EFT Tapping for Getting Out of Your Way and Having it All

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EFT Tapping Script for Having Money, Relationships, Success

EFT Tapping for Getting Out of Your Way and Having it All

Oftentimes we stand in the way of our own success.

We keep saying how circumstances and people are preventing us from achieving this or that. But really, it is all about what sort of vibrations we are sending out that matters.

If we are blocking our own way by thoughts of undeserving, we manifest obstacles that seemingly prevent us from having it all.

As you start tapping through this script, you may get reminded of how things are stuck in a certain area of your life, say, relationships or money. Finish tapping through the script and then tap on those specific emotions that came up during the tapping.

For example, when you tap along to this statement in the script that says having it all could make you arrogant, are you reminded of a certain person, from your past / childhood?

After you finish tapping through this script, go back to those memories of that arrogant person who had it all. Then tap along while thinking about it as if you were telling your best friend about that person. Just like a story. As you tap, you’ll start to feel different about that person. It may be that you will realize you are not anything like that person, so it is okay for you to have it all.

Here is a tapping script to clear out harsh words said to you in the past. Then there’s this tapping script for when past failures prevent you from moving ahead. Actually, there are quite a few scripts here that you can tap on around this issue. See the tapping scripts gallery for more.

Tap along to this script a few more times if you feel necessary. Write to me if you have any questions.

Tapping through this EFT script takes about 8 minutes.

If you might be wondering why we are beating ourselves up by saying all these negative things while tapping, well, tapping is a cleansing technique.

We bring out the negative emotions to the surface and then clear them out. After that we plant some positive, empowering choices in their place.

It is like going to a doctor. If you are only going to tell them what all things are working perfectly, a doctor can’t help you. You need to tell them what’s wrong.

When we are not tapping, it serves us to hold the highest and best thoughts possible. But during tapping, focus as much as you can on what makes you feel bad and stuck until you feel ready to move on to some positive tapping.

EFT Tapping Set up

Karate chop:

Even though I long to have it all, the best of everything, yet probably something inside of me is holding me back, I choose to love and accept myself anyway.

Even though the thought of having it all sounds very appealing, but part of me shirks back whenever opportunity knocks, even so, I accept myself for holding certain beliefs that prevent me from going for it all.

Even though part of me cannot allow me to have it all because then I will be standing out from the rest of them, I accept myself for caring so much about others. What if I could care a little bit more about me as well?

EFT Tapping Round 1

Eyebrow    I long to have it all.

Side of the eye    Money, relationships, health and happiness.

Under the eye    The best of everything.

Under the nose    I long to break through the gates

Chin    yet part of me holds me back.

Collar bone    From fear of what, I don’t know!

Under the arm    What is wrong with having it all?

Top of the head    But I just can’t see myself having it all.

EFT Tapping Round 2

Eyebrow    Maybe I just can’t allow myself to have it all.

Side of the eye    Having it all doesn’t sound doable to me.

Under the eye    But who am I to stop my abundance?

Under the nose    From letting that money flow in, those relationships unfold?

Chin    From letting my health find its way to wholeness?

Collar bone    Who am I to shortchange myself?

Under the arm    By keeping my brilliance under wraps

Top of the head    I wonder who I may be helping.

EFT Tapping Round 3

Eyebrow    Only the sadists maybe, who satisfy themselves

Side of the eye    on seeing me downtrodden.

Under the eye    I don’t need to care for such people.

Under the nose    Those who love me will still care for me just as much.

Chin    As much as I am responsible for them,

Collar bone    I am also responsible for my highest good and happiness.

Under the arm    So maybe I can release all these apprehensions

Top of the head    about how having it all will corrupt me.

EFT Tapping Round 4

Eyebrow    When I look around, people not having enough

Side of the eye    are just as guilty of treason and crime

Under the eye    as those who have it all.

Under the nose    My having it all really won’t change me as a person.

Chin    I will be what I will be whether or not I have it all.

Collar bone    Keeping myself small is a crime against my being

Under the arm    that longs to shine with all its brilliance.

Top of the head    And yet I won’t allow that just because …

EFT Tapping Round 5

Eyebrow    It is like I’m smothering myself,

Side of the eye    keeping myself in this lowly existence

Under the eye    to prove a point that really no one cares about!

Under the nose    Maybe I learned it as a child, that when you have it all

Chin    it corrupts you and makes you arrogant.

Collar bone    Well, that doesn’t hold because I have met a few needy people

Under the arm    who were corrupt and arrogant to the core.

Top of the head    So there goes that theory out of the window!

EFT Tapping Round 6

Eyebrow    What am I going to tell myself next, huh?

Side of the eye    It is shameful when I look at how little I allow myself.

Under the eye    Maybe it is time to release all these irrational reasons

Under the nose    that keep me spinning my wheels where I am.

Chin   What if I could get out of my way?

Collar bone    What if I could allow myself more room to grow and prosper?

Under the arm    How about allowing some help

Top of the head    to come out of unexpected corners?

After these rounds, we are ready to make some positive reinforcements. We begin with a choice statement while tapping on the karate chop.

Karate chop: (repeat this statement 3 times while tapping on the karate chop)

Even though I have been used to denying myself the best of what life has to offer, I’m now seeing the folly of that thinking and how my remaining small is serving no one. I now choose to be open to a whole different idea where I’m getting out of my way and freeing myself to be all that I can be and have.

EFT Tapping Round 7

Eyebrow    Yes, that means I’m relinquishing control

Side of the eye    to a degree and allowing the Universe

Under the eye    to play its part in helping me.

Under the nose    I’m finally getting out of my own way.

Chin    I’m trusting other people, events and things

Collar bone    to bring to me all that I want and deserve.

Under the arm    I am allowing myself to spread my wings,

Top of the head    to fill my lungs with the air of abundance, love

EFT Tapping Round 8

Eyebrow    and warmth till every cell of my body

Side of the eye    vibrates with this knowledge

Under the eye    that I’m not only precious, I’m priceless.

Under the nose    And I deserve to have the best life has to offer.

Chin    I choose to step back and allow

Collar bone    the Universe to work its magic.

Under the arm    I’m playing along and receiving with both hands.

Top of the head    Health, wealth, love and harmony, so it shall be.

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  1. sarah at 4:56 pm #

    you have a wonderful site and some of the best tapping scripts on the internet. Wonderful and very thorough. Do continue posting such great scripts. Keep it up!!

    • Sonal Pandey at 5:03 pm #

      Thanks for your kind words Sarah! The archives are full of tapping scripts on many issues. Also, do write to me about any specific issues you might be struggling with. See you around the blog!

  2. wendy at 1:53 am #

    Love your site and scripts sonal,

    • Sonal at 7:45 am #

      Thank you Wendy. Let me know if you’d like to see a topic not covered already. Most of the content on Tap Easy comes from people asking for it directly. :)

  3. Shakti at 8:58 pm #

    Hi Sonal,

    I am so glad to have more EFT scripts from you especially the one “getting myself out of the way”
    Thank you and keep posting :-) and thumbs up!!!

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