EFT Tapping Video to Release Fear of Confrontation

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EFT tapping script for fear of confrontation argument

EFT tapping script to release fear of confrontation

For a lot of us, confrontation is a dreaded word. We see conflict as a sure shot way to ruin a relationship. It can get ugly. There can be consequences. Long terms ones.

A fear of confrontation doesn’t mean we don’t get angry. We may get angry, we may run conversations in our minds for days, but when it comes to actually going up to someone and holding them accountable, we develop cold feet.

Confrontation does not have to mean a heated exchange of words or blows. A confrontation can be a heart-to-heart talk to clear the air between two parties. Sure, confrontation is not fun, but sometimes you just got to do what you got to do.

How do you balance your need for fairness and aversion to conflict? EFT may be the answer.

I recently confronted two biggies in my business on grounds of fairness. Both of the confrontations will likely have consequences, but I know that I did the right thing. I am by nature afraid of confrontation. I can get very angry, but when it is time to confront someone, I either over-react or be a total chicken.

How did I balance the extremes and rise up to the challenge? You’re right – through Tapping! Tapping helped me:

  1. Release the excess anger before the confrontation so I could focus on facts, not drama.
  2. Keep myself grounded during the confrontation so I could make full use of my brain to put forth strong arguments.
  3. Release the poisonous by-products of confrontation – fear and worry.

If you would like to retain your power before, during and after a confrontation, let’s tap. If you have any memories of painful confrontations (even if they didn’t involve you) from your past or if you are planning to confront someone, this tapping script will help you get the right perspective.

The video below is a sample from my program ‘EFT for Fear of Confronting Someone’. Full video is 11 minutes 24 seconds long and has 7 detailed EFT tap-along rounds.

Bring to mind your unease about confrontation and while keeping it in mind, tap on!

The full program will help you

  • Relieve panic around the idea of confrontation
  • Relieve fear of confronting someone
  • Relieve self-doubt and get back the feeling of control
  • Gain confidence in your ability to handle whatever happens
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What you will get in this program:

  • My step-by-step video with EFT tap-along program (11:24 minutes)
  • Full, printable transcript of the tapping script
  • EFT FAQ and troubleshooting guide
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One Response to EFT Tapping Video to Release Fear of Confrontation

  1. Adam at 11:50 pm #

    Hi Sonal,

    I get very fearful when a certain person is around. When they ask me a question I feel challenged, and holding eye contact with them intimidates me. I am also constantly speaking to them from a place of giving my power away.

    How to clear these problems with EFT?

    Thank you for the article


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