EFT Tapping Script for a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

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EFT tapping script for highly sensitive person

EFT tapping script to feel good being a highly sensitive person

This full-length EFT tapping script is part II of my series for highly sensitive people.

To know what characteristics personify a highly sensitive person and if you might be a highly sensitive person, read part I of my post here:  EFT tapping is a blessing for a highly sensitive person (HSP).

As a highly sensitive person, you get overwhelmed easily because you are taking in too much information through your fine-tuned perception system. You may feel bad about being different from the not-so-sensitive people around you. This EFT tapping script aims to smooth ruffled feathers whenever you find yourself stuck in this self contempt.

If you are new to EFT tapping, see this beginner’s guide to EFT tapping to learn it within minutes.

You can tap through this script whenever you feel the need. No one will need to tell you when you need it.

The tapping starts out by acknowledging aspects of high sensitivity that often feel like liabilities. Once we have done that and reduced the emotional intensity somewhat, a positive outlook about our highly sensitive nature rises spontaneously as we will see below.

EFT tapping set up phrases

Karate chop

Even though I’m born with a highly sensitive disposition, and it often feels like a burden, what if I could unearth some positive aspects of it and be surprised by what a gift my high sensitivity is?

Even though I get easily overwhelmed by all that goes on around me, and it makes me look weak, I am open to learning new ways of understanding my overwhelm and gently pulling myself out of it. Even if that means I need to pull away from the outside world into my inner sanctuary.

Even though I sometimes feel like a misfit among people who are not as sensitive as I am, I choose to remember that my empathy and intuition enable me to understand people at a deeper level. That is a highly-valued trait in a society where forming deep connections is becoming rare.

EFT tapping round 1

Eyebrow     I am so sensitive.

Side of the eye    My mood changes based on how others are feeling,

Under the eye    where I am, who I am with,

Under the nose    and often by which way the wind is blowing.

Chin    I am easily overwhelmed

Collar bone    by strong lights, sharp smells, loud sounds

Under the arm    and when things are bad,

Top of the head    even from a butterfly fluttering her wings!

EFT tapping round 2

Eyebrow    Sometimes I don’t know what to do

Side of the eye    with so much sensory input coming my way.

Under the eye    Negativity affects me more than others.

Under the nose    I am so complex, people don’t understand me.

Chin    How will they, they’re so busy slapping labels.

Collar bone    In their eyes, I’m the “sensitive” one with an “overactive imagination”.

Under the arm    Sometimes I don’t like myself for being so precarious.

Top of the head    I get rattled when I have too many things to do.

EFT tapping round 3

Eyebrow    Any turbulence in my life unsettles me.

Side of the eye    Even violent movies or TV news can upset my balance.

Under the eye    Art or music can move me to tears.

Under the nose    When I’m talking to people, I doubt if they mean what they say

Chin    because my sensitive mind is picking up

Collar bone    much more than what they are letting on.

Under the arm    And then I get stuck seeking validation from them about what I sense.

Top of the head    This need for validation is labeled as “low self-esteem”.

EFT tapping round 4

Eyebrow    What if I choose not to doubt myself anymore?

Side of the eye    And relax knowing that this extra sensory detail

Under the eye    is only there to help me?

Under the nose    With my fine-tuned radar, I know how others are feeling.

Chin    My empathy is a gift I can use, to console, and better understand.

Collar bone    I choose to be okay that some people don’t understand me.

Under the arm    We are each so unique, who really understands another?

Top of the head    It is not about me versus them.

EFT tapping round 5

Eyebrow    It is not about me morphing myself till I fit in.

Side of the eye    I find it hard to lead a high-pressure high-speed lifestyle.

Under the eye    That doesn’t mean I am not a go-getter.

Under the nose    Being so sensitive, I feel passion like there’s no tomorrow.

Chin    Passion drives me, not deadlines.

Collar bone    Because I notice so much more about my environment,

Under the arm    crowded places, noisy people, nosy people overwhelm me.

Top of the head    What if it only means that I can see the world with greater richness,

EFT tapping round 6

Eyebrow    like a High Definition TV?

Side of the eye    Now that sounds like a good thing.

Under the eye    When many are battling to heighten their awareness,

Under the nose    and access higher levels of consciousness,

Chin    isn’t it wonderful that I’m inherently blessed with it?

Collar bone    I often need downtime to pull myself together.

Under the arm    To retreat to my inner world, to recover and renew.

Top of the head    That doesn’t mean I’m shutting others out.

EFT tapping round 7

Eyebrow    I’m just opening up to be myself, by being with myself.

Side of the eye    What if I am not a nit-picker, but simply fine-tuned?

Under the eye    What if I am not thin-skinned but simply perceptive?

Under the nose    What if I am not weak, but simply overwhelmed?

Chin    What if I could find a safe haven and all the validation I seek,

Collar bone    all inside of me, as I accept myself for who I am?

Under the arm    What if I could observe myself amidst my overwhelm,

Top of the head    and pull myself together gently and lovingly?

EFT tapping round 8

Eyebrow    Starting now, I’m open to discovering all the wonderful gifts

Side of the eye    my sensitivity unfolds for me and the world.

Under the eye    I am in awe of what a complex creature I am.

Under the nose    So intuitive, so reflective, so creative!

Chin    I have a strong character and a solid conscience.

Collar bone    I can appreciate beauty, inside and out.

Under the arm    I have an eye for detail.

Top of the head    I am highly sensitive and glad to be!

What problems do you face being a Highly Sensitive Person? What is the best part of being a Highly Sensitive Person? Please share in the comments.


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6 Responses to EFT Tapping Script for a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

  1. Mar Pavon at 10:02 pm #

    HI. Do you have more transcripts about high sensibility?
    Becasuse I’m overwhelm all the time and of course that affects me physically. I’ve tried so many therapies , and the only thing that has helped me is EFT: But I still have a lot to work on since my stress levels are veru high.
    Greetings Mar Pavon

  2. Jaclyn at 9:21 am #

    Thank you so much for these amazing resources!!

  3. Maddie at 12:29 pm #

    I’ve done this twice now and each time I feel better. I’ve also not cried at work too which is a big bonus!
    Thank you.

    • Sonal Pandey at 7:33 pm #

      Great to know you’re seeing results with this script, Maddie. Tapping is a great self-help tool for HSPs. Sonal

  4. Heini at 1:41 am #

    Thank you thank you thank you! I experienced a very very comfortable positive feeling and peace while I was doing this now for the first time! Great thank yoi so much!
    With love and big warm hugs,
    A HSP from Finland

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