Tapping Program to Release Fear of Displeasing Others

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Full transcript of the tapping script shown in the video:

Karate Chop

Even though I say and do things just so that people will not be displeased with me, I wish I could be myself and not be afraid of others’ reactions all the time.

Even though I might have learned to habitually please people a long time ago, and it might have seemed useful then, I really want to be me from now on.

Even though I’m afraid that people will not like the real me, I’m sick of hiding behind this “too nice” facade. I want to accept myself just as I really am.

Even though a part of me is afraid that people will be very unforgiving when see my true personality, I am open to expressing my true self more and more. I’m open to releasing this inhibition slowly but surely.

EFT Round 1

Eyebrow    I’m afraid to bring out people’s bad side.

Side of the eye    I’m afraid of making them angry.

Under the eye    If they get angry

Under the nose    they will not like me anymore.

Chin    They will abandon me.

Collar bone    They will say bad things about me.

Under the arm    They will be disappointed in me.

Top of the head   They will feel bad.

EFT Round 2

Eyebrow    It will be awkward talking to them.

Side of the eye    They may even harm me in some way.

Under the eye    Their anger disturbs my peace of mind.

Under the nose    So I preemptively give away my power to them

Chin    saying only things they will like to hear,

Collar bone    doing only things they will want me doing,

Under the arm    all the while suppressing my true nature.

Top of the head   And keeping myself hostage to this fear.

EFT Round 3

Eyebrow    I can’t take it if somebody is rude to me.

Side of the eye    I am afraid of people yelling at me.

Under the eye    I feel hurt when someone says nasty things to me.

Under the nose    I’m afraid to speak my truth, to be my true self.

Chin    I feel ashamed of myself when somebody dislikes me.

Collar bone    I suffer long after everything is said and done.

Under the arm    Their words rankle in my mind

Top of the head   and I wonder, how could someone not like me?

EFT Round 4

Eyebrow    How could they say the things they said?

Side of the eye    Maybe I learned this behaviour when I was a child

Under the eye    when the only way that seemed safe

Under the nose    was to concede to others’ moods.

Chin    Maybe I was afraid that they would abandon me

Collar bone    if I were not exhibiting model behaviour,

Under the arm    if I was not being exactly as they wanted me to be.

Top of the head   Maybe I didn’t have enough resources

EFT Round 5

Eyebrow    to defend myself against their anger.

Side of the eye    I was afraid of their yelling.

Under the eye    Maybe I was told that I was a bad child

Under the nose    for not being like this or that.

Chin    It may have gotten me conditional love and attention

Collar bone    in the past, but I’m now fed up

Under the arm    of being afraid to rub people the wrong way.

Top of the head   I’m ready to release this need to be overly compliant.

EFT Round 6

Eyebrow    It doesn’t serve my true self anymore.

Side of the eye    By carrying on with this policy of appeasement,

Under the eye    I’m oppressing my true self.

Under the nose    I’m hampering my own growth process.

Chin    Stooping lower and lower

Collar bone    hoping that others will come round

Under the arm    to behaving with love and respect towards me

Top of the head   if only I were a bit nicer.

EFT Round 7

Eyebrow    I’m controlling them by conceding to them.

Side of the eye    Instead, I can choose to free myself a bit more.

Under the eye    I should not have to shame anyone

Under the nose    into behaving nicely towards me.

Chin    I can be the best I can be

Collar bone    without constantly fearing others’ reactions.

Under the arm    If someone doesn’t behave towards me

Top of the head   exactly as I want them to,

EFT Round 8

Eyebrow    I choose not to suffer because of their behaviour.

Side of the eye    Their behaviour is their choice. They are responsible for their choices.

Under the eye    If I believe that my happiness depends

Under the nose    on others always being nice to me,

Chin    then I’m asking others to run my life based on their moods.

Collar bone    Starting now, I choose to be honest to myself,

Under the arm    by letting myself be who I truly am.

Top of the head   In my conversations and my actions.

EFT Round 9

Eyebrow    Knowing that even though I may not be in everyone’s good books,

Side of the eye    I’m still an immensely lovable being.

Under the eye    And I’m becoming better and better still.

Under the nose    While I need not be perturbed by their anger anymore,

Chin    I’m also smart enough to excuse myself from situations

Collar bone    that make me uncomfortable or threaten my safety.

Under the arm    And although I like to be around nice people,

Top of the head   I don’t want to be afraid

EFT Round 10

Eyebrow    of letting others get angry

Side of the eye    if they so choose.

Under the eye    I certainly don’t need to punish myself or suffer in agony,

Under the nose    mental or physical, if others don’t show their best side.

Chin    Nor do I need to feel rejected or abandoned.

Collar bone    Maybe I tell myself that I’m just being a nice person.

Under the arm    Or that my niceness brings out the niceness in other people.

Top of the head   But by necessarily expecting others

EFT Round 11

Eyebrow    to be nothing but nice to me,

Side of the eye    I’m not letting them be who they truly are.

Under the eye    Nor am I letting myself be who I truly am.

Under the nose    While I do like to bring out the best in people,

Chin    I don’t need to suffer so that they can be their best.

Collar bone    Their best should not depend on how much I can debase myself.

Under the arm    I’m not afraid to allow people to be at their worst.

Top of the head   It is their choice.

EFT Round 12

Eyebrow    I am smart enough to take care of myself.

Side of the eye    I’m smart enough to keep myself safe.

Under the eye    Letting go of this fear of angering people.

Under the nose    Allowing myself to keep my peace of mind

Chin    even when others around me are losing theirs.

Collar bone    Releasing this fear of being hurt by others’ behaviour.

Under the arm    Releasing this fear of people yelling at me.

Top of the head   How loud they talk is their problem.

EFT Round 13

Eyebrow    They are only talking louder because they are losing control,

Side of the eye    even if they say I am causing them to do so.

Under the eye    Releasing this need to control by conceding.

Under the nose    Even if someone chooses to be cross with me,

Chin    for whatever reason,

Collar bone    I still deserve to be loved and accepted.

Under the arm    I choose to love and accept myself just as I am.

Top of the head   Knowing this, I choose to be calm and confident.

See the EFT troubleshooting guide for information on how to get the best out of this tapping script.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I would also love to hear how your tapping is progressing and how I can be of help to you.

Good luck!

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