finally making friends with money.
  8. And feeling calm and confident.

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  • Get rid of the burdensome feeling of debt and bills
  • Tame the deadly duo – sticker shock and mistaken austerity
  • Become free of envy that feeds a scarcity mindset
  • Release fear of losing what you have

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5 Responses to EFT Tapping Script for Worry and Sadness About Not Having Enough Money

  1. Christine at 12:48 am #

    Thank you so much, this really helped me make a huge shift !


  2. Dany at 3:47 am #

    Thank you so much for this audio!
    Many tears came along my cheeks as I was doing the first round.
    I did not realise that I had so much deploy rooted emotions! And I know that I am a strong woman who never cries, and always work to be above any hard situation. But this first round of tapping has started some emotional clearing that I did not suspected being there !
    I feel like doing another round for more clearing.

    I feel so grateful !
    Receive love and blessing for sharing these precious audio.

    God bless you more and more.

  3. sandra h beleno at 7:08 am #

    im interested

  4. Jennifer H. at 3:07 am #

    I felt a slight shift while doing this module. I feel more hopeful, and less desperate. I will let you know when I see positive effects.

    Thank you!

    • Sonal Pandey at 8:35 am #

      That’s nice to know Jennifer. Do use it a few more times until you feel decidedly better. With each run, things shift and you feel a greater difference.

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